Will Uniswap (UNI) Reach $500?

Last Updated January 21st 2022
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Does the Uniswap token have what it takes to reach $500? Are the market forces influencing its price growth enough to help the governance coin get out of the market dip?

Both the crypto market experts and UNI token investors are extremely bullish about Uniswap’s future and believe that it will eventually reach $500.

If you had posed this question to a UNI investor or analysts in May last year, when the token was at its optimal performance, the answer would have been an emphatic Yes. They were confident that the cryptocurrency would hit $50 before the end of May and $100 before the end of the year. From here, different price forecasters and Uniswap UNI investors agreed that it would take between 3 and 5 years for the coin to break above $500.

But then the market dipped suddenly slid into a dip, and most cryptocurrencies - Uniswap included - lost more than half their value.

Has this changed the analyst’s sentiments towards UNI reaching $500?

No, most are still convinced that Uniswap has an intrinsic value that it can leverage on its journey towards $500.

But with the level of FUD that had gripped the crypto industry, it is hard to pinpoint when this will be possible.

In this article, we look at some adjusted Uniswap price predictions as analysis try to explain if it will be possible for UNI to reach $500 or even $1000.

Uniswap Current Price

At the time of writing this, one UNI token is going for $14.14 on Coinbase, a 68.56% plunge from its all-time high of $44.97 achieved on 3rd May 2021. The altcoin is ranked 23rd on the Coinmarketcap ranking of the largest cryptocurrencies with a market capitalization of $8 Billion.

At this price level, UNI token would need to multiply its market cap by more than 20X if it hopes to reach the coveted $500 mark.

Between embracing one of the most innovative liquidity distribution technology, having one of the most experienced development teams, and the blessings of Vitalik Buterin - analysts believe that the altcoin has what it takes to set new price records.

They are convinced that unlike most other mission-less and hype-driven cryptocurrencies that have flooded the market, its vision and intrinsic value will endear it to the crypto community and aid its recovery and eventual rise to new heights.

But will it ever reach $500?

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Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

So, Will Uniswap Reach $500?

The crypto market players are convinced that Uniswap token value will eventually reach and probably surpass $500. But unlike the situation when it was in its peak prices, when they were certain it would reach this price level in the next five years, the timeline for this has been kicked further down the road to an uncertain date.

But is it logical for the relatively new coin to be worth this much, and what factors do experts believe will drive these prices?

To explain the logic behind the $500 price prediction, we look at the coin’s statistics. With a total maximum supply of 1 Billion coins, the coin would need to accumulate a market cap of around $500 billion. This is slightly above Ethereum’s peak market cap and less than half of Bitcoin’s peak market cap.

The Uniswap altcoin supporters believe that it would be possible to reach price level and market cap valuation. They base this bold claim on some of the factors that they believe will play a critical role in driving up UNI token prices, including:

  • DeFi explosion: Uniswap is both a decentralized exchange on Ethereum blockchain and a Decentralized Finance protocol. It is one of the fastest-growing DeFi protocols and is ranked 5th overall and 1st of DeFi DEXs by DeFi Pulse, with more than $6.59 Billion locked in its liquidity pools. As more investors turn to the DeFi ecosystem, Uniswap’s solid reputation will help it attract more liquidity providers and boost its value.
  • Protocol Upgrades: Hayden Adams and the team are continually subjecting the protocol to regular community-driven upgrades. The most recent being the Uniswap V3 mainnet launch that was key to helping UNI tokens break above the $40 resistance level and set an ATH of $44.97. There is no telling how far up future upgrades will push UNI token prices.

Faced with raging markets, most crypto market experts and investors have shied away from making price predictions about UNI token’s future, especially because the changing market dynamics have already rendered their earlier predictions obsolete.

Cryptocurrency Price Prediction is one of the forecasting websites whose technical analysis of the Uniswap altcoin indicates a possibility for UNI reaching $500. According to the site, UNI will reach $200 by November 2025 and exceed $500 to $508 by March 2030.

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Will Uniswap Eventually Reach $1000?

Crypto experts and Uniswap investors have agreed that it will take longer for Uniswap to reach $100 or even $500, a claim that dims the chances of the altcoin reaching $1,000 in the foreseeable future.

Note that to reach $1,000, Uniswap will need to have amassed a market capitalization of $1 Trillion - about 70X its current market cap.

Technical analysis by the Cryptocurrency Price Prediction website indicates that Uniswap may get close $1,000 by December 2030, reaching $627.49. But most industry experts and UNI investors are doubtful of this prediction, arguing that it will take several market runs and corrections before the altcoin reaches this enviable price level.

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What Will Uniswap Be Worth In 2025?

Predicting the future of a cryptocurrency as volatile and unpredictable as Uniswap can be quite tricky, especially in a raging market environment. Nevertheless, both the analysts and UNI investors agree the altcoin will be much more valuable than it is today.

Technical analysis by Coin Price Forecast, for instance, indicates that Uniswap will reach higher prices again by the end of the year and reach $29.28 by December 2025.

Analysts at Cryptonewsz, cryptocurrency news and price prediction website, are bullish about Uniswap UNI token’s future price performance. They are confident the cryptocurrency will recover and that the market will embark on another price rally in 2023 that they are confident will help Uniswap reach $100 by 2025.

We must, however, mention that not every analyst is as optimistic about Uniswap’s eventual recovery or price growth. Some like Long Forecast are foretelling about a sluggish journey to recovery, driven by a meek uptrend. By Mid-2025, their technical analysis shows that Uniswap UNI will be trading at $18.49 - which is a little more than its current price.


Multiple crypto factors, including the DeFi explosion and rising Ethereum prices, point to a bullish Uniswap future. And most Uniswap investors and crypto market analysts agree with this argument. They are also confident that Uniswap UNI token prices will continue rising and ultimately reach $500 in the near future. But given the uncertainty that has taken over the crypto market in the last few weeks, they cannot tell if it will be possible for UNI tokens to reach $500 in the next five years.

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Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

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