You Asked: What If I Invest $10 In Theta?

Last Updated February 7th 2022
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What if I invest $10 in Theta? Well, there are three scenarios that can pan out when you invest this amount into Theta. 

The first scenario is that the price of Theta shoots up, and you make a good profit on your small investment. On the other hand, the price can drop drastically, and you lose your $10. 

Alternatively, the price of Theta can stagnate, and you don’t get much or lose much. 

The third scenario is highly unlikely, considering that cryptocurrencies are very volatile. So, you’ll definitely lose the money or make some profit. 

So, we already know that if you were to lose, you will lose $10. But how much profit can you make? 

Obviously, it depends on how high the price can go. But that’s not the only factor you should look out for. 

There’s are also things like how long you are willing to wait and how the cryptocurrency market in general moves. 

Of course, we can’t tell you exactly how much you will make since it is hard to predict the price of Theta in the future. 

However, to put things into perspective, let’s look at a quick example. 

According to Wallet Investor, Theta will be trading at around $30.72 by the beginning of 2027. The coin is currently going at $3.47 based on price data from CoinMarket. 

Now, if you buy $10 worth of Theta at his price, you will get around 2 tokens. So, assuming Wallet Investor is right and Theta trades at $30.72 in the next five years, your tokens will be worth around $88.5. 

There’s clearly a frown there. And that tells you that if you need to make anything significant with a slow-moving asset like Theta, you might have to invest more. 

There’s also the possibility that Wallet Invest might be wrong, and Theta will be worth much more in the next five years or so.

Whatever the case, we can’t really tell. What we can tell you is that you might have to invest more and wait longer in order to make a good profit. 

How Much Should I Invest In Theta?

Well, maybe not $10; unless you are just testing things out and learning the ropes. 

We can’t tell you exactly how much you should invest in Theta. Any investment decision; especially when it comes to how much you should invest, should be entirely your own.

And while we recommend putting in a good amount, you should keep in mind that the more you invest, the more you risk losing. So, the whole thing revolves around your risk tolerance. 

Admittedly, that is confusing. 

Luckily there, are a few factors that you can use to decide how much you should invest. 

Of course, the first is about how much risk you are willing to take. If you are risk-averse, around 5-10% (or lower) of your portfolio should do. So, if your entire investment portfolio is, say, $10,000, you can invest $500 to $1,000. 

On the other hand, if you are willing to take in more risk, you can put up to 30%. We don’t recommend going higher than this even if the investment looks promising. 

The second thing you should consider is how much you believe in the growth potential of Theta’s technology. This is because the coin might not be doing good right now, but if you think decentralized video streaming is the future, then maybe you might want to invest more. 

You should also consider your investment strategy. Are you trading? Holding for the long term? Staking? Mining? 

For instance, if you are holding for the long term, you can invest more than when day trading since trading carries higher risks. 

Finally, don’t forget to factor in your current financial condition. Of course, the more money you have, the more you can afford to invest. 

Whichever amount you choose to invest, don’t forget the golden rule of investing; never invest more than you can afford to lose. 

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Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

How Much Money Would I Have If I invested $10 In Theta In 2018?

Although Theta was created around 2017, it began actively trading in 2018. There wasn’t much going on around this time, which means Theta was insanely cheap back then. 

But to go back to the question, the amount you’d make now if you bought Theta in 2018 will depend on the timing. Did you buy at the lowest or highest price for that year? 

According to CoinMarketCap, Theta traded between $0.04 and $0.4 in 2018. Let’s assume you bought at either the highest or lowest price. With a $10 investment, you would have either 250 or 25 tokens. 

At the current price of $5.72, you would have made anywhere between $143 to $1,430. As you can see, there is a huge difference. The figures can even go higher if you sold on April 16th, 2021, when Theta hit its current all-time high price of $15.9. 

To be precise, if you were lucky enough to sell during the ATH, you would have made between $397 and $4,000. 

Definitely a good profit for such a low investment

Can I Buy $1 Worth Of Theta?

You could. 

However, there are two reasons why we think you won’t. 

The first one is that it doesn’t make sense as an investment. There is no reason to buy $1 worth of Theta when you are seriously looking to invest. 

The second reason is you will probably not find a credible exchange that accepts a minimum deposit of $1. So, the only way you would be able to buy $1 worth of Theta is if you buy directly from another person. 

How Much Will I Make If I Buy $100 Worth Of Theta?

As we have already seen, you might not make much with a $1 or $10 investment. But what if you raise your stakes and put it $100? 

Again, we can’t tell. But if the market is good and the price of Theta goes up, you will make much more than you can make if you invest only $10. 

Let’s go back to Wallet Investor’s prediction real quick.

If you buy $100 worth of Theta today, you will have roughly 28 THETA. Now, if in five years the price of Theta hits $30.72 as Wallet Investor predicts, you can sell your stash for $885. 

Well, not groundbreaking, but definitely a good return for a $100 investment. 

But as you know, the price could be much higher in five years; maybe even more than $100 per coin. 

There is also the possibility that the price will stagnate or slump, and you might not make much. 

You could even record a loss after several years. So, things could go either direction. 

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Can You Lose Money On Theta?


Theta is a volatile cryptocurrency, and when you invest in it, anything can happen. In most cases, when the price goes down, and you sell your investment at lower than you bought, you will lose money.

For instance, if you buy Theta at the current price of $3.47 and in five years the price goes down to, say, $0.3 per coin, you will lose your investment. 

It is also possible to lose money with Theta even if the price is going up; thanks to speculative trading. 

This is where you predict the price direction and make money even if the price drops. 

So, if you predict that the price will fall and then it goes up, you lose money. 

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You might not make a lot of money when you invest $10 in Theta, but it is a good amount to start with; especially when you are just looking to learn the ropes first. 

After that, you might want to invest more but don’t forget to keep your risks in check and never invest more than you can afford to lose. 

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Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

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