10 Stocks That Are Screaming Buys Right Now

Last Updated July 23rd 2021
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Despite the challenges that surround the market there are still plenty of ‘Hot Stocks’ visible on the market today that investors should look at. Don’t miss out on these perfect stock additions that are set to deliver as the year continues and for the coming years ahead. 

Top Screaming Stocks To Buy In 2021 

2020 and the start of 2021 has been a challenge to say the least for many stocks, but for beginner investors who are potentially looking to be a part of the action, there are many stocks on the market that have outperformed hitting great highs over the past year delivering results that have never before been witnessed. 

One stock on the market that can confirm how the year has benefitted certain stocks is the leading tech giant Amazon (AMZN) that delivered a record-breaking quarter within its Q4 period hitting over $100 billion in revenue, joining Apple (AAPL) which also hit this staggering benchmark in 2020. 

Additionally, there have been many smaller leading companies on the market that have delivered fantastic results that are sitting nicely to continue their strong growth momentum. 

Not only do these blossoming stocks that have made the list evidence great financial results taken from over the past year and previous years, but they also hold for two stocks included within this list that in particular hold solid reputations for delivering continuously yet still have huge room for growth. 

Despite the obvious names of stocks that have graced this list, how do investors seek to determine which top stocks are a buy on the market today? When it comes to finding the best stocks to invest in, investors need to do their homework and keep on top to see what professional Wall Street analysts have chosen, as rapid changes can sometimes occur within the market.

This will help investors significantly to be able to quickly identify the best hidden gems and or the best spotlight stocks on the market today. 

With that being said, now let’s take a look at the top screaming buys on the market today that demand the attention and investment that they sure do deserve. 

Top 10 Stocks That Are Screaming Buys Right Now: 

  1. NVIDIA Corp (NVDA) 
  2. eBay Inc (EBAY) 
  3. Cisco Systems (CSCO) 
  4. Facebook Inc (FB)
  5. Oracle Corp (ORCL)
  6. Twitter Inc (TWTR)
  7. Microsoft Corp (MSFT) 
  8. TFF Pharmaceuticals (TFF) 
  9. Royal Dutch Shell PLC (RDSA) 
  10. Lyft Inc (LYFT) 



The American tech company NVIDIA Corp (NVDA) is proving to be a strong contender within the leading Tech industry as the company recently delivered its Q4 and FY 2021 report which beat expectations. 

The tech company owes huge credit to its Gaming and Data Center which has brought in fantastic highs over the years, but more so within FY 2021 with Total revenue being up 61% YoY to $5 Billion, out beating its predicted target of $4.80B and Gaming being up 67% YoY to a new record of $2.50B. 

Following on from the stocks success story it was confirmed that the Gaming record was strongly impacted by the RTX 30 series launch, which was named the stocks ‘Biggest launch ever’, alongside the effects of that Covid-19 restrictions caused a surge in demand for gaming across the globe. 

Data Center was also up 97% year-over-year to a new high of $1.90B with networking showing a strong 30% increase YoY.  

The new avenue of expanding into the automotive industry by creating the NVIDIA Drive autonomous driving technology ecosystem is a new, strong, and powerful driving force for the stock.

This stock has delivered well over 2020 bringing its total market capitalization today to stand at $306.30 Billion.

What do analysts predict for the NVDA stock?

The NVDA stock has been given a consensus ‘Buy’ rating based on 28 individual Wall Street analysts predictions for this stock with 16 giving the stock a ‘Strong Buy’, 8 a ‘Buy’ and 3 ‘Hold’ ratings. 

Alongside, 11 analysts including Deutsche Bank Sec, Jefferies & Co, and Edward Jones have given the NVDA stock an average price target of $649 with a low estimate of $500 and a high price estimate of $800. 

Needham analyst Rajvindra Gill also admires the stock and within recent days increased the stocks high price target to $800 an increase of $100 from $700 which the stock was originally given.

The company holds a reasonable share price today of $494.81 which has risen by almost double as much from March 2020 at $205.75. Whilst the stock holds a 52-week range of between $180.68 at its lowest and $614.90 at its highest. 

Holding the title of being the worlds #1 PC gaming platform with GeForce, the stock's strong and reliable computing powering and the driving force with their NVIDIA Drive within the automotive industry. All of the above confirms that this stock is a no-brainer for investors to consider or to buy for their portfolio, being one of the hottest growth stocks on the market today. 

eBay Inc (EBAY) 

The multinational e-commerce company that delivered well in 2020 and who is looking set to continue its successful running is that of eBay Inc (EBAY). 

Within the company's highlights within the Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2021 results, eBay Inc confirmed impressive highlights of Revenue up by 28% to $2.9 billion within Q4, GAAP and Non-GAAP opening margin of 23.6% and 28.1% respectively and $529 million returned to shareholders within Q4 including $110 million paid in cash dividends. 

To look at the stocks full-year highlights eBay Inc reported a FY 2021 Revenue of $10.3 billion and an increase of 20% on a FX-Neutral basis YoY, GAAP and Non-GAAP operating margin increased respectively to 26.4% and 31.3% whilst $447 million was paid in cash dividends. 

To round up a good year for the eBay stock it was confirmed by the board that a cash dividend of $0.18 per share will be paid to shareholders on March 19th and to shareholders who have invested within the stock as from march 1st 2021. 

The company outbeat its forecast prediction set by analysts who gave the stock a forecast Revenue of $2.7 billion for the year.

As it was evidenced across the board, the e-commerce industry as a whole has been a success over the troubling year due to covid-19, and has worked well in eBay’s favour setting up to continue its growth expenditure. 

Despite the positives for this stock, there has also been some speculation as to where the stock can head to for the future. The stocks share price has taken a 13.08% decrease over the past two weeks leading many investors to question as to why, especially as eBay Inc are sitting in a good position both financially and with consumer demand. 

One of the main factors as to the reasoning why is due to the world being ever closer for retailers across the globe to slowly start opening their doors once again, leaving the impact for many investors thinking that the e-commerce sector is going to potentially lose out proving a high-risk element for many investors. 

In terms of future growth prospects, EBAY has added two new executives to the mix along with announcing that the company is looking at all current and new areas in which could maximise value for current shareholders and future growth prospects

What do analysts predict for the EBAY stock?

Given that the stock is currently holding a decline within its share price today as it sits at $53.76 which is showing good value when compared to the market and industry average. 

Whilst the stock holds a 52-week range of $26.02 at its lowest and $64.85 at its highest. 

The EBAY stock is also the number #1 stock pick for Baupost Group CEO and Billionaire investor, Seth Klarman who has pinpointed eBay company as being one of the great e-commerce stocks that are showing to outbeat market trends, and realistically will carry on as we look to the future. 

To show how much Klarman believes in the stock, Baupost Group holds over 30 million shares within eBay Inc. 

Zack’s Investment Rank has also given the EBAY stock reasonable ratings which includes B grade for Value and D grade for VGM with a consensus ‘Hold’ rating for the stock. 

Based on a further 14 Wall Street analysts future forecast, the EBAY stock currently has a consensus rating of a ‘Hold’ with 5 giving the stock a ‘Strong Buy’, 2 a ‘Buy’ and 7 ‘Hold’ ratings, giving the stock a consensus overall rating of a Hold. 

Despite the decline in share price holding a negative outlook for EBAY, this actually proves to be a positive for the stock. 

Now is an ideal time for investors to buy in on the e-commerce company that will no doubt continue to shine, especially as the company approves new ways of growth over the future outlook. eBay Inc provides the edge in terms of value whilst it sits at a more reasonable and affordable share price along with strong future growth potential. 

Cisco Systems Inc (CSCO) 

The American tech company Cisco Systems Inc (CSCO) is a strong tech company that screams to be seen and heard within this leading industry. 

In light of the company releasing its Q2 FY21 results at the start of February, the stock is continuing its gradual and steady rise. CSCO reported a Revenue of $12 Billion which stands flat year-over-year, an increase of $0.79 EPS a 3% increase YoY, along with strong GAAP margins including total gross margin, product gross margin and service gross margin holding up at 65.1%,64.5% and 66.6% respectively. 

The results outbeat analysts forecast predictions along with outbeating its EPS year-over-year result by 3% archiving $0.79 from $0.77. 

CSCO has reinvented wisely as they continue to hold control of inputting smaller profits back into the business to carry on delivering continued growth looking ahead. The stock continues to acquire new businesses into the mix with confirmation of acquiring Portshift, a private security solutions company and Banzai Cloud Zrt, a company that has its eye firmly set on deploying cloud-native applications. 

CSCO is not stopping there with their acquiring plans as the firm additionally announced that they are aiming to acquire IMIMobile PLC (IMO) to add to its extensive software expansion. 

The company’s growth prospects are looking solid yet well-controlled looking ahead, hand in hand with strong consumer demand leading to a steady increase. 

What do analysts predict for the Cisco stock?

13 Wall Street analysts have given their verdict predictions for the outlook look ahead. 

With Tal Liani, Bank of America and Meta Marshall, Morgan Stanley giving the Cisco stock a ‘Strong Buy’ rating with price targets set of $50.00 and $54.00 respectively. Whilst Cisco Systems Inc currently holds a share price today of $46.25 and holds a 52-week range of between $32.40 at its lowest and $49.34 at its high. 

Looking at various other forecasts, Return on equity ROE is looking to achieve high results of just under 35% over a 3-year outlook predicted by analysts with Return on Assets also looking to hit 14% over a three year period. 

Confirming if the stock is a buy from the 13 Wall Street analysts covering the stock resulted in an overall consensus rating of a ‘Hold’ for the stock which included 4 ‘Strong buys’, 1 ‘Buy’ and 8 ‘Hold’ predictions. 

CSCO stock is looking like a solid bet within the tech industry as it seeks to expand its networking connections, improve its current products and services, and continue to deliver improving results. With strong backing from top Wall Street analysts, this tech stock is one to add to your collection. 

Facebook Inc (FB)

The social networking giant Facebook Inc (FB) is still proving to be a strong stock that screams to investors, both beginner and experienced, to add this stock to their portfolio as it continues to grow and bring in good returns. 

In recent weeks FB stock has pulled back allowing potential investors to jump in on this giant stock at a discounted price of $264.28. When at its highs, Facebook Inc share price witnessed a 12-month high of just under $305.00 per share providing a potential 16% discounted rate. 

When you look at what Facebook has achieved, it has continued to hit and go over expected targets not just year-over-year but within the quarters, as Facebook has beat its earnings continuously over 2020 arguably pushed hugely due to the Covid-19 pandemic. 

In the company’s latest reports the FANG index stock produced a strong performance over the year with Revenue hitting $86 billion an increase of 22% YoY with $29 billion being confirmed as net profit. 

Despite many believing that the pandemic would hit the majority of social platforms hard due to lack of advertisements, to which FB did still push on this avenue. Facebook excelled by bringing in 2.8 million Monthly Active Users, a rise of around 12% year-over-year. As many individuals had no choice but to work from home under government restrictions, Facebook benefited from such restrictions as individuals spent more time on social media platforms along with operating their business accounts, improving FB’s avenues. 

When it comes to growth FB takes the cake as it knows exactly how to deliver, a 4 year outlook on FB stock has seen the stocks annual growth hit almost 35% in Revenue. And looking ahead for the company that owns Instagram, Messenger, Whatsapp and more including its more recent avenue adventure into Virtual reality with their Oculus virtual reality platform, this stock is only going to reach new highs. 

What do analysts predict for the Facebook stock?

Okay, this goes without saying that most or if not all top Wall Street analysts have rated Facebook as a clear ‘Strong Buy’. 

JP Morgan, Deutsche Bank and Wells Fargo’s Brian Fitzgerald have all given the FB stock price targets of $360, $355 and $330 respectively showing a potential upside of almost 37% from its high target in comparison to the stocks current share price today of $264.28. 

Based on 27 Wall Street analysts FB stock has been given an average price target of $308.96 with a high price target of $370.00 and a low price forecast of $195.00. 

Looking at the bigger image for FB stock Revenue has been forecast to increase by just over 20% per year with a strong ROE forecast of just under 40%.

Zacks Rank Investment has also issued a grade 2 ‘Buy’ rating for the stock with C grade for Value, C rating issued for growth and a C for VGM. 

Whichever way you look at Facebook Inc this stock is the leading social giant that is showing great value, as evidenced with its discounted share price. This is certainly not an opportunity not to be missed that is screaming for attention and to keep this social tycoon embedded within your portfolio for the long-term.  

Oracle Corp (ORCL)

If you are already one step ahead of the game you would have witnessed in recent days analysts being slightly more bullish including Barclays who gave this computer technology company Oracle Corp (ORCL) a revised upgrade to ‘Overweight’.  

Oracle Corpe (ORCL) who is due to release its Q3 fiscal report on March 10th is catching the eyes of many investors as the hype continues to build and the stock delivers, along with leading analysts heightening speculation that the stock is going to archive more within the next quarter. 

Within the stocks Q2 report it glittered nicely considering it is not the leading tech stock on the market, Total quarterly revenues were up by 2% to $9.8 billion and Cloud services and license services revenue up by 4% to $7.1 billion. 

As part of this generated revenue, Oracle Gen2 Cloud Infrastructure and Autonomous Database revenue over was up over 100% in revenue, according to Chairman and CTO, Larry Ellison, the demand was heavy for Gen2 Cloud Infrastructure and exceeded way above anticipated expectations, causing Oracle to move to open new data centers as quickly as it was possible to keep up with the strong demand.

The stock also delivered an impressive non-GAAP EPS result of a 19% increase to $1.06 per share. 

This is not something that has happened overnight for the tech stock as it has continued to deliver and smash targets over many years, or simpler in over 15 straight quarters ORCL has hit the ground running. 

Since the start of 2021, ORCL has witnessed its share price increase by over 10% to where it stands today at $69.93. Backed by its positive and strong Q2 report, investors have looked even closer at this stock to be one that can deliver. 

What do analysts predict for the ORCL stock?

In light of the stocks third-quarter report due to be released in the coming weeks, investors are placing their forecast of what the stock is potentially looking to achieve. 

Lenschow experts spoke exclusively on the ORCL stocks forward Q3 report expecting that the stock is going to ‘deliver well, beating expectations as the trend of accelerating growth’ and show a similar Q4 performance of that of its previous Q4 in the previous year. 

Looking at various other Wall Street analysts predictions, JP Morgan’s analyst Mark Murphy rates the ORCL stock well giving it an upgrade to ‘Strong Buy’ from its previous ‘Buy’ rating. 

And based on 10 Wall Street analysts predictions the Oracle stock currently holds a consensus rating of a ‘Hold’ with 4 analysts rating the stock a ‘Buy’ and 4 giving the stock a ‘Hold’ resulting in the overall outcome. 

In terms of value, ORCL stock is looking great. Holding a market cap of just under $206 billion and looking at the stocks P/B ratio against the US market along with its current share price currently brings it out at just under 25. 

Although Oracle Corp is not one of the leading tech stocks within an industry, this stock does hold good power for investors with its Cloud and IT power providing to be a big success amongst consumers, now is a great time to consider to add this stock to your list. 

Twitter Inc (TWTR)

Adding to the social-media era, Twitter Inc (TWTR) comes as a stock that is continuing to push its way in becoming ever more noticed against some of competitors including the likes of Facebook and Pinterest. 

In light of the recent announcement made by Twitter that it is due to release its new feature ‘Super Follows’ which enables users to charge followers to help creators and publishers create a dual revenue stream between Twitter and its users. At this stage, it is unknown as to how much Twitter will charge users for this exclusive subscription, but it will certainly shine a strong spotlight on the stock. 

This news comes after Twitter Inc announced a fantastic Fourth Quarter and Fiscal Full Year results released on February 9th. Within Q4 TWTR stock hit $1.29 billion in Revenue an increase of 28% YoY, Advertisement revenue up by 31% YoY to $11.15 billion with the average Monetizable Daily Active Usage (mDAU) hit new highs of 192 million within Q4 compared to 152 million in the same period within the previous year. 

Looking at the stocks evidenced financial results over the fiscal year, Twitter Inc hit an exceptional Total Revenue Growth of $3.72 billion up by 7% YoY along with a 31% increase year-over-year in total ad revenue. Despite the challenges that the pandemic has brought on the world, Twitter has managed to hold up nicely. 

With the stocks strong growth plans in motion, alongside creating a more ‘positive and safer’ environment for Twitter users, Twitter Inc has already given investors an insight at what they are aiming to achieve within the coming year. 

For the future outlook, Twitter looks set to aim to hit growth in headcount by 20%, especially in certain key areas, an increase of 25% in total costs and expenses, alongside the strong investment Twitter has made in a new data center with 2021 designed to support revenue growth. 

For Q1 2021 the company is aiming to hit between $940 million - $1.04 billion and a GAAP operating income loss of $50 million confirming the stock to break even for FY2021. 

For the Full Year outlook, Twitter is aiming for Capital expenditures to hit between $900 - $950 million and Stock-based compensation expense to be between $525 - $575 million for the year. 

Wall Street analysts are being firm on the stock with Deutsche Bank upgrading the stock to a ‘Strong Buy’ over recent weeks and Goldman Sachs analyst Heath Terry giving the stock a price target of $112.00 a possible upside of just over 65% from where the stock sits on the market today at $66.95. 

Whilst the stock currently holds a 52-week range of between $20.00 at its lowest and $80.75 at its highest. 

Although Twitter holds slightly behind its competitors, the stock is showing and confirming that it will be a social platform that is looking to stick around for the long-term as it progresses with its social developments, backed by a strong balance sheet and a strong active customer database. Making this stock one to look to buy now that provides great value. 

Microsoft Corp (MSFT) 

One of the leading tech giants to have ever come to light, Microsoft Corp (MSFT) is not only a safer bet for investors but it is also a stock that is trading at good value at present. 

Although in recent days the news of the dip in Microsoft's share price has been strong due to Chinese-hackers that are targeting Microsoft’s customers. This should fair up well in the coming weeks allowing on the positive leading Microsoft’s software and computing products to carry on bringing in solid revenue in the future outlook. 

With remote working becoming the new norm which was evidenced and confirmed with MSFT’s Q2 2021 report with Revenue hitting $43.1 billion an increase of 17%, Operating income at $17.9 billion a 29% increase, Net income reaching $155 billion an increase of 33% whilst lastly confirming an increase in diluted EPS of $2.03 up by 34%. 

These results prove that the world is solidly relying on digital transformation across all companies, individuals across the globe. 

Not to mention that Microsoft Corp also holds their hands in other avenues including the newest addition within its game consoles Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. 

It is a no-brainer as to what top-rated analysts are predicting for this stocks future outlook. 

16 out of 21 analysts rated the stock a ‘Strong Buy’ given this verdict the stocks overall rating. 

Alongside, Bank of America has given MSFT a price target of $280 where the stock currently sits on the market at $231.60 holding a 52-week range of between $132.52 at its lowest and $246.13. 

With short yet strong foundations mentioned on MSFT stock, value and the additional benefit of having this giant stock amongst your collection of stocks screaming out to investors as a strong stock pick to be a part of. 

TFF Pharmaceuticals Inc (TFFP) 

Aside from the tech industry, the healthcare industry is a solid favourite amongst investors at present. With one company in particular that Wall Street analysts are tipping as their favourite pick, TFF Pharmaceuticals Inc (TFFP).  

TFFP sets its sight rather uniquely within the industry aiming to use its technology to switch powder-based products which are used in oral form to switch the products to inhale products. Two of the stocks three products are slowly becoming closer to being on offer to the public once being approved, TFF VORI is inhaled to treat Pulmonary Aspergillosis alongside TFF TAC-LAC an inhale drug to prevent the rejection of organ transplant. 

With the confirmation of these two products being close to the mark, Wall Street has been speaking loudly on the stock with HC Wainwright in the past day raising their price target for the stock now at $37.00. This comes after TFFP stock increased trading by 33% with an increase in its share price to $13.61 as of close of play on Friday 5th March. 

Besides HC Wainwright giving their verdict for the relatively smaller bio stock, Maxim Group’s analyst Jason McCarthy has rated this stock a ‘Strong Buy’ with a price target of $18.00 moving forward. 

The stock currently holds an average consensus rating of ‘Buy’ with an average price target of $26.60. 

Based on the potential strong demand and its unique and efficient medication intake, this stock is a wonderful addition that could also blossom nicely as the years progress and as the company develops. 


Royal Dutch Shell PLC (RDSB) 

The British Oil and Gas company Royal Dutch Shell PLC (RDSB) makes the cut as a stock that is demanding investors attention. 

As the world is edging closer to coming out of the global pandemic, investors are looking closely at which way the oil industry is going to move and RDSB in particular. Even through challenging times the company has shifted its focus on becoming more eco-friendly and shifting into renewables. 

The shift into greener energy is a strong move for the stock, including adding LNG hydrogen to the mix that definitely can look to seek good returns moving forward and leave RDSB still sitting at the top of the leading board, especially if the demand for natural oil increases coming out of the global pandemic. 

Because of this solid new route taking charge, with RDSB investing wisely within such a leading avenue of a greener environment, this is providing the shift in increased price targets given by analysts and the drive within the stocks share price within recent weeks.  

The stock has risen by just over 10% over the past month due to increased prices in oil yet overall the stock sits downwards within its share price and is down by almost 18% which was a direct result of the impact brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic. 

What do analysts predict for the stock? 

5 top Wall Street analysts have issued a ‘Strong Buy’ rating for the Royal Dutch Shell oil company in light of its new avenue of adventures, with 1 ‘Buy’ rating and 2 ‘Hold’ rating resulting in the stock holding a Strong Buy consensus rating. 

Wells Fargo analyst Rodger Read upgraded its outlook to a Strong Buy with a price target set at £49.00 ahead whilst the stock sits at £15.51 holding a 52-week range of between £15.48 at its lowest and £15.78 at its highest. 

JP Morgan and Chase within recent days have also increased their price target to 2,000 GBX ($26.13) with an ‘Overweight’ rating given. 

For an oil company that is looking to push the boundaries into the future within a greener world, both analysts and investors are holding strong results on the stock, confirming that once again the company will be sitting in a positive financial position as the company pushes it way ahead. 

Lyft Inc (LYFT) 

The last stock to come on the list is that of Lyft Inc. 

The easy-access company that enables individuals across the globe to hire vehicles, bikes, food deliveries and more, has still been a hit within the recent global challenges and is evidencing that it has the makings to continue to be successful. 

Within the Fourth Quarter and Full Year results the company reported a revenue increase of 14% quarter-over-quarter to $570 million within Q4 a decrease from 2019 by 44% and $2.3 billion of unrestricted cash, cash equivalents and short-term investments as of December 2020. 

The Full Year outlook showed a decrease within most areas with Revenue totalling $2.4 billion a decrease of 35% from 2019 and confirmed a Net loss of $1.8 billion versus $2.6 billion in 2019 brought on from multiple factors. 

Overall, although the stock is showing a negative outlook in terms of financial results, it is actually a positive moving forward. Confirming that the stock has been hit very hard due to the Pandemic, the ease of lockdown periods within the coming year is what is going to benefit the stock for its potential boom, and analysts are confirming this with their predictions. 

Across the board, the majority of Wall Street analysts have given the LYFT stock a bright outlook resulting in a consensus ‘Buy’ rating. Whilst analysts have also predicted that the stocks forecast revenue could look to increase by 35% per year looking ahead. 

Some analysts give Lyft stock a potential price target of over 20% to where the stock sits today at $64.12, this gives the outlook that LYFT has the potential to deliver as the world looks ahead. This price target would take the stock to new highs if archived as it currently holds a 52-week range of between $56.88 at its lowest at $64.51 at its highest.


To summarise these performing stocks offer a combination of great value mixed with fantastic growth prospects. The proof is in the pudding as it is evident that these stocks have been visible over many years with strong financial reports. Looking ahead these companies look to continue with developing and adapting to modern changes led on by strong consumer demand. 

For the modern stocks such as Lyft Inc (LYFT) was founded in 2012, which now currently owns almost 30% market share and is the second-largest ridesharing company behind the leading car-sharing stock Uber (UBER), is looking like it is going to become strong moving ahead. Adapting to more efficient and modern demands proving to be a stand out top pick for Wall Street analysts. 

Additionally, as the world seeks to move to a greener future, NVIDIA Corp (NVDA) is proving to be great value stock as it partners up with some of the world biggest car automotive companies offering stylish, low-emission electric vehicles that look set to take over the roads more prominently by 2040, along with its powerful force in networking and computer solutions. 

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