4 Top Cryptocurrencies To Buy Now And Hold For The Next Decade

Last Updated April 22nd 2022
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If you are patient, these four cryptocurrencies can make you rich

Less than 10-years ago, cryptocurrencies were considered money for drug dealers and other criminals. Today, the tone has changed, and cryptocurrencies are mainstream investments that even S&P 500 companies are buying.

Platform blockchains have been among the top trending cryptocurrencies for years. They continue to dominate the market as a launchpad for Decentralized Finance (DeFi) and other blockchain-based innovations.

For years, Ethereum (ETH) has been the biggest player in the platform blockchain space. However, in the last three years, it has seen increased competition from Avalanche (AVAX), Cardano (ADA), Terra (LUNA), and Fantom (FTM). Alongside Ethereum, these four are high potential cryptocurrencies that can make you rich.

To help you make an informed choice, here is a detailed look at the best cryptocurrencies to buy and hold for a decade.


The Avalanche platform is designed with one goal in mind - to provide cheaper, faster services than Ethereum. Avalanche’s Snowman consensus protocol allows for a random selection of nodes that confirm transactions. This makes Avalanche faster than most Proof-of-Stake blockchains where every node has to confirm a transaction.

Avalanche's approach to transaction validation gives it the capacity to handle more than 4500 transactions per second and at a pretty low cost.

While Avalanche has positioned itself as an Ethereum competitor, its founders were also aware that Ethereum is not going away. For this reason, Avalanche is designed to be compatible with Ethereum, a factor that has helped drive adoption.

Today, Avalanche has one of the fastest-growing ecosystems of DeFi, NFTs, and other Dapps in crypto. For instance, in late 2021, the USD Coin (USDC), one of the largest stable coins in the crypto market, went live on Avalanche. As adoption grows, AVAX’s odds of success will only get better.

Avalanche also has a pretty low market cap compared to, say, Ethereum or Bitcoin. This means it has a lot of room to grow as the broader market expands.

With all these factors at play, it's not hard to see why AVAX is a top 4 cryptocurrency to buy and hold for the next decade.

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The second crypto to buy and hold for the long term is Fantom. It's core innovation is its scaling capabilities. Its proof of stake consensus mechanism allows validators to confirm transactions without counterchecking them with each other. This cuts on confirmation times and has made Fantom one of the fastest platform blockchains in the market today.

Fantom is also growing in popularity for its Ethereum compatibility. Fantom's interoperability with Ethereum has seen some of the top Ethereum-based projects, such as Yearn Finance, start running on Fantom. Due to Fantom's core metrics, such as speed, low fees, and decentralization, the chances are that its Dapps ecosystem will get even bigger over time.

Data already shows that adoption favours Fantom's long-term growth. Fantom is a relatively new blockchain and only entered the market in 2020. However, it has quickly risen through the ranks to have one of the largest number of DeFi projects running on top of it.

Besides its strong core metrics, Fantom is a relatively low-cap cryptocurrency. This means it has room to grow in value without necessitating an unrealistic market cap. As adoption goes up and the broader cryptocurrency market grows in value, Fantom is a top cryptocurrency to watch in 2022 and beyond.

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If you are looking for a high potential cryptocurrency to hold long-term, you are unlikely to go wrong with LUNA. The fundamentals are solidly in its favour as a cryptocurrency that can make you rich.

Terra is a cryptocurrency that aims to foster an ecosystem of stable coins perfect for the fast-growing digital economy. Unlike conventional stable coins, Terra stable coins are controlled by an algorithm. The 1:1 peg to fiat is maintained through LUNA tokens. LUNA tokens are burned or minted depending on the price of the Terra stable coins. 

Terra adoption has grown so fast that it is even considered the holy grail of stable coins. That's because Terra eliminates the risks that come with stable coins whose value is pegged to non-crypto currency assets. With Terra, stable coin users have price-stable fiat that cannot be censored.

The best part is that, as the adoption of Terra stable coins gains traction, so does the value of LUNA tokens. Prove to this is in LUNA's price action in 2022. For most of 2022, the cryptocurrency market has been weak. However, LUNA went on to push through its 2021 all-time highs in March 2022. This reflects the fast-growing Terra stable coin ecosystem, mainly Terra USD (UST). As these stable coins grow, LUNA stands out as a crypto to hold long-term.

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Another crypto to buy now and hold is Cardano. This crypto has made tremendous progress since it entered the market in 2017.

One thing that makes Cardano a top cryptocurrency to buy and hold long-term is its technical capabilities. Cardano has one of the most advanced Proof-of-Stake algorithms in crypto. It is scientifically reviewed and proven to be one of the few Proof-of-Stake blockchains that can balance security, scalability, and decentralization.

Besides striking this balance, Cardano has proven to be one of the most practical blockchains for launching Dapps. Cardano can handle up to 200 transactions per second, which is multiple times faster than Ethereum and at a fraction of the cost. 

While Cardano's development has been slow, developers seem to have faith in it. Cardano introduced smart contracts in October 2021, and since then, adoption is on the rise. For instance, Cardano is now being used by top celebrities like Snoop Dogg to mint NFTs. A metaverse cryptocurrency also recently launched on Cardano.

Since fundamentals are among the key factors likely to drive crypto growth, Cardano is undoubtedly a high-potential cryptocurrency to buy and hold for the next decade.

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