Top 9 Stocks Set to Make You Rich

Last Updated July 23rd 2021
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Looking for the best stocks to buy? This guide counts down the top 9 stocks that could make you a fortune in 2021 and show you how to choose these top stocks.

If you new to investing and looking to establish which stocks on the market are set to give you good returns, then Take a look as we have featured 9 stocks that look to archive your goal of becoming rich from investing wisely into the right growing stocks. 

The Top 9 Best Stocks Set To Make You Rich 

Here’s a quick overview of our top 9 stocks could make you a fortune in 2021:

  1. Pinterest
  2. ETSY
  3. BlackBerry
  4. Square
  5. Adobe
  6. PayPal
  7. Intuitive Surgical
  8. Facebook
  9. Cresco Labs

The 9 chosen stocks boast of many positive and strong attributes that make these stocks ones to, if not invest in then certainly, keep them on your radar to look at investing into as we lead further into the year. Let's take a closer look into how these stocks have performed and what they look to offer you in the future as these stocks look to deliver over the longer period. 

Best Stocks To Buy To Make You Rich 

For investors, finding that certain stock or multiple stocks that can look set to make you rich is the aim for most. Looking for a certain company that is going to establish the next ‘miracle-wonder’ within any field such as the next in demand Covid-19 vaccine or the company that provides the best cannabis on the market. 

In turn then leads these in demand stocks to stick around for the long-term, as they look to deliver exceptional growth over the years. This is what many investors pin their hopes to find, and yes this dream is more than achievable. 

If you are a beginner into investing and you are on the hunt to find such stocks that can make you wealthy, you may already have ideas as to which stocks hold great potential. However, conducting further research into the fundamentals of various stocks is widely advised as you will be able to see a stocks bigger picture including its past, most recent performance and what is looking ahead for certain stocks of interest. 

The year 2020 taught many lessons to investors, to which left many rather more wary of growth stocks due to many having a turbulent rocky road due to the global pandemic, which in turn left investors either sticking to large cap growth stocks (which hold great growth potential with less volatility) or even looking to invest in dividend stocks (deemed to be safer investments). 

Having said that, growth stocks although they all pose their own risk elements they do offer fantastic growth prospects which can lead to huge success, success that can carry through many years and make you very wealthy if you look to hold these investments for the long term along with due diligence. 

How To Choose The Best Stocks That Could Look To Make You Rich 

When you are looking to invest in any stocks there are numerous factors that you have to consider before jumping straight into buying any stock. 

Firstly, taking time to do your homework on stocks of interest is your starting point, then potentially looking at broadening your horizons and looking into multiple stocks as to what they can offer you once you have understood and have a better understanding of to evaluate a stock.

This is the most vital and the most important step when beginning or going through your trading journey. Looking into each stock's fundamentals, including its future potential is key as you seek to find good value within any stock, especially more so if you are looking to keep hold of a stock for the long-term as you seek to make high returns. 

As briefly stated a companies fundamentals include looking at various valuation metrics such as a company’s P/E ratio, as this will help you see how well a stocks share price is doing in comparison to a company’s earnings, to which this value strategy is one that is widely looked at by investors when looking at the best stocks to add wealth. 

Secondly, take into consideration how much debt a company is in. Looking at a company's debt-to-equity ratio is another key element to take into consideration. If a stock has a high level of debt in comparison to shareholders equity, this stock then is at high risk and could end up being costly. 

Looking into a company's share price also gives an indication of how well a stock is performing. If a stock's share price is on the significant rise then this is a clear indication that the company offers growth and earning potential, in most cases. 

Once you have studied a stock's key financial elements then it's wise to look at what the stock is aiming for in regards to future progression with the company’s forward strategies and growth plans. 

Taking all of these factors into account, are key elements when looking to establish if a stock is on the rise. When looking specifically for stocks looking set to make you rich, it's wise to look at the bigger picture.

Look at the market and how it is operating, are there stocks on the market that are offering services into different industries that are set to blossom, like one stock that has made this list, BlackBerry Inc. This stock is connected with the automotive industry to which electric vehicles are looking to dominate the roads over the next 20 years and more along with other avenues.  

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With that being said, let's take a look at 9 stocks featured on this list. These chosen stocks hold strong fundamentals in order to either continue their success stories or establish further growth success as they have either adapted well or were smartly positioned over this challenging year and look as we lead into the coming years are sitting nicely in a good position.

That is why we have put together a list of the best stocks that could make you a forutne in the coming years.


1. Pinterest

The underdog social media platform Pinterest Inc is a stock which is not only unique in comparison to other social media platforms but with its uniqueness is proving to be a social media stock that you should look to invest in. Individuals flock to this site to get unique, creative and affordable styles, designs and inspiration along with much more. 

Within 2020, this social media stock has excelled as individuals look for forward-thinking fashion and creative inspiration as they shop for the latest trends, to which was confirmed that the platform had over 400 million active users as of August 2020. The American image service company allows individuals to search and ‘Pin’ their favourite designs to various mood boards or more commonly known as ‘pinboards’, along with being able to purchase their chosen designs. 

In comparison to other social media platforms, PINS is seen as a more fun, positive, creative platform which you also have access to GIFS and videos to enjoy. 

This stock has grown well since being founded in late 2009, as it has made its name within the social media world and has become a large-cap company with a market capitalization holding up to date at $50.66 billion. 

In recent days the social media service company has released its latest 2020 fourth quarter and full year results, and boy did this stock not disappoint. 

The company reported a Q4 revenue growth of 76% year-over-year to $706 million with 2020 revenue growing almost 50% year-over-year to a total revenue of $1,693 million. On the back of such revenue, the company confirmed that it gained over 100 million active users within 2020, the best year in Pinterest's history to date for welcoming new users which increased global monthly active users as it reached 459 million, a growth of 37% year-over-year. 

Concluding within the report, CEO Ben Silbermann and CFO Todd Morgenfeld, both confirmed that this year had been a fantastic success for the company alongside confirming the company's future growth plans as they look to continue this stock's success. 

“Q4 capped a remarkable year of growth for Pinterest. Continued product innovation, execution and an earlier and longer holiday season helped us deliver 76% year-over-year revenue growth,” stated Todd Morgenfeld, CFO of Pinterest. 

Whilst CEO Ben Silbermann stated, “As we look to the future, our focus will continue to be delivering more inspiring and shoppable content and helping advertisers realize the value and positivity of our platform.” 

Following on the future outlook for this stock, the company's strategic plans priorities for 2021 are on the Pinner experience, advertiser success and shopping avenue to which the company will look to invest in as they look to grow headcount further along with continuing to support and grow long-term growth. 

In comparison to February 2020, PINS share price has almost grown three times as much as it stands today at $80.44 in comparison to $25.20 this time last year, leaving an impression that this stock is also slightly overvalued at present, when looking at its fair value. Additionally, this stock's share price has shown some slight bumps along the way, but it has managed to accelerate without much disruption over the past months. 

When you compare this stock to one like Facebook (FB) who within its own right has pulled in good figures, not just this past year but for many years, PINS saw an increase of 37% of new monthly active users in comparison to Facebook who across the board of all its platforms drew in 14% respectively. 

PINS stock holds a flawless balance sheet along with forecast earnings and revenue set to increase by almost 50% respectively, leaving no doubt that this stock can continue to archive.  

As PINS stock is looking to start Q1 with a guidance revenue of 70% based on the company's figures, this is just the start to what could be not only another successful year, but one of many for this growing positive social media platform, to which can look at making you sit on good earnings over time. 

 There is arguably a lot more to come from Pinterest. That’s why it’s number one on our list of top stocks to consider.


Whilst sticking to fashionable and creative trends the next stock that can look at being creative with its returns is Etsy Inc (ETSY). 

Now, ETSY stock has been given rave reviews over the past year and to more recent days, as it deserves to be given., as this creative American e-commerce website has helped individuals stay in business and draw in income throughout 2020 with their unique crafty designs from home decor to clothing. 

The leading online marketplace currently enables sellers to market and sell their products across the globe with each listing costing $0.20 and Etsy taking  5% of each product's final sale price. Whilst sellers then pay a monthly fee to Etsy Inc in order to operate within their marketplace.

During 2020 as individuals have been pushed to online shopping as stores across the world have seen their doors closed several times, and in many countries currently having restrictions on keeping stores closed, leaving online marketplaces to drive revenue through online sales and Etsy is looking to be one clear winner in this game. 

The company who is due to release its Q4 and Full Year results at the end of February 2021, has already been picked up and talked about by investors across the globe. 

As investors eagerly await to see what this stock has pulled in over its last quarter and what this stock has generated over the year, as the e-commerce sector has dominated the marketplace in 2020. The fact that Etsy shock is up by over 330% over the year, the stock is looking set to deliver anticipated fantastic returns, especially as it will include the sales over the Christmas festive period. 

In the company's Q3 report ETSY Inc’s revenue grew by 128% to $451,478 within the third quarter from 2019 $197,497 to which showed 102.1% increase over the nine-month period ending on September 30th at $1,108,270. 

Active sellers increased by 42% alongside active buyers which increased to 55.4%, confirming that shoppers were looking to seek unique designs. 

Today ETSY’s share price stands at $229.15 with a 52-week range of between $29.95 at its lowest and $239.47 at its highest. But based on the company's statistics including its share price and P/E ratio of 118 which it is currently holding, makes this stock overvalued to say the least. But if the share price looks to dip, this stock is certainly one to add to your portfolio and to keep hold of as great long-term investment as it boasts of great growth prospects with all its uniqueness. 

Many experts would argue that ETSY stock has a long way to go. As such you stand the chance of buying the stocks at a favourable price.

3. BlackBerry

The Candian multinational company, BlackBerry is standing the test of time and still holds its presence within the smartphone sector. Granted, BB Stock will definitely fall short of companies such as Apple Inc (AAPL), but BlackBerry Inc is certainly a strong player as it has changed its focus to other avenues including cybersecurity services and Internet of Things solutions over recent years. Proving that this stock is capable of diversity and can look to succeed well within this growing avenue. 

In recent days BB’s share price has increased dramatically to which BlackBerry has even reported that they are unsure as to the exact cause as to the sudden huge surge in demand, besides the fact that investors may already be seeing something special developing that is potentially coming in the future as BlackBerry's world slides with other growing industries. 

Although BlackBerry is still operating with the smartphone sector, its cybersecurity solutions are what is leading the way. In fact, one avenue where BlackBerry may just excel is within its Intelligent Vehicle Data Platform (IVY). This data platform helps automakers get accurate and secure vehicle data to be able to sustain or stabilize along with creating additional insights, all to be added to vehicles to provide a better driving experience. 

With that being said, the way in which the big shift towards electric cars is aiming and pushing towards, this is a huge avenue that could look at excelling BB stock nicely and one which could continue to grow significantly well. Along with IVY, BlackBerry’s QNX software as of mid 2020 has already been installed in over 175 million cars across the globe which was a huge increase from the company's 2019 report. 

On top of the company's growing avenue within the vehicle industry, preventing and blocking computer viruses is also a way in which BlackBerry looks and does deliver well. BlackBerry has acquired various companies over time and one in which in 2019, Cylance, a software firm who won several awards for its successes and had a revenue of $100.1 million in its own right in 2019, was bought by BlackBerry Inc for $1.4 billion. 

How Is BlackBerry Stock Looking Today? 

BlackBerry Inc currently holds a share price of $13.17 and holds a 52-week range of $2.70 at its lowest and $28.77 at its highest. But BB stock’s share price is highly volatile as it has shown, not just within recent months but over recent years. 

When you look into these stocks fundamentals you may see that BB stock looks highly risky, and you would be right to a degree. But another positive that holds for this stock is that it does sit in a healthy financial position, including BlackBerry’s short term assets exceeding both its short and long term liabilities well.  

In the company's recent Q3 report it was confirmed that the Canadain stock had another solid performance. The company reported a GAAP revenue for the third quarter of $218 million below the companies second quarter of $259 million, but still showing a strong demand along with software and services GAAP revenue for the third quarter at $162 million, although this figure is behind the company’s 2019 figure of $262 million. The drop was due to collective contributing factors including the Covid-19 pandemic as it took and still continues to take hold of the economy.  

The company's Total cash, cash equivalents, short-term and long-term investments were also set nicely at $757 million with net cash generated from operating activities at $29 million. 

As avenues no doubt continue to accelerate, the cybersecurity sector will see individuals continuing to work remotely along with electric vehicles looking to dominate the roads in the coming years, these factors all have BB stock embedded within these growth avenues.

This leads to confirmation that BlackBerry Inc is actually a stock that could look to be an underdog player that could look set to give great financial returns, as forecast earnings are forecast to grow 89% per year for the next three-year outlook. and there is plenty of upside in the making for this growth stock.

4. Square 

The American financial services company Square Inc (SQ) is a stock that you may already be familiar with as this stock is another dominating stock on the market at present. 

This stock is one of the best-performing stocks on the US market and has been for a number of years, as both consumer demand is apparent which in turn has led investors to jump onboard this performing stock. 

Even though this stock has been a performing company over the years, many analysts thought this stock would not meet expectations over the past year due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Which in all fairness as the hospitality sector has been hit hard, who operate heavily using Square Inc, this avenue was deemed to be a great loss for the stock. But a saving grace for SQ is that of its Cash App which has been a saving grace for the stock and one which is continuing and could potentially carry on strongly post-Covid-19. 

The Cash App is designed to allow users to transfer monies to one another by using the mobile phone app, to offer ease and efficiency. 

Another key point to point out on this stock in connection with the Cash App is that Square announced in November 2020 that it was aiming to acquire Credit Karma Tax. Credit Karma Tax is a ‘do it yourself’ tax-filing service that enables individuals and business owners to be able to use this service at their fingertips. 

There are numerous ways individuals can use this futuristic app, which is adding more growth prospect on this blooming stock as a whole. And as the vaccine rollout continues, hopes for the hospitality industry to open fully is on the cards which will see this stock flourish once again. 

Due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, Square stock has been knocked but has still performed very well outbeating revised forecast expectations that analysts gave the stock as the hospitality sector went south. 

Today the stock's share price stands at $262.24 which from March 2020 the stock took a huge dip to its lowest price of $38.09 on March 20th 2020. But from there on after the stock has gained impressively once again, and this is mainly all thanks to the Cash App. 

Some may argue that in fact this stock is significantly overvalued based on the stocks PE ratio. 

Within the company’s Q3 report Square Inc confirmed that the Cash App Ecosystem saw increased engagement as the number of Cash App customers almost doubled from Q3 period in 2019. With this news, the Cash App’s gross profit hit $385 million up by 212% year-over-year. 

Then this brings you to look at the company’s Total Net Revenue which came in at $3.03 billion as of the company's Q3 period giving the company an increase of 140% year-over-year. Total Net revenue excluding Bitcoin was up by $1.40 billion an increase of 25% year-over-year. 

What to Expect from Square Stock Moving Forward? 

Square Inc stock has been given mixed reviews by analysts, looking ahead surrounded by the ongoing uncertainty that the Covid-19 pandemic is heaving on the globe, 18 out of 36 Wall Street analysts have given this stock a ‘Strong Buy’ rating, 2 giving the stock a ‘Buy’, 13 giving the stock a ‘Hold’ rating, 1 ‘Sell’ rating and 2 ‘Strong Sell’ ratings, giving this stock a consensus ‘Buy’ rating. 

Whilst Zacks Investment Research has given a consensus ‘Hold’ rating for the stock but with a respective A grade for growth. Along with forecast earnings set to grow by a healthy 76% per year over the next three coming years. 

This stock holds a strong and promising long-term growth potential, as it continues to add additional software to make their existing apps more simpler and efficient for users across the globe as they carry out their transactions. Making this stock one in which you may wish to add to your solid collection of stocks, but ideally looking to add this stock when the price is right. 

5. Adobe

Adobe Inc (ADBE), the American multinational computer software company has become extremely popular over recent years, mainly as individuals across the globe become ever more creative on social media platforms and with picture and video edits. Adobe operates many software products including Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop image editing software, Adobe Creative Suite, Adobe Flash web software ecosystem but its most popular Adobe Creative Cloud. 

It comes as no surprise that whilst social media has become a strong presence within our reality today, with individuals having job titles such as ‘Content Creators’, ‘Influencers’ and much more, that this app has been their go to when looking to edit their images. Spiralling from this, has caused other individuals who are not within a certain profession, exploring this stocks' features and have adapted them into their digital presence. 

 Whilst its creative side of the business is continuing to be a success, you will more than likely have come across other Adobe products whilst surfing the internet. The large software company has services from server software to eLearning software, leading to audio editing and its web design programmes. Over 2020, as work from home restrictions have swept across the globe, Adobe has benefited from within its software sector. This software company is aiming to not leave any stone unturned within its division, and so far all have proven to be a success. 

Although the stock took a slight decline within its share price in December 2018, ever since this stock has been on the rise and has risen well, despite a slight fall to $295.34 in March as the pandemic shook the world along with the financial market. Today the stock sits at $493.76 with a 52-week range of $255.13 at its lowest and $536.88 at its highest with a current P/E ratio of 44.55 to which is currently below the industry average.  

In the company's most recent Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2020 report this stock delivered a growth over Q4 continuing its year-over-year growth. Adobe hit $12.87 billion in record annual revenue within 2020 having a 15% growth YoY, Adobe quarterly revenue hit $3.42 billion within Q4 which represented a further 14% rise, digital media segment increased by 20% year-over-year to $2.50 billion to which led the Digital Experience segment revenue to increase by 10% YoY to $819 million. 

Along with a 14% revenue growth within the Digital Experience subscription. 

As this stock beat forecast predictions including its revenue as it grew by 15% year-over-year, including having generated $5.7 billion in operating cash flows during 2020 currently positions this stock in good financial position.

Based on the stock’s reports, Adobe Inc’s forecast revenue ahead is looking to increase by 18.7% for 2021, although the companies Earning Per Share will more likely decrease due to a fall in net income due to a tax benefit in 2020. But this stock is still looking to increase in growth with a revenue prediction coming in at 15% higher year-over-year based on this stock's current earnings. 

Wall Street analysts have also confirmed that this stock is one to get involved with, as 12 out of 16 analysts covering the stock have rated this creative ADBE stock a ‘Strong Buy’ along with giving an average stock price prediction forecast of an upside of 14.03%. 

Earnings grew well over the year just hitting under 80%, and moving forward there is still mass room for growth with this stock. Given the current world situation, as remote working is still embedded and some may even say that it may become the new way of working post-Covid-19, along with this stock's creativity, Adobe Inc is certainly one that can look to give you fantastic value over the coming years. 

6. PayPal

The worldwide online payment system is a solid growth stock that along with it offers great value. 

As the world has led more into the digital world, more so over the past year, has brought PayPal Holdings even further to many investors' attention. More than likely for various reasons both positive and negative naturally. In recent days as the company announced its recent financial results, this stock has once again risen as its share price escalated on the back of the company's recent confirmations. 

As it stands PayPal Holdings Inc has witnessed its biggest and historic year within 2020 as the companies revenue grew to $6.11 billion within Q4, beating forecast predictions and increasing by 23% and beating its own earnings reaching over $6 billion within a quarter, as yearly revenue grew by 22% sitting at $21.45 billion. 

PayPal Holdings Inc added 16 million net new active customers within Q4 delivering a record 73 million net new actives throughout the year, which the stock ended on 377 million active accounts, a rise by 24% year-over-year. The company lastly confirmed that for the future they are looking to expect to add a further 50 million net new active accounts within 2021. 

Whilst on the subject of future prospect, PayPal’s earnings forecast is expected to grow by 18% per year beating the market average. Alongside Wall Street analysts have also favoured this stock to keep delivering and has been given a ‘Strong Buy’ rating by 29 out of 35 analysts currently covering PayPal stock, to give a consensus ‘Buy’ rating for this stock overall. 

PayPal Holdings themselves have confirmed that they are looking for a Q1 revenue growth of 28%, although this stock is being realistic with its financials given the circumstances of late, that the stock may decline from the historic year of 2020 but still will aim to deliver as EPS could look to decline by $0.35. 

As of late December PayPal’s Earnings per share was at $3.58, to which the stock’s earnings per share forecast has been given a low estimate of $2.59 with a high estimate of $4.16 for 2021. 

The company sits today at a share price of $282.17 and in comparison to March 2020 lows of a share price of $85.26, this stock share price has almost risen 4x as high as of today giving you a clear understanding of just where this stock has and is heading. 

Again this stock is showing signs of it being overvalued at present, but having time to digest the figures and as the world shortly starts to open up this stock share price may just dip slightly, and if so will be the ideal time for you to get on board and to keep this stock in your portfolio for the long-run. 

This trend is not going to look to slow down soon, Paypal stock will no doubt stand well for many years to come. But if the stock takes a slight dip within its share price, take full advantage as this stock has the strong potential of making you wealthy over time.  All in all, Paypal is likely to remain in our portfolio of the top stocks to buy for many, many years.

7. Intuitive Surgical

Intuitive Surgical Inc, the American corporation Healthcare stock that has earned its current long-term investors fantastic earnings over the years, as this stock has grown to become a stock in which you will want to be a part of for many glorious reasons but the main one being value. 

Intuitive Surgical Inc is an American corporation that develops, manufacturers and markets products used for clinical surgeries. 

The brand's most recent robotic creation, the da Vinci Surgical system, has become a force within itself and one in which is driving this stock to new highs. This robotic piece of equipment does not come cheap and can range between $1 million to $1.5 million, or if you are looking at the company's most modified piece of equipment the da Vinci SI released in 2009, this piece will cost you around $1.8 million to $2 million per piece. 

The system is designed with a built-in human console which a medical profession takes control whilst the legs span from the piece of machinery with equipment embedded on the ends of the machinery that enable surgeons to get a clearer, more precise image to be able to perform better on more complicated and intense surgical procedures. 

Over 1.2 million procedures were performed last year, although this is great news there was still a setback in procedures due to the disruption brought on from the Covid-19 pandemic. But no doubt as the Covid-19 infection starts to ease, more operations will start to take place potentially boasting this stocks revenue further as more health facilities seek to add this piece of equipment to their facilities. 

Just under 5,000 da Vinci Surgical systems have been placed worldwide from late 2019 through to 2020. 

Intuitive Surgical Inc stock today does not come cheap as this stock sits at $782.06 to which based on the stock’s valuation shows that it is overvalued, with a p/e ratio at 84.1. 

But despite this stock being overvalued, it has been given 10 ‘Buy’ ratings by Wall Street analysts along with 8 ‘Hold’ ratings giving the stock a consensus ‘Hold’ rating overall. A twelve-month price target has been set at $736.06 to which indicates a clear downside, along with a high price target of $879.00 and a low price target of $410.00.

As we move forward in the fight against Covid-19 this will enable other pivotal operations to be carried out across the healthcare industry which will lead ISRG stock to be one healthcare stock in line set to go straight up the scale as it clear it is already positioned well to do so. 

8. Facebook

The powerhouse social media giant Facebook (FB) is a stock in which everyone is familiar with, even if you are new to investing you will more than likely have some indication where the stock sits on the market today. 

Within the challenging year of 2020, the pandemic pushed FB to archive more gains throughout its social media presence, but having said that Facebook Ads are a huge factor within this stock's revenue and looking ahead into the post-Covid-19 world is projecting some uncertainty. But this is only one avenue although it is a big one, Facebook also has other strong avenues and growing avenues for that matter that could look set to bring great returns over the coming years and potentially sooner than expected. 

In the company's latest Fourth Quarter and Full Year results, the demand is apparent as  Facebook daily active users increased by 11% to 1.84 billion on average, Facebook's monthly average users was also up by 12% to 2.80 billion year-over-year. 

Q4 total revenue was up by 33% to $28,072 YoY, along with full year total revenue increasing to by 22% finishing on $85,965. Cash and cash equivalents and marketable securities were $61.95 billion at the end of December 2020 with the additional Headcount increasing by 30% year-over-year to 58,604. 

Facebook founder and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg was pleased with the company's performance in light of the challenging times and added that he is excited for what is to come in 2021. 

One of these avenues Zuckerberg may be talking about is within the company’s technology sector, Oculus Facebook technologies. As within this sector, there is a piece of futuristic equipment that could continue to be another hitmaker for the Facebook brand, Oculus Quest 2 virtual reality headsets. This newly modified headset has been described as the ‘best on the market today with all its extras and its updated features. 

Looking at Facebook’s stock fundamentals, it's obvious that FB stock holds a healthy and flawless balance sheet as it is also debt free. The mega stock currently holds a P/E ratio of 26.08 along with a share price of $269.38. 

In Facebook’s recent report the stock hit quarterly earnings of $3.88 per share up from $2.56 per share in 2019. 

Although Facebook stock is down by just under 3% within 2021 so far, this could be a great time to jump in on this stock, as it looks to potentially accelerate well in 2021 with the company's plans in motion, and this stock is one in which we know can deliver.

FB could just be the icing on the cake for you to become a step closer to hitting your ambitions of becoming wealthy. FB would be a huge win for investors and seems entirely reasonable when you consider the strength of this company’s balance sheet.

9. Cresco Labs 

CRLBF stock

The last stock that can look set to make you rich is a stock set within an industry that is looking to accelerate rapidly this year is Cresco Labs Inc.

This American cannabis company has its footings set firmly to becoming one of the growing stocks within a blossoming cannabis industry, as the US looks set to legalise cannabis for both medical and recreational use across more US states within 2021.

The Chicago-based cannabis company founded back in 2013 may not be one of the biggest cannabis stocks on the market today, but it is the largest wholesaler on the market of branded products within the industry to date, as recently it was announced this stock pulled in $90.5 million in wholesale revenue in 2020 alone.

The company reported many shining results within its recent Q3 report including the company's third-quarter revenue which is up by 63% over Q2 2020’s revenue which stands at $153.3 million. Adjusted EBITDA had an increase of 182% to $46.4 million driven from high revenue the company's net cash provided by operating activities saw an increase to $17.8 million in comparison to Q2 $9.9 million.

As this cannabis stock dominates within Illinois, as it holds its firm retail presence across the state, when legislation is confirmed across the state as a whole, this should boost Cresco Labs revenue fairly well adding to this stock's already growing sales revenue. 

Cresco Labs acquisition of Origin House for $850 million in 2019 which was the largest public acquisition within the cannabis industry at that time, will help this stock flourish as the legalisation of marijuana continues as Origin House dominated in California due to having its products being sold across over 450 dispensaries. 

On the back of what this stock can look to achieve, Cresco Labs share price has already risen from the start of the year and is anticipated to potentially carry on its rise with this stocks growth potential. Today the share price sits at $16.30 with a 52-week range of between $1.94 at its lowest and $16.30 at its highest. 

This stock has also been given a consensus ‘Buy’ rating by 7 Wall Street analysts covering the stock, whilst an average twelve-month price target of $14.96 a downside of 3.94% has been given. A high price target has set at $24.00 with a low price target of Cresco Labs stock at $4.20. 

This stock set within an industry that is due to accelerate this year and is proving that it has all it needs in order to not only make their presence strong within the cannabis industry but also looking to deliver fantastic revenue results set to deliver high returns, this opportunity is definitely one not to be missed.  

Top Stocks Could Make You Rich - Conclusion

Hopefully we’ve demonstrated why these stocks could make you a fortune in 2021, and might be a good buy for a variety of different investors.

To summarize, as you can see these stocks hold strong fundamental elements that position them well as stocks that can accelerate nicely over the year and for many years to come.

If you are a beginner into investing and you wish to look at sticking to a safer stock that can deliver well, a stock such as Facebook (FB) might be your ideal first investment. As this looks to continue to grow along with giving you a firmer piece of stability.

For the more advanced investors or if you are a beginner investor but feel more confident to look at up and coming stocks, then the cannabis industry is one avenue you may wish to enter in 2021, leaving Cresco Labs Inc a stock in which to add to your diverse collection. 

Although these stocks do hold a past history, which enables you to get a  good understanding of where this stock is going in terms of growth and its financial deliveries it has achieved, it is wise not to take all of the stocks past into consideration and not to pin all hopes on this delivered information. As all stocks hold their own risk elements, which is why it is highly recommended that you conduct additional research before looking to invest in your chosen stocks. 

Additionally with that being said, investing in your financial means is also strongly recommended when investing in any stocks. 

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