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Last Updated June 28th 2022
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AMP is an intriguing project that essentially improves upon the original remit of cryptocurrency by providing a secure payment option via the Flexa network. Whereas few would deny that cryptocurrency is now more mainstream than ever before, there are still those who doubt its security as a means of payment. AMP seeks to reassure such doubters. 

Despite cryptocurrencies being in the headlines more than ever before and numerous blockchain-based industries emerging in recent years, many industry commentators have pointed out that digital currency is still yet to make good on its original remit of becoming a dominant payment method.

Initially, it was transaction speed that prevented BTC becoming viable on a commercial scale, but blockchains are much faster now. Similarly, the issue of extreme volatility with digital currency has been solved with the invention of stablecoins. However, it seems that security is still the main issue holding crypto back–and this is something that AMP intends to rectify.

So is AMP going to help finally bring in a new age of digital finance? Or is this simply another overly ambitious crypto project in an already crowded space? In the following AMP price prediction for 2025 and 2030, we’ll be taking a closer look at the token and exactly what it has to offer the industry. 




AMP is actually the brainchild of Flexa, a cryptocurrency payments platform that’s been around since 2018. It was set up in New York by Daniel McCabe, Trevor Filter, Tyler Spalding and Zachary Kilgore. The platform was originally funded by a sell-off of the Flexa (FXC) token, with several major venture capital firms involved.

Flexa soon launched its Spedn payments app, which offered an easy way to pay for goods and services with leading cryptocurrencies. Crypto are converted to fiat payments so merchants receive their payments in cash. Things are trickier, however, when making crypto payments that are not converted into fiat, which we will come onto later.

The payments system is underpinned by the Flexa token, which appeared to be gaining attention, until the firm made the surprise introduction of AMP.  The token was created due to technical limitations associated with Flexa which, according to the team behind the project, was not able to support their plans for the payments system.

Flexa is an important part of the AMP story, but it’s important to note that these are two very distinct projects. Flexa is a payments platform operating in the US and Canada. AMP is a cryptocurrency with a specific use case.

AMP - Reassuring Merchants

When transactions are made via cryptocurrency, merchants selling goods and services obviously want to know that they are getting paid. This requires confirmations from blockchains, which can take hours, or even days. Naturally, this is unnerving for sellers as if something goes wrong, they are left out of pocket. The possibility may be small, but the transaction could fail at some point.

This risk is present for all crypto transactions. From a business perspective, the payment has only fully cleared when crypto is converted to fiat and appears in their bank account.

What is required is some sort of insurance – a way of guaranteeing payments before blockchain confirmations are complete to ensure that merchants can accept cryptocurrency with confidence. And this is where AMP comes in.

How Does AMP Work?

To get around the issue outlined above, AMP is used as a kind of collateral. When a transaction is made via cryptocurrency, an amount of AMP tokens greater than the total value of the transaction in question is locked into a smart contract.  In the event that there is an issue with payment, the AMP held in collateral is sold off for fiat currency to ensure the merchant still gets paid.

The collateral AMP comes from a pool that has been staked by users of Spedn and Gemini pay. Of course, these users receive a reward for committing their tokens, as with most staking protocols. The reward is a small share in the fees paid by merchants using Spedn and Gemini Pay. The AMP pool currently has enough tokens locked in to collateralise almost $2bn worth of transactions.

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Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

Is AMP A Good Investment?

On paper, AMP is a pretty impressive project that solves a very significant problem in the world of cryptocurrency. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to state that AMP has the potential to provide a significant boost to the uptake of cryptocurrency as a payment option for mainstream businesses and retailers. This alone makes it an interesting prospect for investors.

However, the Spedn and Gemini Pay platforms are still very much in their infancy and, consequently, there isn’t much incentive for users to buy and stake AMP coin. However, the platform has sought to mitigate this by awarding those staking their tokens additional AMP whilst the project gains momentum. Once again, this could make now an opportune time to invest in the project.

Looking At AMP’s Price History

Most exchanges started listing AMP upon its launch back in September 2020. The token started trading at $0.009 but climbed to $0.01 within a matter of days. However, this minor uptick was very short lived and AMP coin went into decline over the next few weeks, dropping to $0.003 by the end of October. The direction of AMP’s price movement did, however, change before the year was out and it had crawled back to $0.006 by the end of the year.

As with most cryptocurrencies, 2021 proved to be a pretty successful year for AMP.  Whilst it remained at $0.006 for most of January, it surged to $0.036 in the second week of February – maybe not a huge number, but representing growth of 500%. Things took a downturn in March, with AMP failing to trade higher than $0.029 but April proved to be a different story, with AMP soaring to $0.062.

May 2021 then proved to be an even more successful month for AMP, with the token climbing as high as $0.073 before dropping slightly as the month drew to a close. Interestingly, whilst many tokens then continued to slide in June, AMP soared to its all-time high of $0.120 before the market downturn dragged it down to $0.041. However, AMP shrugged off the wider market downturn again and managed to surge to $0.077 in July.

AMP continued to resist much of the downturn that dogged the cryptocurrency market over summer 2021 but it eventually went into decline towards the end of the year, closing December at $0.048. Of course, the market then slumped significantly in January 2022 and this time AMP was dragged down with it, sinking to $0.027.

Since the January downturn, the cryptomarket has been heavily subdued and many tokens have lost significant value. At the time of writing, AMP was trading at around $0.009.

AMP price chart

Amp price chart Source:

AMP Price Predictions For 2025

Based on its use case and the growing popularity of Spedn and Gemini Pay, it would be easy for investors to assume that AMP is destined for big things. However, to build an idea of what we can expect from AMP price in the coming years, it’s necessary to turn to leading crypto analysts for their forecasts.

DigitalCoinPrice sees the crypto market downturn persisting for some time to come, but ultimately has AMP pegged for growth. By the end of 2022, the token is expected to be worth around $0.012, which would represent growth of around 30% on today’s price. The platform then expects a fair bit of volatility across 2023 but by the time 2024 draws to a close AMP could be worth as much as $0.015.

Elsewhere, The Economy Forecast Agency also sees fairly slow growth for AMP coin. Its analysis suggests the token could reach a potential high of $0.012 by the end of the year, echoing the prediction from DigitalCoinPrice. By the end of 2023, the EFA believes AMP will trade at around $0.011 but by the time 2025 arrives it will have recovered and hit a potential high of $0.020.

Finally, Trading Beasts has a more optimistic outlook for AMP. Its data has the token reaching a potential high of $0.020 by the end of 2023 and continuing to build on this success over the next couple of years. By the time 2025 rolls around, TradingBeasts predicts that AMP could be worth as much as $0.027–which would equate to growth of around 200% on today’s price.

Looking Further Ahead: AMP Price Predictions for 2030

We’ve now looked at AMP price predictions for 2025. Whilst we can also consider longer-term forecasts, we should point out that these are not known for their accuracy and any AMP price prediction for 2030 should be thought of as just one possible outcome amongst many.

DigitalCoinPrice’s AMP forecast continues beyond 2025 but the platform expects things to pick up around 2027, with the token finally going past $0.020 again. It is then expected to continue on an upwards trend across 2028, potentially breaching $0.030 before finally reaching a new all-time high of $0.043 by the time 2030 arrives.

We found another long-term price forecast for AMP over on It has the token growing at an unprecedented rate over the next few years, hitting $0.064 by mid-2026 and continuing to climb year on year. By the time 2030 arrives, expects AMP will be worth a potential high of $0.220.

Another optimistic forecast can be found on Coin Price Forecast. Its technical analysis has AMP coin worth $0.039 over 2026 before climbing above $0.050 the very next year. It then expects AMP to continue to soar and believes that AMP will be worth $0.062 in 2030.

Once again, these forecasts are suggestive only and, given how quickly the cryptocurrency market changes, they should be taken with a rather large pinch of salt. Investors should instead conduct their own research and simply see these AMP price predictions for 2030 as potential outcomes.

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Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

Conclusion: Should You Invest In AMP?

Few people would doubt that AMP has a lot of potential and could very realistically change the way in which cryptocurrency is viewed by the wider commercial world. However, it is probably also obvious that its success ultimately rests on uptake. At the moment, Spedn and Gemini Pay are the only platform supporting the protocol and they themselves are in their infancy.

If AMP can offer security for merchants accepting cryptocurrency, then support for digital currency could expand hugely, which could, in turn, revolutionise other aspects of the market. However, that is a big if…

The AMP price forecasts we have seen are something of a mixed bag. Whilst most are predicting growth overall, it seems investors may have to wait a few years before seeing any significant returns. That being said, the market changes quickly and analysts are constantly reissuing their forecasts, so potential investors will need to keep an eye on how things develop.

Ultimately, AMP could be a major part of the cryptocurrency market in the coming years. It also has a relatively low token price, so investors can acquire a reasonably large holding with minimal outlay. Investing now also gives token holders the opportunity to stake their tokens and earn additional rewards due to the distribution initiative.

If you do decide to invest in AMP, just be sure to consider how it fits into your wider investment strategy and never put all your eggs in one basket–there are plenty of other promising cryptocurrency projects out there.

Where To Invest In Cryptocurrency

If you think AMP sounds like a good investment, then the best option is to simply buy the token. This can be done in a number of ways, but we recommend going with a reliable and trusted broker, like eToro.

By using an industry-leading broker, you’ll not only be able to buy and sell cryptocurrency tokens like AMP, but you’ll also have access to award-winning trading tools as well as plenty of educational resources to help you build and manage your cryptocurrency portfolio.

eToro – The Platform To Buy AMP

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Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

AMP Price Predictions 2025, 2030 - FAQ

What is AMP?

AMP is a cryptocurrency that was developed to colllateralised payments made with other cryptocurrencies. If a shopper buys goods or services from a merchant and pays with crypto, the merchant has to wait for the blockchain confirmations before they get paid. There is a degree of risk here, as something could always go wrong. AMP is held in reserve for transactions to ensure that, in the event of such an issue, the merchant still gets paid.

Can I buy goods with AMP?

AMP itself isn’t intended as a payment option. Instead, AMP is intended to guarantee payments made with other cryptocurrencies. Essentially, it works in the background when transactions are made and is only used as a payment method when the original transaction fails.

How much will AMP be worth in 2025?

AMP price predictions vary quite a bit for AMP. Whilst most ultimately point to growth, some believe the token will struggle to gain ground until 2024/2025 whilst others see fairly linear growth between now and then. Generally, predictions vary between 60% and 100% growth by 2025.

Where can I buy AMP?

If you want to buy AMP token to add to your crypto portfolio, then you’ll need to find a platform that can give you access to the market. We recommend eToro for most users, as it is one of the most trusted names in retail trading and has an award-winning trading platform that’s suitable for both new and more experienced traders.

Which platforms use AMP?

AMP is a token that is used as collateral for cryptocurrency payments. At the time of writing, the main platforms that use AMP are Spedn and Gemini Pay. However, there is every possibility that the system itself could be rolled out to other crypto payment platforms.

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Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

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