Ankr & XDC Network Collaborate for Seamless RPC Integration

Last Updated October 13th 2023
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Key Takeaways -

  • Ankr and XDC Network's partnership aims to revolutionize RPC services, enhancing blockchain communication and scalability.
  • XDC Network stands out as a unique hybrid blockchain, focusing on trade finance and asset tokenization and gaining enhanced security and scalability through Ankr's RPC services.
  • The collaboration is expected to catalyze innovation in the blockchain community, particularly benefiting sectors like trade finance and asset tokenization.

In a groundbreaking development, Ankr and XDC Network have joined forces. This strategic partnership aims to redefine the landscape of Remote Procedure Calls (RPC) services, amplifying the capabilities of both platforms in the blockchain ecosystem.

Why This Partnership Matters

The alliance between Ankr and XDC Network is of strategic importance. Industry insiders and experts predict that this collaboration could set new standards in blockchain communication. It's expected to spur innovation, particularly in the realms of trade finance and asset tokenization.

RPC: The Communication Lifeline in Blockchain

RPC: The Communication Lifeline in Blockchain

Remote Procedure Calls (RPC) are the backbone of blockchain communication. Ankr's RPC services offer a reliable and cost-effective gateway for developers and users. These services facilitate seamless communication across different software applications quick data exchanges, and are compatible with Web3 applications like digital wallets and DApps.

What Each Party Brings to the Table

The integration of Ankr's RPC services gives XDC Network a competitive edge. It enhances the network's scalability, allowing it to manage a high volume of transactions. Additionally, it ensures quick response times, known as low latency. The integration also fortifies the network with enhanced security features like encryption and firewall protection.

XDC Network

XDC Network is a unique hybrid blockchain platform. It successfully combines the best features of both public and private blockchains. This makes it a versatile player in trade finance and asset tokenization. One of its standout features is interoperability, which means it's compatible with other blockchain networks like Corda and Hyperledger Fabric.

The Ripple Effect

This partnership is a win-win situation, not just for Ankr and XDC Network but for the entire blockchain community. Experts in the field suggest that this alliance is likely to catalyze further innovation and collaboration in the blockchain space.

Ankr's COO Weighs In

Ryan Fang, the COO of Ankr, is optimistic about the partnership.

He stated, "We're extremely excited to collaborate with XDC Network. They are a trailblazer in the blockchain industry, especially in trade finance and asset tokenization. Our RPC services will be a catalyst for their growth."

By understanding the intricacies of this partnership, you're better equipped to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of blockchain technology.

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