Bitcoin ETF Could Draw $14.4B in Year 1, Galaxy Digital Says

Last Updated October 26th 2023
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Key Takeaways -

  • Galaxy Digital predicts a $14.4 billion inflow into Bitcoin ETFs in the first year, based on gold ETF performance.
  • A Bitcoin ETF could result in a 74% price increase for Bitcoin, according to dynamic market cap ratio models.
  • The U.S. Bitcoin ETF could tap into an addressable market size of up to $39 trillion within three years.

The U.S. financial landscape is buzzing with the imminent possibility of the country's first Bitcoin Exchange-Traded Fund (ETF). Experts are turning to the performance metrics of gold ETFs to forecast what this could mean for Bitcoin. Galaxy Digital Research's projections are eye-opening, suggesting a massive $14.4 billion could flow into Bitcoin ETFs in the initial year alone.

The Role of Gold ETFs in the Equation

The Role of Gold ETFs in the Equation

Financial analysts are leveraging the historical data of gold ETFs to gauge the potential success of a Bitcoin ETF. Matt Hougan, Bitwise's Chief Investment Officer, posits that Bitcoin ETFs could attract up to $55 billion in the first five years. He even ventures to say that Bitcoin's assets under management could rival those of gold.

Market Trends and Dynamics

Market Trends and Dynamics

Gabor Gurbacs from VanEck points out that Bitcoin's current market capitalization is only about a quarter of gold's back in 2004. He forecasts that Bitcoin could not only emulate gold's market trajectory but do so at an accelerated rate. Conversely, Mike McGlone from Bloomberg Intelligence raises a caution flag, indicating that Bitcoin is beginning to eat into gold's market share.

The Data Doesn't Lie

A quick dive into the numbers reveals some compelling insights. Global gold ETFs manage around 3,282 tonnes, equating to nearly $198 billion in assets. In contrast, Bitcoin investment products hold about 842k BTC, translating to approximately $21.7 billion. Notably, an equivalent dollar inflow into Bitcoin would have a nearly 8.8 times greater market impact compared to gold.

The Projected Ripple Effect

Charles Yu of Galaxy Digital calculates that a $14.4 billion inflow into a Bitcoin ETF in its first year could potentially spike Bitcoin's price by 74%. This projection is based on a dynamic model that adjusts the market cap ratio between gold and Bitcoin on a monthly basis.

Why a Bitcoin ETF is a Milestone

The introduction of a Bitcoin ETF would streamline the investment process, offering a regulated pathway to Bitcoin investment. It would also broaden the investor base, making Bitcoin more accessible across various wealth categories, thus potentially driving mainstream adoption.

The Road Ahead

Taking into account the vast U.S. wealth management sector, Galaxy Digital projects that a Bitcoin ETF could tap into a market size of roughly $14 trillion in the first year, escalating to $26 trillion in the second year and soaring to $39 trillion by the third year.

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