Bitcoin Eyes New Heights Beyond $35K: A Price Outlook

Last Updated November 8th 2023
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Key Takeaways -

  • Bitcoin is at a crucial juncture with $35K as a key resistance level; breaking it could signal a bullish trend.
  • The RSI indicator shows potential slowing momentum, suggesting possible near-term price consolidation.
  • The NVT ratio indicates the market may currently be overvalued, but historical trends suggest this could precede a bullish phase.

Bitcoin is currently at a crossroads, hovering around the pivotal $35,000 mark. This isn't just another number—it's a critical threshold that could signal the future direction of Bitcoin's value. In this article, we'll break down the current state of Bitcoin and discuss what experts predict for its future.

The Daily Chart Explained

The Daily Chart Explained

Bitcoin has been climbing steadily, tracing a path that resembles an ascending channel. The approach to the $35K resistance level has been met with enthusiasm from buyers, suggesting a bullish outlook. However, this enthusiasm is tempered by resistance from sellers, leading to a standoff at this key price point.

The RSI indicator, which measures the momentum of price movements, shows a divergence. This could mean that the upward momentum is losing steam. If the price does retreat, the midpoint of the ascending channel may provide a cushion, offering support to the price.

Insights from the 4-Hour Chart

Insights from the 4-Hour Chart

In the short term, Bitcoin has recently surpassed its previous daily high, which is a strong sign of bullish momentum. However, the attempt to break through the $35K barrier was met with resistance, resulting in a sideways movement in price.

If the price were to retract, the key levels to watch would be the 0.5 Fibonacci retracement at $31,200 and the previous high at $31,800. On the flip side, if demand remains strong and persistent, we could see a breakout above the resistance, potentially leading to a significant increase in price.

On-Chain Analysis Decoded

The NVT ratio, a metric that compares Bitcoin's market cap to its transaction volume, currently stands at 2.245. This suggests that the market might be overvaluing Bitcoin at the moment.

However, historical patterns indicate that during recovery phases, an increase in the market cap can often precede a rise in price, suggesting a bullish trend may be forming.

When the NVT ratio falls below -1.6, it has historically signaled a market undervaluation, often presenting favorable buying opportunities.

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