BlackRock CEO Highlights Surge in Bitcoin Due to ETF Rumors

Last Updated October 18th 2023
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Key Takeaways -

  • Larry Fink, BlackRock's CEO, sees the recent Bitcoin price surge as a "flight to quality," driven by real economic factors, not just rumors.
  • The SEC's cautionary statement and the crypto community's divided opinions raise questions about the future approval of Bitcoin ETFs.
  • Key metrics from the event include a Bitcoin peak price of $30,000 and 24-hour liquidations totaling $136 million.

Earlier this week, a rumor set the cryptocurrency market ablaze. The word on the street was that the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) had finally approved BlackRock's long-awaited Bitcoin ETF. Larry Fink, the CEO of BlackRock, chimed in to offer his expert analysis on this whirlwind of events. This article will present his key takeaways and offer insights into the recent Bitcoin price surge.

The Rally—More Than Just Rumor-Driven

The Rally—More Than Just Rumor-Driven

The buzz led to a significant uptick in Bitcoin's value, soaring it to an impressive $30,000. Larry Fink didn't write this off as simple hearsay. He labeled the increase as a "move towards quality," suggesting that real economic elements were at play rather than mere speculation.
Notable figures to keep in mind are Bitcoin's high at $30,000, liquidations over a 24-hour period totaling $136 million, and a stabilized price of $28,475.

The Bull Case for Crypto

Fink highlighted the existing enthusiasm for cryptocurrency, especially among investors in the United States. He views this uptick as evidence of cryptocurrency's growing acceptance and its potential as a financial safeguard during unstable times. "This increase isn't just about rumors. I see it as a move towards quality," noted Fink.

What Lies Ahead?

In the wake of the rumor being discredited, the SEC released a warning statement. Opinions within the crypto community are split on how this episode will affect the prospects of future ETF approvals. Points to consider include the SEC's potential stance on future Bitcoin ETF greenlights, the incident's effect on the trustworthiness of crypto reporting, and the larger ramifications for Bitcoin and the overall crypto market.

Community Reactions

While Fink's interpretation is hopeful, there are skeptics within the crypto community. Detractors suggest that the SEC might use this incident to underscore the market's instability and its vulnerability to manipulation. "The SEC now has a clear example of market manipulation related to fake Bitcoin ETF approval that they can reference in future ETF rejections," tweeted Bitfinex'ed, a crypto commentator.

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