Bridgecoin Unveils Game-Changing Crypto Tax Solution

Last Updated August 4th 2023
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Bridgecoin Capital, a pioneer at the crossroads of real estate and cryptocurrency, has unveiled a groundbreaking lending platform. This platform is set to redefine the crypto investment world. It's ingeniously designed to tackle a major hurdle in the crypto market - capital gains tax - by cleverly utilizing traditional real estate assets.

The Playing Field: Crypto and Real Estate Markets

The cryptocurrency market, with its jaw-dropping value of over $500 billion, and the towering real estate market, valued at more than $3 trillion, are both titans in the global economy.

Bridgecoin Capital's innovative platform is ingeniously designed to:

  • Address the tax implications of the $163 billion in crypto gains from the recent market surge.
  • Offer a regulated process where users can use their crypto assets as collateral to secure cash loans, thereby sidestepping capital gains tax.
  • Invest the borrowed money into real estate, generating interest over time.

The Platform: A Game Changer

Joey Billet, the Co-Founder and CEO of Bridgecoin, highlighted the platform's importance. He stated that it shuns tokenization and instead opts for borrowing crypto at a flat interest rate. This approach provides stability backed by tangible real estate assets.

Compliance: A Key Focus

The platform places a strong emphasis on regulatory compliance. Customers are required to undergo a Know Your Customer (KYC) process.

The collateralized loan guarantees a dependable USD return once the lockup period is complete while maintaining a steady Annual Percentage Yield (APY).

The primary objective of this platform is to direct cryptocurrency profits towards more strategic investments, all the while upholding transparency and adhering to compliance standards.

The Team: Advocates for Integration

The Team: Advocates for Integration

Since 2018, the Bridgecoin team has been at the forefront of integrating blockchain technology into the real estate sector. This groundbreaking initiative safeguards against the inherent risks of non-compliant ventures, ensuring a secure and transparent environment for all stakeholders involved.

It provides crypto investors with a pathway to:

  • Direct unrealized gains into tangible real estate assets.
  • Unlock the tax advantages associated with debt investment.

The introduction of Bridgecoin Capital's groundbreaking platform signifies a momentous merging of cryptocurrency and traditional real estate prowess, forging a path toward fresh prospects in the ever-evolving financial realm.

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