Crypto Investor Reveals 2023's Must-Watch Gaming Tokens

Last Updated October 31st 2023
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Key Takeaways -

  • Despite a legal dispute and a 98% price drop, GALA has successfully rebounded in the market.
  • Crypto expert Tony forecasts promising future prices for GALA, with potential growth correlated to AXS.
  • GALA, along with NAKA, APE, AXS, SAND, and MANA, are identified as the tokens driving the gaming sector's upward momentum.

In a recent Twitter thread, crypto expert Tony shared invaluable insights into the gaming tokens that are currently making waves in the market. This article delves into Tony's predictions, market trends, and the tokens that are leading the gaming sector's upward rally.

The Spotlight on GALA

The Spotlight on GALA

According to Tony, GALA is a token that's worth your attention. Notably, its value tends to rise in tandem with another token, AXS. Tony predicts that by 2024, GALA could be trading at $0.0920 and might even reach $3.80 by 2050.

Tony has identified several tokens that are at the forefront of the gaming sector's momentum. These include GALA, NAKA, APE, AXS, SAND, and MANA. Tony suggests a safe entry point if GALA can stabilize above 0.022.

Controversies and Resilience

Not too long ago, Gala Game's CEO Eric Schiermeyer and co-founder Wright Thurston found themselves at the center of a heated legal battle. The crux of the dispute revolved around allegations of severe financial mismanagement, specifically concerning a staggering $600 million of the company's resources. This internal turmoil had a devastating impact on GALA's market value, causing it to plummet by a jaw-dropping 98%.

However, it's worth noting that the token has shown remarkable resilience in the face of adversity. Despite the significant setback and negative publicity, GALA has managed to recover. This bounce-back was not just a fluke but was substantiated by data from a reputable crypto analytics firm, Santiment. Their analysis confirmed that GALA has regained its footing in the market, signaling a robust underlying strength in its fundamentals.

Market Trends to Keep an Eye On

According to Santiment, several altcoins are showing signs of mainstream adoption. These tokens include GALA, DODO, MAGIC, MASK, and SRM. As per TradingView, GALA's market cap has surged by over 46% in the past week alone.

Looking ahead, projections for GALA's price are quite promising. By 2025, it could exceed $0.8775, and by 2030, it might be trading at around $1.09. In the long run, by 2050, GALA could potentially hit $3.80. These projections are based on the growing acceptance of Proof-of-Stake and liquid staking derivatives in the crypto market.

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