How Biden's Leak Announcement May Affect Bitcoin Prices

Last Updated October 27th 2023
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Key Takeaways -

  • New regulations led by Biden could significantly impact the crypto industry, including Bitcoin prices.
  • The regulations focused on AI and technology may require cloud computing giants to disclose high-usage instances affecting Bitcoin mining.
  • Experts like Alexander Grieve from Paradigm express concerns that these regulations could divert resources and talent away from mainstream tech applications.

The crypto market is buzzing with anticipation. President Joe Biden is gearing up to introduce new regulations that could impact the industry. With Bitcoin already experiencing an upward rally, the stakes are high. Let's unpack what this could mean for the crypto market.

The Current State of Bitcoin

The Current State of Bitcoin

Bitcoin has recently experienced a significant surge, posting a 20.27% increase in its value within just one week. This remarkable uptick is largely credited to BlackRock's application for a Bitcoin spot Exchange-Traded Fund (ETF). This development has caught the attention of the crypto community and was prominently reported by CoinMarketCap.

The White House's Role

President Joe Biden is in the midst of organizing a pivotal meeting at the White House. The guest list includes not just tech industry leaders but also key government officials. The primary objective of this gathering is to introduce new regulatory measures. This noteworthy development was first brought to public attention by The Washington Post.

Timing and Global Context

In a strategic move, Biden's announcement about the new regulations is scheduled to take place a mere 48 hours before a significant international summit in the United Kingdom. This summit has a broad agenda and aims to assemble a diverse group of participants, including government officials, influential Silicon Valley figures, and representatives from civil society organizations. The main topic of discussion will be the societal implications of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Regulatory Details

The upcoming regulation has been crafted with specific goals in mind, according to information from four insiders who chose to remain anonymous. The regulation aims to capitalize on the U.S. government's influential position as a major consumer of technology. It will set forth requirements for comprehensive assessments of advanced AI models and will also necessitate federal approval before these models can be utilized.

The Ripple Effect on Crypto

Bloomberg has been quick to point out that these new regulations could have a broader impact, spilling over into the cryptocurrency industry. Initial reports have sparked concerns, particularly about the possibility of classifying computational resources as a "national resource." Such a classification could compel cloud computing giants like Google to disclose instances when customer usage exceeds a certain predefined threshold.

Expert Opinions

Alexander Grieve, who serves as the head of government affairs at Paradigm, has voiced his concerns about the upcoming regulations. He draws parallels between the potential new rules and the infamous "Operation Choke Point," but with a focus on computing power this time. Grieve also raises the possibility that Bitcoin mining activities could be viewed as diverting essential resources and specialized talent away from other, more mainstream technological applications.

The Bigger Picture

While the leak's primary focus appears to be on AI, it has nonetheless put the crypto community on high alert. There is keen interest in understanding the broader implications, especially how these regulations could affect market dynamics, market capitalization, and Bitcoin prices in both the short and long term.

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