NBA Players & FaZe Clan Drive Ether Momentum on

Last Updated August 22nd 2023
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Key Takeaways -

  • generated over $1 million in fees within 24 hours, showcasing its potential in the crypto market.
  • Shares of crypto influencers on the platform, like Cobie and Hsaka, surged to nearly $5,000 in just days, highlighting its appeal.
  • High-profile personalities, including esports founder Richard Bengtson and NBA star Grayson Allen, have joined, boosting its mainstream appeal. is not just another name in the vast ocean of cryptocurrency platforms; it's emerging as a revolutionary game-changer. By seamlessly blending the worlds of celebrity interaction and digital currency, this innovative platform is setting new standards and redefining how fans and their idols connect in the digital age.

The Financial Landscape

The Financial Landscape

The financial prowess of is nothing short of remarkable. Within a mere 24-hour window, the platform showcased its potential by generating over $1 million in fees. After deducting their operational and miscellaneous costs, they proudly retained a robust $709,000 in ether.

To put this into perspective, let's draw a comparison with other industry giants. The Ethereum blockchain, a well-established name, accumulated $3.33 million in fees. Meanwhile, the Lido service, another key player, managed to bring in $1.54 million. These figures, when juxtaposed with's earnings, underscore its meteoric rise and potential to soon dominate the industry.

Performance Metrics

From its inception on August 10, has been on an upward trajectory. The market sat up and took notice right from day one, with the platform recording a trading volume of 4,400 ETH, which translates to an impressive $8.1 million.

But the success story doesn't end there. Shares associated with renowned crypto influencers, such as Cobie and Hsaka, witnessed an exponential growth curve. Within a few days, these shares skyrocketed, reaching valuations of nearly $5,000 each. This rapid appreciation underscores the platform's credibility and the trust it has garnered in the crypto community.

Rising Popularity on Base Network's operations on the Base network have been a significant contributor to its success. Last week alone, the Base network reported a daily user engagement of 136,000. A lion's share of this activity is directly linked to, highlighting its pivotal role in the network's growth.

The platform's chat groups are not just digital spaces for casual chats. They are evolving into vibrant communities, fostering deeper connections between fans and celebrities. Shareholders, apart from enjoying these interactions, are often treated to exclusive deals, offers, and insights, adding another layer of allure to the platform.

Celebrity Endorsements: A Game Changer

The allure of isn't confined to crypto enthusiasts. It's drawing attention from mainstream celebrities as well. Richard Bengtson, the visionary behind the esports powerhouse FaZe Clan, recently became a part of the community. Following his footsteps, NBA sensation Grayson Allen also embraced the platform. Their endorsements not only amplify's credibility but also pave the way for a broader audience, bridging the gap between traditional celebrity fandom and the crypto universe.

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