SEC Moves Could Pave the Way for Bitcoin Spot ETFs

Last Updated October 3rd 2023
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Key Takeaways -

  • The SEC's recent actions signal a potential shift towards approving Bitcoin spot ETFs, breaking from their usual pattern of delays.
  • Top ETF analysts had previously estimated a 75% chance of approval, but recent developments have cast doubt on this optimistic outlook.
  • The SEC's likely approval of nine Ethereum futures ETFs could serve as a bullish indicator for the future of Bitcoin spot ETFs.

In an unexpected yet promising move, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has taken steps that could significantly alter the trajectory for Bitcoin spot exchange-traded funds (ETFs). This development follows a series of delays involving financial giants like BlackRock, Fidelity, and VanEck. Let's dive into what this could mean for the crypto market.

The Analysts' Perspective

Earlier this year, top ETF analysts Eric Balchunas and James Seyffart had projected a 75% chance of Bitcoin spot ETFs receiving approval. However, recent delays have cast a shadow over this optimistic outlook. The market is now buzzing with questions and speculations about the future of these ETFs as investors eagerly await further developments.

Dates to Watch

Mark January 10, 2024, on your calendar. That's when the final deadline for Ark Invest / 21 Shares is due. In a break from their usual pattern of delays and denials, the SEC is now inviting key stakeholders for meetings to discuss the path forward. Eric Balchunas, a leading ETF analyst, tweeted about this unprecedented move, signaling a potential shift in the SEC's stance and adding a layer of complexity to the ongoing narrative.

Understanding ETF 'Plumbing'

The SEC isn't just delaying; they're also providing constructive feedback. They've sent comments to issuers about their S-1 filings, which are crucial for the operational aspects of ETFs. These filings cover a wide range of topics, from the mechanisms for creating and redeeming ETF shares to how assets are securely held and even extending to regulatory compliance and legal responsibilities. This suggests that the SEC is taking a more hands-on approach than ever before.

Ethereum's Role

Ethereum's Role

The SEC is on the verge of approving as many as nine Ethereum futures ETFs. This is seen as another bullish indicator for Bitcoin spot ETFs. Nate Geraci, an industry expert, suggests that if Ethereum futures ETFs get the nod, it's less likely that existing Bitcoin futures ETFs will be shut down. This adds another dimension to the unfolding story and could potentially influence the SEC's final decision on Bitcoin spot ETFs.

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