SEC Postpones Decision on BlackRock's Bitcoin ETF

Last Updated September 1st 2023
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Key Takeaways -

  • The SEC has delayed BlackRock's Bitcoin ETF, marking the 7th such delay in August.
  • The UK has introduced the "Travel Rule" for cryptocurrencies, emphasizing transparency and security in large transactions.
  • The SEC's lawsuit loss to Grayscale has ignited optimism and discussions about the potential acceptance of Bitcoin ETFs in the future.

In the dynamic and ever-evolving world of cryptocurrency, decisions made by regulatory bodies can have profound impacts. One such pivotal decision by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is the delay on BlackRock's Bitcoin ETF. This decision has stirred discussions and speculations in the crypto community. Let's delve deeper into this.


The vast expanse of the cryptocurrency landscape is marked by its dramatic highs and challenging lows. One such challenge is the delay faced by BlackRock's Bitcoin ETF. This marks its 7th delay by the SEC in August, emphasizing the intricate dance between crypto innovations and regulatory oversight. Such delays underscore the cautious approach regulators are taking as they navigate the complexities of mainstream crypto adoption.

The UK's New Stance on Crypto

The UK's New Stance on Crypto

The Travel Rule Unveiled

From September 1, the UK embarked on a new regulatory journey with the introduction of the "Travel Rule" targeting cryptocurrencies. This rule isn't just a set of guidelines; it's a reflection of the UK's commitment to ensuring transparency and security in crypto transactions. With this rule, crypto businesses might find themselves re-evaluating their transfer strategies, especially for sizable transactions. The overarching goal is clear: to combat and deter illegal activities, particularly money laundering. Now, any crypto transaction exceeding 1,000 EUR/USD will be under scrutiny, requiring specific and detailed information.

SEC's Decisions: A U.S. Perspective

Playing the Waiting Game

The SEC's cautious approach isn't limited to BlackRock. In total, six Bitcoin ETFs are in the regulatory limbo, awaiting the SEC's nod. Among these are industry giants like WisdomTree and Valkyrie. By granting itself an additional 45 days, the SEC is signaling its intent to thoroughly review and understand the implications of such financial products in the market.

Recent Events Worth Noting

A turning point in the crypto regulatory saga is the SEC's recent lawsuit loss to Grayscale. This isn't just a legal setback for the SEC; it's an event that has ignited discussions, debates, and hope among crypto enthusiasts and experts. Many are now optimistic, believing that this could potentially pave the way for a more accepting stance towards Bitcoin ETFs in the foreseeable future.

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