Forex Trading for Beginners in the UK

Last Updated July 23rd 2021
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What Do Beginners Need to Know to Start Trading Forex in the UK?

Interested in forex trading for beginners in the UK? Well, let us congratulate you first! Forex trading is a popular financial endeavour in the UK, which attracts both beginner and expert traders. In fact, data shows that the UK is one of the leading financial hubs worldwide, with more than 405,160 active online traders.

So, if you’ve decided to learn a new skill and join the exciting community of forex traders in the UK, then this is the right starting point for you. Our article Forex Trading for Beginners in the UK | What Do Beginners Need to Know to Start Trading Forex in the UK? is a practical step-by-step guide to help you understand what forex trading is and how to become a successful trader.

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What Is Forex?

what is forex

If you are a beginner in the world of forex trading, one of the most important things to understand is how the market works. Well, if you are interested in the topic of forex trading for beginners in the UK but you have no previous experience, you will be surprised to know that, actually, you probably do have some forex experience. 

Have you ever exchanged money at the airport? Now, we are talking! Exchanging currencies is also forex.

As a forex trader, however, instead of exchanging one currency for another, as you would do when on a holiday abroad, you’d be making price predictions about the potential direction of one currency against another. 

With a variety of majors, minors, and exotic pairs, it’s no surprise that forex is considered the most liquid and popular financial market in the UK and the rest of the world. 

Forex is an international currency market, a global system that operates by trading, managing, and monitoring different national currencies. 

With a daily turnover assessed at about $5.1 trillion, it is easy to understand - even for beginner traders - why forex is considered the biggest and most dynamic market. 

The good news is that forex is also highly accessible and potentially offers many opportunities for success.

Why Is Forex Trading a Good Investment for Beginners?

Whether you’re in the UK or Australia, forex trading is a great investment for beginners. As stated above, the market is highly accessible and attracts people from all walks of life.

From wealthy investors to central banks and individual traders, forex trading has no limits. Simply because the volumes, dynamics, and investment opportunities offered by the forex market are really exceptional!

There are numerous strategies, forex pairs, and accounts to choose from. In addition to its flexibility, the market allows both forex trading beginners and experts to trade from the comfort of their own home. 

That’s right! Forex has no physical location, and, in fact, you can trade from anywhere in the world. As long as you have good internet connectivity, you can start trading forex either in the UK or Bora Bora.

Besides, beginners in forex trading do not require major initial capital to start trading in the UK. The initial deposit to trade forex is significantly lower compared to other markets. You can start trading forex with as little as £100.

We should note that beginners can also trade forex using leverage, which is another reason why so many people in the UK want to become forex traders.

Why Do Many Traders Choose to Trade Forex in the UK?

why do people trade forex

As we can see, there are many advantages that motivate beginners to start trading forex in the UK. While many newbies decide to start trading forex just to make some money, more experienced investors may choose to trade forex to diversify their portfolios

However, keep in mind that forex trading and trading, in general, do not guarantee 100% profits or success!

Still, why do so many beginners and millionaires from the UK trade forex? What’s the draw? Well, the UK is one of the most popular financial hubs in the whole world, an ideal place for forex trading

No surprise that the British pound is one of the most popular currencies to trade across the world.

The UK is well-known for its trustworthy services and strict policies. Moreover, it allows a lot of freedom in terms of taxation. Note that forex trading profits in the UK, including those for beginners, can fall into three categories: private investors, self-employed traders, and speculative (which can be tax-free).

The number of regulated brokers in the UK is also impressive, making forex trading there much more accessible than forex in the US, for example.

How Do Beginners Can Start Trading Forex in the UK?

how to start with forex trading

If you’re a forex trading beginner in the UK tempted by the advantages of forex and you want to dig a bit deeper into the topic, we can help you get started.

Perhaps you think that forex trading is some sort of rocket science. The truth, however, is that forex trading is not that complicated when you understand the basics

On top of that, here are a few crucial steps to undertake when you are about to start trading forex in the UK:

  1. Educate yourself: Proper forex trading education is crucial, especially if you are a beginner. From books to forex news sites and webinars, the importance of a good education is essential when trading forex in the UK. An up-to-date course created with professionalism and tailored to your needs, for example, will not only provide an in-depth understanding of the market but it will help you carve out your way in the world of forex. A good education will help you establish a successful forex trading strategy and skills, such as risk tolerance, discipline, patience, and flexibility.
  2. Understand the forex lingo: If you are willing to start trading forex in the UK, you should also understand the lingo. A good understanding of the most commonly used forex terms is very important to give you a successful start. Some of the words and phrases you can focus on remembering at this initial stage include base currency, quote currency, bid price, ask price, spread, and pip. You can learn more about it here.
  3. Analyse the world economy: As an essential part of the world economy, forex is affected by numerous social, economic, and political factors. A good way for beginners to get started is to research important aspects, such as trading positions, Gross Domestic Product (GDP), political climate, social turmoil, and so on and on.
  4. Choose the best broker: To start trading forex in the UK, beginners should choose the best brokerage company possible. As stated above, there are different accounts and trading options to choose from. A reliable and trustworthy brokerage firm is what you are looking for, so make sure to take your time and do some research before choosing your broker. If you don’t have the time to compare the thousands of options available out there, we’d suggest taking a look at one of our top-rated partner brokers.

Forex Trading Tips For Beginners

forex trading tips for beginners

While diving into the world of forex trading in the UK is more than exciting, let’s not forget that forex can be risky, and more than 90% of traders lose money and quit.

Forex trading beginners can feel particularly overwhelmed. False information and high expectations can only add fuel to the fire. For instance, do not be surprised if you get bombarded with hot tips on how to become successful overnight. 

Yet, forex is not a get-rich-quick scheme and magical tricks are not helpful at all

To help forex trading beginners in the UK access reliable information, we provide some real trading psychology tips to start following right now:

  • Don’t just jump in forex trading with no education. As stated above, beginners need a lot of time to get to know the complexities of forex, so be patient.
  • Learn how to interpret daily charts, price changes, and other fundamentals. To cope with the dynamics of the market, though, you should also invest in self-control and consistency.
  • When you develop a trading style and personality, make sure to stick to it. There’s no room for impulsiveness in forex trading.
  • Put all your stop-losses at a safe distance from your entry price, but don’t put them too close. There’s no place for fear or greed in forex trading.
  • Limit your trades because frequent trading may lead to emotional trading and failure. Actually, controlling your emotions while trading is crucial for success.
  • Do not panic and over-react at the first sign of a turbulent trade. Trades will go against you - it’s something that happens to everyone - so learn to accept your losses.
  • Be realistic and don’t expect that forex trading will make you a millionaire quickly. Not everyone can quit their full-time job and trade forex at the beach after all.
  • Find a mentor who will help you cope with stress and intense emotions, especially at the initial stage of your trading journey. Do not forget that if you master the secrets of forex trading psychology, you can master the whole market.

What Trading Strategies Are Suitable for Forex Beginners in the UK?

Though proper education and healthy trading habits are vital, we should also look at some more tech aspects of forex trading. Perhaps one of the most important factors for success for forex trading beginners in the UK and the rest of the world is to establish a successful strategy

While there are numerous strategies suitable for beginners, we should note that many forex traders develop a trading strategy that employs components of both technical and fundamental analysis.

Fundamental analysis is used by a lot of forex traders, though it can take a lot of time. This strategy is usually used for predicting long-term trends based on economic data. 

Some of the important indicators you can utilise and watch when using a fundamental analysis include Non-farm Payrolls, Purchasing Managers’ Index (PMI), Consumer Price Index (CPI), Retail Sales, and Durable Goods. Make sure to follow interest rates, inflation, and any other issues that can affect currency valuations. 

By utilising fundamental analysis, you can better understand long-term market trends and potentially profit from market-moving events.

That said, if you are a forex trading beginner in the UK, you are probably going to start with technical analysis. It is by far the most common strategy used by day traders as it allows the analysis of price trends and charts. 

When utilising the technical analysis strategy you will work with indicators, such as the Elliott Waves, Fibonacci Studies, Parabolic SAR, and Pivot Points, in order to make better price predictions and also to understand different buying and selling conditions. 

Managing Your Risk When Trading Forex in the UK

Apart from developing an effective forex trading strategy, beginner traders in the UK should also establish a solid and reliable forex risk management plan. It’s vital to have a risk management strategy and stick to it when you make a trade. Risk management plays a huge role in preventing rookie mistakes and major losses.

To use a powerful and reliable risk control method, you have to train yourself to know when to stop. In other words, you should know when to jump off the sinking ship. A good idea is to lock in your profits using a stop-loss at a certain level.

On the other hand, if you ever get tempted by the idea of opening multiple lots with currency pairs, think twice. Such moves can lead to failure, so make sure you know what you’re doing. For a start, never trade money you can’t afford to lose.

It is also recommended to keep your exposure limited in order to increase your chances for long-term success. Because with time, you CAN become a successful forex trader.

Key Points:

  • Forex trading is a financial endeavour that can be practiced by anyone, everywhere in the world.
  • The forex market is particularly popular in the UK, one of the leading financial centres globally.
  • The British pound is among the top 10 currencies in forex.
  • As a forex trading beginner in the UK, you have to invest in trading education in order to understand the complexities of the market.
  • Emotional control and risk management, along with a successful trading strategy, are crucial to help you succeed.

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Start Forex Trading In The UK

Now you know more about forex trading in the UK, you could be ready to take your interest to the next level. Remember that although it’s easy to get started, finding your favourite trading style and strategy is often a process of trial and error. 

Understanding the forex market can take years of study. However, by reading this article today, you’ve taken your first steps towards becoming a successful forex trader in the UK. the next step is to choose the best Forex trading broker in the UK.

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