How does an Average Person with No Experience Learn the Skills required for Trading Forex?

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Last Updated March 27th 2021

Everything you need to know if you’re a Forex Trading Beginner

Chances are you have browsed the Internet and stumbled upon a few stories of successful forex traders so now you are wondering – is forex trading really that profitable and how to make money from forex trading? However, you are definitely lacking experience. In a nutshell, you want to make money from online forex trading but you don’t have any prior experience.

It is quite appealing without a doubt, the freedom of engineering your destiny around success from the comfort of your home or from your mobile phone while soaking up the sun on a holiday, indulging yourself with thanks to how good you are in making money from forex trading!

Not that we desire to burst your perfect bubble but there are a few things to consider before starting as a forex trader. You have just entered the zone of forex trading for beginners and from now on there are two paths you can head to – there is the road to riches but there is also the rocky highway to turbulent market situations and dramatic losses. It all depends on how you start your career as a forex trading beginner and how disciplined and consistent you are in learning forex trading.

The forex market is one of the best adapted to the skills, knowledge, and risk management that an average person can discipline themselves into. With a 24/7 availability and an impressive liquidity, every forex trading beginner can become successful. The problem is many people are entering the market without the right attitude. They are not patient enough and they expect an overnight success despite the fact that experienced gurus warn them for the potential losses. The truth is that if you want to make money from forex trading, you have to be patient enough and consistent with your forex trading strategies. Naturally, you do not have a set of strategies built in your trading routine and here is when an online forex trading course comes a lot in handy.

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It's vitally important to invest your time and energy into educating yourself when you are a forex trading beginner. Every successful forex trader started from learning the good and the bad the market has to offer. However, only those who are consistently following the learning curve and understanding the complexity of the forex market and the variables affecting it can master online forex trading to the point that it brings them a sustainable profit.

Others start with enthusiasm and quickly leave the scene falling into the stereotypical box of those 90-95% forex trading beginners, who are losing money due to lack of expertise. Such an initial experience can easily cast a shadow of doubt on the profitability and feasibility of forex trading as an investing strategy. However, for a market that continues to trade a few trillion daily in volume, there is a serious reason why its good reputation of a source of sustainable income is not faded out and nowhere near becoming unpopular. By further exploring the topic we are able to help you make a self-reflection and find an answer of the question “how can you make money from forex trading” and how learning forex trading will be a key factor.

Recent studies in the field show that more than 60% of the forex trades are not consistently successful. On a good note, this can be interpreted that approximately one in every three traders enjoys not losing money when trading foreign exchange. On another hand, it definitely doesn’t mean that trading currencies is extra profitable and will make you a millionaire overnight. In fact, success and profit are all feasible if you put enough study and research to help you on this sometimes long and bumpy journey. There is no doubt that a Free Forex Course as the one offered by Trading Education can pave your way to the point where you make money from forex trading. First things first, you start by learning forex trading. The actual success/failure ratio is not what matters the most in this case. Your main goal as a forex trading beginner is to learn how to be a part of the category of the successful ones.

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The basic concept of forex trading consists of predicting the right direction of an asset and taking profit when it’s there. When it comes to online forex trading, it is easier than ever to access the market via an online platform or a mobile app. Forex trading is performed on margin, which means that the size of trades can be larger than the size of the deposit. The fact that you can work with more than you actually own and can invest potentially leads to high profits, unfortunately, to high losses too. However, if forex trading was that easy, everyone practising it would be a millionaire by now. Let’s have a further look at how the successful forex trading beginner is formed.

Are you born to be a forex trader?

are you born to be a forex trader

No you’re not, no now is, it’s a skill that can be quired. Forex trading can be without a doubt a risky practice. However, in this case, the risk is not necessarily something to be scared of but a phenomenon you can tame while gaining experience and learning forex trading and make it work in your favour.

This is why it is called risk management. Overall, the higher the risk is, the higher the opportunities for potential profit are. It mostly depends on how eager you are for taking some risk. Additionally, you should be prepared for all eventual losses and be ready to keep going even in times of disappointment. Even the most experienced, educated, and successful forex traders have some major losses every now and then and if you don’t feel like handling such situation, maybe forex is not your thing. One of the fundamental skills of forex trading is risk management and this is what will help you significantly as a forex trading beginner, you will learn more about it from the online forex course by Trading Education.

Additionally, the Trading Education course will help you explore further fundamental skills such as effective forex trading strategies, teach you how to research effectively, and how to understand capital investment. You will be prepared to handle stressful situations and minimise the emotional impact they may cause on your forex trading decisions. Most importantly, you will be able to learn forex trading approached with discipline, consistency, and responsibility. At the end of the day, forex trading could not be just a profitable hobby in your life but your own business, so it definitely worth it to invest your time and energy into a proper education.

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How to go through the obstacles and make forex trading profitable?

how to make forex trading profitable

Featured below are the fundamental principles of forex trading. Mastering these is not your guarantee that you will succeed as a successful forex trading beginner and you will be able to achieve significant profits in this large, dynamic, and volatile market. However, without understanding the basics of trading psychology, risk management, and the forex market in general, it will be harder for you to make online forex trading your sustainable source of profit.

We at Trading Education firmly believe in the importance of the proper education and so we aim to explain the world of forex trading to every beginner and provide you with helpful information you need for making strategic investments. Indeed, there are many benefits in an education that helps you explore the opportunities to become your own boss and work at convenient times. In order to further help you dive into the chances you have, Trading Education provides you with a plethora of educational materials in an interactive form – check out our videos, articles, webinars, and quizzes.

  • Educate yourself – Trading Education is providing you with the chance to learn all the fundamentals of online forex trading you need to know for absolutely free. Simply visit the website and register yourself for a free access to a plethora of educational materials on a variety of financial and investing topics. The Ultimate Guide to Forex Trading course is tailored to the needs of all forex trading beginners and you can learn from the comfort of your home, benefit from communicating with like-minded people, and have a mentor to guide your way to success.
  • Find a reliable forex trading broker – Every forex trading beginner should find a good and reliable broker, who will execute the trades on their behalf. The reliable broker will be your access to a good platform to trade successfully through and ensure reliable and tight spreads. Considering the fact that many brokers will try to increase the spread between the offer and the bid in order to make a profit for themselves, you need to take your time and research for the most reliable professionals you can count on. Some of the aspects you have to look for include:
  • Is the broker licensed according to the regulations and laws in the country?
  • Is the broker offering 24/7 customer service and support?
  • What sort of trading platform the broker is offering to you?
  • Is the broker charging you with a commission or are they widening the spread on the trades in order to make a profit?
  • Is the broker providing you with a free simulation trading account so you can practice forex trading without the risk of losing real funds?
  • Is the broker offering you some additional services such as up-to-date tools for a technical analysis, etc.?


We suggest using one of our partner brokers based on our research and studies of the different brokers available.

  • Emotions are an enemy – This one may sound like a pretty polar one, but emotions and impulsive behaviour are definitely an enemy of everyone, who wants to learn how to make money from forex trading and make forex a good source of income. Many forex trading beginners think of currency trading as a game and hope to be lucky enough to win this game. However, forex is definitely not a system you can trick with some luck. Considering the seriousness of the market, foreign exchange trading is more than a hobby, it is a reputable business that requires a knowledgeable, responsible, and educated approach. In fact, emotions and decisions made impulsively can spoil every forex trading beginners experience so you want to keep them separate from trading itself. Emotions have the strong potential to hinder our rational thinking and confidence, personal sentiment, and even disappointment are affecting not only our financial decisions but the whole forex market in general, which is not necessarily a good thing.
  • Invest wisely – Even if you are a forex trading beginner and you are currently learning how to make money from forex trading, you have to understand the fact that with a few exceptions here and there the foreign exchange market is not going to make you a millionaire, probably not even pay your rent. The best approach is known as portfolio diversification and pretty much means that you have a few different types of investment going. Ideally, forex will be no more than 20% of your portfolio. In addition, you cannot be a good forex trading beginner without some disposable income or risk capital. If you want to make money from forex trading you have to be ready to take some risks and you wouldn’t be able to take the risks if you are working with money you cannot afford without affecting your standard of living.
  • Develop a trading strategy – Employing a defined forex trading strategy is very important for you as an aspiring forex trading beginner. Determining a style you want to adopt in your practice means that making money from forex trading is more feasible. The right strategy helps you stay disciplined and focused on the goals you have set and achieving them. Improving and developing your own strategy comes with experience, but not having one at all means emotional trading, which is a downfall for a number of traders, hence the high percentage of loss. The good forex trading education can help you evaluate different forex trading strategies and choose the one that works the best for you. Once you master your effective market strategy you will be able to build a tangible forex trading plan you can refer to on a daily basis.
  • Know the current market issues – No matter how good and up-to-date your forex trading education is, passing successfully a course is not the end of the learning curve. You have to make sure you are tuned in with the current market issues at any time, which means that you have to do a constant research and follow the market news all the time. Many forex market traders manage to make some smart market moves thanks to the fact they follow all news and announcements. Since fundamental news can be a game changer, always check out if your trade is in line with the current market news.
  • Forex trading journal – Finally, every forex trading beginner should maintain a forex trading journal, which is used for recording all trades. By recording the trades you will be able to create a track record, which will provide you with valuable information. Through a forex trading journal, you can follow and understand a pattern of success or a pattern of loss, evaluate your market moves, consider how to improve your trading style. Furthermore, a journal will help you be more accountable and disciplined, focus on your forex trading strategy, and feel more comfortable and sophisticated when the market environment is changing.

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By making sure you follow all of the fundamental tips listed above you have a pretty much very good shot at eventually making money from online forex trading. The most important thing is that you have to do all these things and to do them right in order to be able to make money from forex trading.

Money is the lifeblood of forex trading… So how much money do you need to start making money from forex trading?

money is the lifeblood of forex trading

Forex trading is not a scheme for getting rich quickly. It requires much more than desire and initial risk capital. After all, if you don’t have the important set of skills, knowledge, and preparation, disposable capital will soon come to an end. For every forex trading beginner, who was lucky enough to take a small account and get some millions within a short period there are at least thousands, who blow up their accounts daily in their attempt of finding the short way to riches. Remember that forex trading can be a successful business, you just have to grow it steadily and with a lot of patience.

In a nutshell, if you are under-funded you probably won’t be able to make living from trading. How to make money from forex trading is a concept that is to some extent based on your funds too, as well as risk management that requires a decent amount of disposable money to be efficient. Of course, there is no one ultimate formula or a number we can share that is the exact amount of disposable money you need to trade forex full-time and making a sustainable income.

The number is different for everyone. The balance is usually found in the context of working with enough money to trade large enough position size and make enough money to support yourself while you are not risking too much. However, if you are a forex trading beginner do not set a goal to make a lot of money. Instead, you can focus on building a consistently profitable track so you can further gain a good experience, discipline, and self-confidence. Next, money will work their way to you. Even if you have a large amount of money at your disposal but you are neglecting the importance of education, patience, experience, discipline, and skills, you will lose the money regardless. In case you do not have a large amount of risk capital or you simply do not feel confident of trading with a lot as a forex trading beginner, you can start with part-time forex trading and slowly but sturdily work your way to the point of making money from forex trading as a consistent and main source of income in your life.

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The bottom line

Forex trading is a serious and often very demanding business. People who do forex trading as a source of main income are people who you don’t want to mess around.

Do you want to become one of those people making money from forex trading?

Then be prepared to work hard and stop spinning your imagination with enthusiasm of how just a couple of hours a day of trading will make you a millionaire or how you can take advantage of the short way to riches while just forex trading on a beach somewhere.

It could happen someday, for sure, but until this day comes you have to invest your energy in a detailed and effective forex trading course like the one provided by Trading Education while developing the perfect and consistent control on your discipline and patience. Sun, sand, and laptops may not mix necessarily but forex trading is still a profitable investing strategy if you learn how and when to implement the most important strategies you have learned.

In conclusion, forex trading is a job as any other job. It takes a lot to become a professional. To some extent even more than conventional day jobs. In the majority of the cases, you simply do not get a paycheck, despite all the hard work, if you are simply not on the top of your game. However, once you become the best, your forex trading job starts to work for you!


Making money from forex trading is probably not going to happen overnight. As a forex trading beginner, you have to consider all aspects of learning forex trading and gaining experience in the field, discipline yourself into patience and consistency, evaluate your risk appetite and explore your risk management limits. In case you want to learn how to make money from forex trading, a background of professional course and up-to-date education can make a lot of difference. Once you adopt an effective forex trading strategy and follow it consistently, you will know how to make all forex market odds be in your favour and develop forex trading into a business with a feasible and sustainable profit.

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