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Last Updated January 19th 2023
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The Crypto market never remains out of fluctuations. Though you may think of higher returns, it involves a massive amount of risks too! With the recent FTX crash, this aspect has become clearer. The collapse left the entire industry in shock and the cryptocurrencies are facing adverse impacts. Many investors trusted this giant crypto firm and its crash left them in distress.

Considering the factor of speculative investment, investors chose FTX. But, after its downfall, investors may look for some value-based propositions. Looking up for value rather than just the hype will help you to stay secure from such losses.


What Does The FTX Collapse Teach?

As a participant in the crypto community, you need to be aware of the fluctuations happening in the market. You can learn lessons from the FTX downfall because it is more than what we may feel. It is not just about the crash but a lesson for us all!

This crash reveals that investors need to seek value-based options and that the market needs to move further than hype. You need to embrace the concept of value schism at present!

After standing as the second-largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world, this firm is now a mere nightmare! After the crash, the huge amount of money that was poured into centralized models was revealed.

The Cryptocurrency market seemed to be in the best position. Cryptos like Bitcoin were starting with bullish trends. But, do good things last forever? This is the same case with the crypto market as well. It is now going through a bearish and tough phase after the crash.


There Is Still Hope For Recovery

The conventional market is now realizing that it needs to go for valuable investments rather than other aspects. Even at rock-bottom rates, money was not under any limitation. But now it is not free!

The economic system is going to work as it does! With supply, there will be demand. And with a balance in both, the market will function.

Also, centralized models will not be appropriate for the cryptocurrency industry. Because the strict regulations may become pretty hard for the organizations to function. Despite all that, there is still hope for the industry as it is moving towards value-based aspects.


More On This Value Schism

The cryptocurrency market is in the middle of chaos if we look at the present scenario. After the settlement of FTXs collapse, many may search for value this time. But, other portions will move in the earlier direction, as it is hard for them to let go of their old habits. Over time, they will fail again as investors will demand more value.

Now, we can see an increase in the demand for Web3 projects and their other aspects as well. These values are driving more value out of their products and turning into normal commerce. And if you succeed, you will get massive rewards at the end!


Following Through A Fresh Paradigm

If you are ready to follow the value schism, then there are two ways to do so. In the first one, you will classify crypto as just a financial asset. And in the second one, you will have to refer to the Blockchain networks as technological scaffolding.

Over time, the crypto space has been evolving to a great extent. Now, different DeFi applications are being used in the systems that help in differentiating the networks. Bitcoin, which is the top-performing coin in the market, uses the PoW system. Though this system is secured, every transaction takes much more time.

Ethereum uses a PoS mechanism and works in a more centralized system than BTC. And, it is becoming the center of DeFi and it helps in calculating the value, which is TVL calculations.

Here, we can see that, back in the initial days, trading these coins was the same. But, the development of tools to calculate value and differences in the features, shows which is more valuable.



Not the hype and other aspects, but follow the value and then invest. And, the recent case of FTX's downfall indicates this. Anyone can invest in Cryptos thanks to Immediate Edge, the best trading site.

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