Quant Price Prediction: Will Quant Rise in Value?

Last Updated February 8th 2022
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The search for true blockchain interoperability is only picking up. Even though there are many blockchain networks that on their own are doing a lot to revolutionize the financial industry, the fact that they cannot communicate with each other and seamlessly share information is a big bottleneck to exploring the full potential of these networks. 

That is why several blockchains projects have been developed to try and solve this issue. Quant Network is one of them. 

Quant takes a slightly different approach to achieve blockchain interoperability. The network allows different distributed ledger technologies ( DLTs) to communicate and share data between networks such as blockchain. 

At the end of the day, Quant is trying to create software solutions to integrate DLT and increase the use cases of these technologies. 

But what exactly is Quant, and what is it trying to achieve? What do experts say about the price of Quant in the future? 

Let’s find out.


What Is Quant (QNT)? 

Quant Network is a London-based software company that aims to solve the blockchain interoperability problem. It does so by creating a new protocol layer on top of existing and future distributed ledger technologies (DLTs), which will allow them to communicate with each other and share data. 

This will allow enterprises to achieve full interoperability and easily integrate DLTs into their business models. Quant also helps with the development of new blockchain systems by providing interoperability solutions.

QNT is Quant's native token which is used as means of payment on the platform for various services, including fees that are charged by the Overledger operating system to developers or users for transactions on the network. 

The ultimate goal of the Quant Network is to end the lack of interoperability in the DLT sector by using the  Overledger operating system to create a new layer of the internet where all DLTs can communicate with each other. 

The network was founded by Gilbert Verdian in 2015 and has since grown to become a leading voice in the DLT sector. 

Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

Quant (QNT) Price History 

The Quant Network was founded in 2015 by Gilbert Verdian. Several years later (around 2018), they introduced two key products that put Quant on the radar of investors and the crypto community. 

These are: 

  • The Overledger operating system 
  • The Quant token (QNT)

The idea of Quant was inspired in part by the dire need for more efficient DLTs and seamless interoperability in several sectors. In January, the 1.5 update was implemented, allowing the application to integrate major cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ripple and Ethereum. 

Pricewise, Quant has had a wild ride since it began trading in early August 2018. 

The coin kicked off in the marker with an ICO that brought in around $11 million in funding. However, despite the successful ICO, QNT traded on the low side until early 2021, when it began gaining real traction. 

Towards the end of August 2018, QNT traded at as low as $0.1636, although its earliest known price is around $0.25. 

In late September 2018, the coin crossed $1 for the first time. This was quickly followed by the $2 and $3 price points in October before reaching $4 in early May 2019. 

Quant began gaining momentum in June 2019 where it briefly went above $11. It then experienced a marginal correction before picking up again in August 2020. By mid-November 2020, the coin had crossed $15 per coin. 

However, as mentioned early, the most interesting growth began in 2021. This growth was actually market-wide and did not favour Quant alone. 

By mid-February 2021, QNT was trading at above $44. There was some fluctuation in between, and then in mid-May, it jumped above $60 before dropping to as low as $30 by the end of May. 

Around this time, the bull market was weakening, and most cryptos were crushing. But surprisingly, QNT began rising even higher. In early August 2021, the coin crossed $178 per coin and then dropped to $154.8 a week later. 

However, towards the end of August, Quant had raised to as high as $205.8 per coin and then on September 11, 2021, it achieved its all-time high price of $428.38. 

This was followed by a devastating crash that sent QNT to as low as $266.42 towards the end of September and then further to $164.3 in early December. 

There was a slight recovery to around $206 towards the end of 2021, but the coin dropped again and ended the year at $178.33.

At the time of writing, Quant was trading at a price of $144.65.

Quant Price Prediction For 2022 And 2023

After losing close to 65% of its all-time high value, Quant seems to be gaining some traction in 2022, and we could soon see the coin skyrocket to more than $200 per coin. 

We could also witness another downtrend if the cryptocurrency market is not conducive enough for the QNT to grow. 

According to some experts, if Quant encounters a bull market, it could easily cross $200 in the next few months. For instance, Gov Capital predicts that QNT might reach $200 in early June 2022 and go as high as $250 per coin by mid-July. 

This is a fairly flexible growth and one that if Quant adopts, it could reach plenty of milestones before the end of the year. According to Gov Capital, that milestone might be anything north of $350 per coin or $327.53 by the end of 2022. 

Wallet Investor is even more bullish about the growth of Quant in the next two years. According to the crypto price tracker, by late March, the coin might cross $230 and then reach $300 around mid-August. 

Wallet investor’s prediction is mostly linear, with very few drops along the way. This is different from Gov Capital which gives a truer picture of how Quant might actually move in the next two years. 

Going forward, Wallet Investor predicts that QNT won't cross $400 this year, and by the end of the year, it will be worth around $369.42 per coin.

Wallet Investor sticks to the same growth trajectory in 2023, with the coin starting the year at around $365.97 and closing at as high as $587.63. Quant might reach $400 in mid-February then grow gradually to cross $500 per coin at the end of July. 

From there, the coin might keep to the linear momentum and hit $580 in mid-September before closing the year at $518.68 or a yearly high of $587.63.

Gov Capital starts off 2023 with a fast-paced prediction that might take QNT to as high as $622 in mid-September. However, from there, the growth will slow down, with Quant dropping below the $600 point and closing the year at around $581.19.

Of course, there are some conservative and fairly bearish predictions. For instance, Pricepredictin.net predicts that Quant might only go as high as $265.1 in 2022 and $377 in 2023. 

On the other hand, Digital Coin Price predictions will end 2022 at $187.55, although it might go as high as $216.15 per coin in September. In 20223, Digital Coin Price predicts that Quant will start the year at $242.35 per coin and close at a low price of $220.16 but might cross $248.03 in September. 

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Quant Price Prediction In 2024 And 2025

In 2024 and 2025, we still see a lot of positivity from several price predictions. Of course, in the next three to four years, we expect Quant to be much more valuable than it is today. The token has already grown tremendously in the last year, and if it encounters another catalyst, we might see some parabolic price spikes. 

Wallet Investor is still positive that Quant will do very well in 2024 and 2025 as well. The site predicts that QNT will kick off 2024 at around $586.38, and end 2023 at $823.51. 

By the end of the second month, Wallet Investor predicts that the coin would have surpassed $600 per coin and then crossed the $700 price point in late June. 

The uptrend might continue, and in September, Quant might reach $800 before closing the year at $713.56 or as high as $823.51. 

Gov Capital also comes close to QNT reaching $1K in 2024, but due to the volatility in its predictions, Quant struggle going above $900. 

According to Gov Capital, the highest price QNT might achieve in 2024 will be around $918 in December. The coin might encounter a number of bottlenecks that will prevent it from reaching $1,000 per con. These can be anything from a bear market, bad media coverage, to overall negative market sentiment. 

However, in 2025, Gov Capital is positive that Quant will quickly cross $1,000 per coin around the end of April.

It will then close the year at as high as $1,287.62. 

Wallet Investor also believes that Quant will close 2025 around this range, although its prediction is slightly lower at $1,074.03. As usual, we see a linear trajectory with the coin mostly going up. It might reach $1,000 for the first time in late August but might not cross $1,100 by the end of 2025. 

Still, these are pretty good predictions, and if they were to come true, it would mean a lot for Quant investors and the community in general. 

As usual, Priceprediction.net and Digital Coin Price are still fairly conservative. 

According to Digital Coin Price, Quant might go as high as $313.31 in March 2024 but might drop to close the year at $200.03. In 2025, the site predicts that QNT might reach $357.51 in October but again drop and trade around $276.89 by the end of the year. 

On the other hand, Priceprediction.net predicts that the coin might close 2024 and 2025 at average prices of $570.58 and $813.1, respectively. Looking at the previous predictions, it is possible that Priceprediction.net expects QNT to grow much faster in 2025. 

In fact, if the market conditions are right, it predicts that the coin might go as high as $965.71 or even cross the $1,000 price point. 

Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

Quant Price Prediction In 2026 And Beyond 

In the next five years, distributed ledger technology industry would have no doubt expanded, leading to more demand. As companies, governments and corporations look to connect and allow seamless communication between different sectors, projects like Quant will pick up. 

When this happens, the Quant token (QNT) will become highly valuable as interoperability becomes more mainstream. It is because of this and many more reasons that price experts like Gov Capital and Wallet Investor believe that Quant will be huge in the next five years.

According to Wallet Investor, 2026 will be an interesting year for the Overledger operating system. The Quant token will start the year at around $1,067.21 and then quickly cross $1,100 in mid-February. 

The coin might then reach $1,200 in late June, and then by mid-September, it would have crossed $1,300. 

As you can see, Wallet Investor predicts much faster growth in 2026 than what we have seen in the previous years. However, the coin might not manage to reach $1,400 by the end of 2026. Instead, it will close the year at $1,334.35.

Gov Capital is much more bullish than Wallet Investor in 2026. According to the price analyst, QNT will start the year at around $1,287.97, which is slightly more than what Wallet investor predicts. 

By early July, Gov Capital predicts that QNT would have crossed $1,500 before closing the year at as high as $1,732.49.

Digital Coin Price still gives pretty low predictions even in 2026. The site predicts that Quant will start the year at around $271.16, go up to $319.73 in April before dropping to close the year at $255.15

This is very low compared to what Wallet Investor and Gov Capital predict. 

In fact, it is much lower than Priceprediction.net’s predictions. According to the latter, Quant will close 2026 at $1,181.4 or as high as $1,337.48. 

Although Priceprediction.net was a bit bearish, it quickly changed tune from 2025 and turned bullish. According to the site, Quant will reach $1,716.5 in 2027 before closing 2028 as high as $2,518 or a yearly high of close to $3,000 per coin. 

Generally, we think there is a very positive outlook for Quant in the future. The coin has a lot of potential, and if these predictions are anything to go by, we might see really great things in the next five years. 

However, keep in mind that these are mere speculations and should not be used to make important investment decisions. When it comes to cryptocurrencies, past success does not necessarily mean that the coin will be profitable in the future. 

So, despite what you know, you will want to be careful when investing and never put more than you can afford to lose into cryptocurrencies. 

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Factors That Will Affect The Price Of Quant In The Future

There are a number of factors that we believe will adversely affect how QNT trades in the future. These factors can help us to better predict the coin’s price movement despite its volatility. 

The Quant Network has real-world use cases, which give it a lot of potential to grow and expand into other markets. However, its growth will largely depend on how the following factors play out. 

1. Growth of the DLT Sector 

Distributed ledger technology has come a long way but is yet to explore its full potential. Quant is among the first attempts to achieve true interoperability, which is kind of a big deal in today’s growing economy. 

Despite its successes, the future growth of Quant will ultimately depend on the demand for DLT from different sectors. 

If the demand grows, Quant will be at the forefront of satisfying that demand and this will help its token grow more. 

2. Competition from Similar Services

The Quant Network is neither the first nor the only blockchain project trying to achieve true interoperability. 

Other projects like Cosmos and ICON are trying to do close to the same thing that Quant is trying to achieve. The growth of the project will, therefore, depend on how well it outsmarts its competition and become the go-to solution for most businesses. 

If Quant comes on top and is able to provide better products than its competition, it might help its native token grow even faster. Already, The Quant Network’s flagship product, the Overledger, is a huge milestone and might help the project stay ahead of the competition. 

3. Government Regulations 

In the past, when every financial expert was predicting the downfall of Bitcoin, most governments didn’t give cryptocurrencies that much attention. However, it is becoming increasingly difficult to ignore them, as they are already affecting the financial sector.

As a result, most governments are coming up with regulations to try and tame the growth of these cryptocurrencies. The growth of Quant in the future will depend on the nature of these regulations. 

If most governments come up with policies that nature the growth and use of cryptocurrencies, Quant might have enough room to grow and become even more valuable. 

On the other hand, if there are harsh regulations, the coin will suffer and struggle to grow. 

The Future Of Quant: Will The Value Of QNT Rise?

There are many factors that will influence the price of QNT in the future. The first one is whether Quant can achieve its goal of building a cross-chain protocol for blockchain interoperability. This would create immense value for developers and enterprises because it would open up doors to using different DLTs in their business models, which is what Quant Network wants to do. 

The more DLTs that Quant can connect, the bigger the potential for QNT to grow in value. If successful, this could be one of the most valuable cryptocurrencies in the world.

Apart from achieving blockchain interoperability, Quant Network will also need to show it has what it takes to build strong partnerships with enterprises and provide them with the tools to integrate DLTs into their business models. The more partnerships that Quant establishes, the higher its chances of growth.

Finally, what also will have a big influence on QNT price in the future is Quant Network's marketing strategy going forward. If it can do a good job educating potential users and generating hype around its technology through effective, creative marketing campaigns, this could definitely boost the price of QNT in the next few years.

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Conclusion: Is QNT A Good Investment?

Quant Network has a lot of potentials. If successful, it will be one of the most important blockchain projects in history due to its ambitious goal of solving the interoperability problem.

It is pretty obvious that Quant is still in its early stages of development, which means you have plenty of time to decide whether or not this project is right for you.  We recommend doing more research and keeping a close eye on it.

Otherwise, looking at what we have already discussed, it is safe to say that If you're looking for a project with a strong team and a great potential for profitability, Quant Network is definitely one of the best options. We believe it has what it takes to make the technology work and achieve its goal of solving blockchain interoperability in the future.

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Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

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