What Will The Graph (GRT) Be Worth In 2025?

Last Updated February 3rd 2022
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Should you consider holding GRT tokens until 2025?

The general feeling is that The Graph token prices will rebound and continue rising into the foreseeable future, with the majority of forecasts indicating that The Graph (GRT) will most likely be trading between $6 and $12 by December 2025.

After a monster rally that saw the altcoin set an all-time high of $2.88 on 12th February 2021, altcoin token prices crashed. It, however, proved its resilience when it started rising again and has been trying to sustain its price above $1 throughout the last half of 2021. And despite this setback, the majority of the crypto market players are still convinced that The Graph has all it needs to force a rebound and assume an uptrend.

Crypto experts at Coinpedia, for instance, explain this best when they observe that the mid-2021 price crash pulled GRT off its $10-bound uptrend. However, they are quick to add that the promise of The Graph’s indexing protocol and a recovering crypto market will help it recover and probably shoot to $5.414 before the end of 2025.

But what does everyone else think GRT will be worth in 2025? Do they believe that it will reach $10 in 2022?

The Graph (GRT) Price Prediction For 2025

When The Graph token prices were rallying in early 2021, everyone was convinced that the altcoin would blow; possibly hit $5 before the end of the year, double this and get to $10 by the end of 2022, and probably aim for $50 by the end of 2025.

But after the market crash and the dilution of GRT token prices when new tokens were introduced into the market, they have had to rethink their predictions. Granted, they still believe The Graph has a bright future, but they think we will have to wait longer before it lives to its potential.

‘GUY’ - the crypto YouTuber for the Coin Bureau channel describes The Graph as “one of the most important projects to emerge in the cryptocurrency space.” And though he doesn’t provide a 2025 GRT price forecast, he mentions it has more room to go higher and emphasizes why “GRT cannot be ignored.”

Analysts at Economy Watch share ‘GUY’s’ optimistic view of the altcoin’s massive potential for future growth. But just like ‘GUY’ and the rest of the crypto community, they also feel like the process of unlocking this potential will be rather slow. Their technical and fundamental analysis indicates that by the end of 2025, The Graph will only have managed to reach $3 - about two cents above its February 2021 price peak.

Crypto exerts at Cryptonewsz are even more bearish about the altcoin’s future price action. They argue that because it is new and considering the major hiccups the coin has had to deal with so far, especially the unpredictable crypto market and increased token supply, it will take longer than expected for The Graph (GRT) to re-earn investor interest. By the end of 2025, they expect The Graph to sell for $2.5.

But not everyone is gloomy about the altcoin’s potential future price action. The majority of technical analysts are convinced The Graph will rebound and punch above its current ATH before 2025.

For instance, a deep artificial technical analysis of The Graph token by crypto gurus at ICOCreed has indicated that GRT prices will maintain an uptrend. These analysts expect the climb to be slow and the ERC-20 token to only rise above the Feb 2021 peak in 2024 before climbing further and reaching $4.76 in 2025.  

A similar analysis by a different analyst platform - PricePrediction.Net - produces an eerily similar price prediction. They, too, expect The Graph token prices to rise above their current ATH in 2024 and to end the year 2025, selling around $4.81.

But crypto analysts at CoinsKid are a tad more optimistic about The Graph’s price action for the next four years. They are confident that the Graph altcoin can break above its early 2021 peak price by April 2023 when it reaches $2.95 and more than double this value in the two years that follow to end the year 2025, selling for $7.03.

To get to 2025, The Graph will first have to go through 2022, and you probably cannot help but wonder if it is possible for GRT tokens to breach the $10 target price in the next few months.

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Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

Will The Graph (GRT) Reach $10 In 2022?

Well, while the majority of crypto analysts and experts are confident that GRT has everything it takes to reach $10 and that it will eventually reach $10, they aren’t so sure that this will happen in 2022. The shaky crypto market and the fact that a portion of the 60% of GRT’s total token supply that is locked in pre-sale vesting contracts is set to mature and release to market in 2022 have investors, and crypto experts convinced GRT can’t reach $10 in the next 12 months.

At best, the market expects The Graph to trade between $1.87 and $2.87.

Crypto experts at Coinpedia, for instance, expect the Graph ERC-20 token prices to carry over its slow uptrend into 2022. They also add that if The Graph can accelerate the adoption of its indexing protocol across Ethereum and launch on equally popular blockchains like Bitcoin and Solana, its price would most likely reach its current all-time high levels and sell for $2.87.

The CryptocurrencyPricePrediction website, on the other hand, maintains one of the most bullish views of the altcoin’s price action throughout 2022. It indicates that the Graph (GRT) will break above $1.15 in March, and possibly rise to $1.7 in October. By December, the forecaster indicates that GRT will most likely be trading around $1.87.

Do not be surprised, however, if GRT token price breaks into a run that pushes it to $10 in the next few months or simply doesn’t recover as soon as anticipated and continues trading around or below $1.

But for the altcoin to post meaningful price action in 2022, the larger crypto market will need to get into recovery mode. Secondly, speculative investors will need to have enough trust in the potential of the altcoin’s future price action so as not to allow the expected token dumps to dilute GRT prices, which - though not impossible - will be quite hard.

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Should I Hold The Graph (GRT) Until 2025?

Yes, you should consider buying and holding The Graph tokens until 2025 because of two reasons. First, you may consider buying and holding onto GRT tokens because the crypto asset has proved to be quite resilient, and its value is expected to rise to continue rising for the next few years.

Secondly, you should consider holding GRT tokens because The Graph’s indexing protocol has massive potential for growth both in the Ethereum blockchain and the crypto-verse, which will play a key role in bumping up GRT token prices.

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Conclusion: What Will The Graph (GRT) Be Worth In 2025?

In truth, no one can tell with utmost accuracy what The Graph will be worth 30 days from now, let alone 2025. There, however, is a lot of optimism about the coin’s future, and the majority of crypto market players are convinced that the altcoin token prices will continue rising for the next four years and will most likely be selling for between $3 and $12. Some, like CryptocurrencyPricePrediction, are also confident The Graph can rebound and rise above $1.5 before the end of 2022.

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Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

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