Axie Infinity Price Prediction 2025 And 2030

Last Updated November 26th 2022
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Axie Infinity is an innovative play-to-earn project that has exploded in popularity in recent months, which in turn has seen its token, AXS, soar in value. So is this exciting new gaming platform just another flash in the pan, or could it be the next big investment opportunity to hit the blockchain world?

To the more traditional investors, gaming projects may seem like too much of a niche market. However, those in the know are aware that the global gaming market is worth some $173.7 billion and is expected to grow to $314.4 billion by 2027 - and these are some very impressive numbers. 

AXS Overview

Cryptocurrency Axie Infinity
Ticker Symbol AXS
Rank 56
Price $6.62
Price Change 24h -0.46%
Price Change 7d -7.25%
Market cap $660,742,261.81
Circulating Supply 99,794,426.513
Trading Volume $36,203,390.06

Things like in-game purchases and digital collectables are nothing new in video gaming, but the development of non-fungible tokens now means that gamers can actually take ownership of digital assets within a game and even sell them on the open market outside of the platform. Imagine, for example, a rare weapon in a combat game that gives the user extra powers - or a unique character that is one of a kind. The possibilities are endless.

The concept of digital ownership has proven extremely popular with gamers. Projects like Axie Infinity, Decentraland and Splinterlands have seen huge user uptake, with Axie itself currently boasting a user base well in excess of 2.3 million. 

Underpinning the Axie Infinity system is its native cryptocurrency, ASX. This ERC-20 token has soared in value in recent months and placed Axie Infinity amongst the top projects when it comes to NFT-driven gaming. 

With all this in mind, what exactly can we expect from the project in the near future? The following Axie Infinity price prediction for 2025 and 2030 aims to answer that question by taking a closer look at the platform itself, as well as what leading analysts are forecasting for its AXS token. 

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Playing Axie Infinity 

So, what exactly is Axie Infinity? Well, on the surface, it is a video game. For those who have a passing familiarity with games, imagine a cross between Pokemon and Tamagotchi and you will be on the right lines. For those that do not, it is essentially a game that allows users to earn cryptocurrency by battling monsters, known as Axies. Which can also be collected and ‘levelled up’.

Axies must be purchased in order to play the game. A unique aspect of the game is that every Axie is different and is issued as an NFT, each one having its own strengths and weaknesses when playing the game. The Axies can be entered into turn-based battles to earn rewards and can also be ‘bred’ to generate new characters.

The game has a cartoonish theme and a gentle learning curve, which give it an almost universal appeal. When battling the Axies, users can either play against AI-based monsters or other players on the platform. The formula appears to be a hit and the Axie Infinity user rate has soared from less than 15 thousand daily players to over 2.31 million in under two years.

A Little History

Axie Infinity was developed by the Vietnam-based startup Sky Mavis and inspired by older video games, such as Pokemon. The developers behind it were all said to be fans of crypto gaming and the platform is described as being built for players as well as player-owned. 

Axie Infinity is built on the Ethereum blockchain and was officially launched in March of 2018. By 2020, the platform had raised some $10 million through various ICOs and sales of in-game assets. Sky Mavis raised an additional $160 million from venture capital firms in 2019.

However, it was 2021 when the platform really took off, after SkyMavis introduced the Ronin side chain - a layer two solution specifically designed for Axie Infinity which promises to drastically reduce GAS fees and allow faster transactions. 

Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

The Axie Infinity Tokens

Anyone considering investing in Axie Infinity will need to be aware that the system is actually sustained by two different cryptocurrency tokens, which have very different use cases. The tokens in question are Axie Infinity Shards (AXS) and Smooth Love Potion (SLP).

Axie Infinity Shards

Axie Infinity Shards (AXS) is first and foremost the governance token of the platform, which effectively means that holders - i.e. gamers - effectively govern the project, as opposed to developers. AXS can also be used to pay for in-game transactions and holders of the token can also gain access to special sales/auctions held by the team behind Axie Infinity.

In addition to voting on changes to the platform, holders of AXS can also stake the token on the Axie Infinity pool platform, which can be a useful way of accumulating rewards for those not looking to actually play Axie Infinity. 

Smooth Love Potion

Next up, we have the Smooth Love Potion. SLP can be earned by playing the Axie Infinity game as well as used to pay for certain in-game features, such as breeding Axies. For example, it costs 100SLP to breed one Axie, 200SLP for a second, 300SLP for a third and so on. However, they can be bred a maximum of seven times, which stops hyperinflation in the marketplace. 

Both of these tokens can also be traded on the open market, just as you would with any other cryptocurrency. 

Axie Infinity Price History

For the purposes of any Axie Infinitie price prediction, it would be prudent to look back at the previous price history of both coins. Whereas investors are likely to focus more on AXS, looking at data for SLP will give us a much wider understanding of how the project's value has and may change as a whole. This is especially important as AXS and SLP tend not to move in tandem. 

Looking At AXS Price History

In terms of token value, AXS commands the higher price and at the time of writing it was trading at $51.17. The token has been traded since November 2020 and has already seen some fairly impressive price movement.

AXS reached parity with the US dollar in February of 2021 and was swept up in the cryptocurrency market upswings that occurred around this time. By April, the token was worth over $10 before a market downturn dragged it below $5 for much of the summer. 

Things then took a major turn for Axie Infinity. As news of the Ronin side-chain began to circulate, AXS token price shot to $47.21 in July. More price surges were to follow and by September AXS had reached an impressive $82.18 - marking growth of over 15,000% for the year.

However, it was October and November that saw AXS make its most substantial gains, with the token hitting its all-time high of $149.90 on November 6.

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Looking At SLP Price History

Smooth Love Potion has actually been trading a little longer than AXS, appearing on most exchanges in January 2020. SLP has always traded at a smaller token price - starting out at around $0.02 and falling to $0.005 for much of the first year of its existence.

SLP also differs from AXS in that it has experienced several incredibly steep price hikes - even by cryptocurrency standards. The first such hike occurred in July 2020, when SLP went from $0.003 to $0.19 in just 3 days - growth of over 6300%. However, the token quickly dropped back to $0.01 and would not reach $0.10 again for the remainder of 2020.

Early on in 2021, SLP had several more subdued price runs. Having started the year at $0.018, the token surged to $0.076 in February, then to $0.10 in March. However, its first significant jump occurred in early May, when SLP went from $0.08 to $0.36 in just a few days.

Another significant uptick occurred in July, which saw Smooth Love Potion reach its all-time high of $0.39. Once again, this was followed by a significant downturn and SLP tanked to $0.057 at the end of summer. The downwards trend continued and at the time of writing, SLP was trading at $0.012.

Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

What’s Next: Axie Infinity (AXS) Price Predictions For 2025

Any Axie Infinity price prediction is subject to numerous factors - some of which we have touched upon above. Inevitably, given the volatility of the cryptocurrency market,  any forecasting is little more than speculation and can only ever serve to give you an idea of what the AxS coun’s potential for growth might be. 

As we’ve seen from looking at the Axie Infinity tokens’ price history, AXS would appear to be the less volatile of the two and it is the one that investors tend to be more focused on. So how is it expected to perform in the coming years?

DigitalCoinPrice has made its Axie Infinity Price prediction for 2025, which has it that AXS will see some pretty substantial growth. As we head further into 2022, the analyst expects AXS to trade at an average of $68.37, climbing to $87.77 by the time 2023 comes around. This upward trend is broadly expected to continue and by 2025 AXS may have reached as high as $103.26 as per Axie Infinity price prediction 2025.

Elsewhere, WalletInvestor is also bullish on Axie Infinity Shard. According to its Axie Infinity price prediction 2022-2025, the token will reach an average trading price of over $206 before the end of 2022. By the end of 2023, the figure is predicted to stand at $367.32 and AXS price prediction will be trading at over $515.


Turning to SLP, it seems that the token is expected to continue to exhibit fairly substantial volatility, though its price should increase overall, year-on-year. DigitalCoinPrice has the token gaining about 46% by the summer of 2022, but by the end of the year it will have dropped to $0.015 - an increase of roughly 30% on today’s price.

The pattern is then largely expected to continue, with SLP rising by an suggested 80% over the summer of 2023, before once again going into decline at the end of the year and closing December at $0.017 - up around 45% for the year. By 2025, DigitalCoinPrice has it that SLP may have reached an average trading price of $0.025, which means it would have more than doubled its current price. 

Meanwhile, WalletInvestor sees things differently in its Axie Infinity price prediction for 2025. It has the token declining fairly substantially in 2022, potentially finishing the year as low as $0.0014 -  a drop of almost 80%. This downward trend is expected to continue and by the end of 2024, SLP could have dropped to $0.0012.

How Much Will Axie Infinity (AXS) Be Worth In Five Years?

Based on Axie Infinity projections, AXS coin price is expected to cross the $550 mark in 2027

According to the Axie Infinity price prediction 2027, the price of AXS is set to rise to $520 by the end of 2027.

Looking Further Ahead: Axie Infinity Price Predictions For 2030

Axie Infinity price prediction 2030 can be a good way to gauge current market sentiment and get an idea of how leading platforms believe future events will affect the coin's price. 

The world’s of blockchain and video gaming tend to change extremely quickly and this is something we can only expect to continue as they collide further, so making long term price predictions is fraught with difficulty. With this in mind, the following Axie Infinity price predictions for 2030 should be taken with a pinch of salt. 


Axie Infinity price prediction 2030 appear to be very positive. DigitalCoinPrice, for example, believes that the AXS token could reach as high as $677 in mid-2030. The Axie Infinity token is then expected to continue rising across the second half then it will have reached an average trading price of just over $715 by the end of 2030. has also made an Axie Infinity price prediction for 2030. According to its data, AXS could soar to $507 by 2026 and continue to build upon this success. By 2028, the platform believes the token is capable of reaching $434.60 and by 2030 Axie Infinity could be worth as much as $1,257.70.


Smooth Love Potion also has a bright future, according to the long term Axie Infinity price predictions we came across. Once again, DigitalCoinPrice is highly optimistic, predicting that SLP could be trading around 180% higher across 2027. Things are expected to continue on an upwards trajectory across 2028 and by the end of 2029 we could see SLP trading for as much as $0.0552 - an increase of 344% on today’s price. 

Similarly, sees significant growth ahead for SLP. Its analysis has the token reaching $0.17 in 2028 - growth of over 2100% on today’s price. This growth rate is expected to continue and by the time 2030 arrives the token could reach as high as $0.40. 

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Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

What Competition Does Axie Infinity Have?

Axie Infinity is one of the biggest play-to-earn games out there - but it isn’t the only one. Anyone who follows the world of gaming knows that when there are several similar games available, one or two tend to prevail. So what projects is Axie Infinity up against?

We can safely count out the likes of Decentraland and Uplands, as these games are vastly different from Axie Infinity and involve the purchase of land as part of world-building themes. So despite being NFT-based games, they are not in direct competition with Axie Infinity. 

The platform’s main rivals are Cryptokitties and Thetan Arena. The former is actually an older project and the developers of Axie Infinity are said to be fans of the game. However, the main point of the game is simply to breed ‘kitties’ and it doesn’t offer the battle games that Axie does. It’s also fair to say that, so far, Axie appears to be edging ahead.

And what about Thetan Arena? This is another play-to-earn game but is built on the Binance Smart Chain. It has amassed a large following and is certainly a project to watch, but at the time of writing, it has 4,800 daily active users and 26,500 weekly active users, compared to the 106,000 daily active users and 302,000 weekly active users of Axie Infinity. 

Conclusion: Should You Invest In Axie Infinity?

Axie Infinity appears to have struck a chord with the world’s gamers and with a user base of over 2.3 million recorded, it certainly seems there is demand for the platform. Of course, whether or not this makes for a good investment over the next five to ten years remains to be seen, but both of the Axie Infinity tokens have proven their ability to undergo significant growth. 

Based on the Axie price predictions for 2025 and 2030 that we encountered, it would appear that Axie Infinity Shards present the better investment opportunity overall, as analysts are almost unanimous in predicting growth for AXS, whereas Smooth Love Potion appears to have received mixed forecasts.

It’s also worth bearing in mind that people can get tired of playing the same games unless they have incentives to keep playing - and that doesn’t just mean the opportunity to earn cryptocurrency. The continued success of Axie Infinity over the long term will require the developers behind the platform to keep innovating to maintain user interest. 

Axie Infinity is certainly a worthy consideration, but it should be seen more as an option for short-term diversification and an investment that needs to be closely monitored. If you do choose to invest in AXS or SLP, make sure you are familiar with the key fundamentals of the gaming industry, as well as the technical particulars of Axie Infinity. 

Where To Invest In Axie Infinity

As we’ve seen, you effectively have two options if you want to invest in Axie Infinity - Axie Infinity Shards or Smooth Love Potion. Realistically, most investors are going to go with AXS as it is the more stable investment, not to mention being more widely listed than its sibling.

If you’re new to cryptocurrency investment then the first thing you’ll need to do is find a broker that can give you access to the market. We recommend eToro for most users, as it is a trusted brand with a reliable trading platform. It also happens to list Axie Infinity Shards.

Opening an account takes just a few minutes and once you complete verification you’ll have full access to your chosen cryptocurrency, as well as numerous articles and news feeds to keep you up to date with the industry.

eToro – The Best Platform To Buy Axie Infinity

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Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.


What is Axie Infinity?

Axie Infinity is a popular play-to-earn game that allows users to earn cryptocurrency by battling cartoon monsters known as ‘Axies’. These Axies exist in the form of NFTs and can be bought and sold or even bred to produce additional characters. The platform has two native tokens, Axie Infinity Shards and Smooth Love Potions and both are traded on the open market.     

How much will Axie Infinity be worth in 2025?

When looking at Axie Infinity from an investment point of view, most analysts generally focus on ASX. Whilst Axie infinity price predictions for 2025 do vary, they all appear to point to growth - with some platforms predicting that the token could be worth as much as $515 by 2025.    

Can anyone play Axie Infinity?

Axie Infinity is a highly accessible game that just about anyone can play. Its lighthearted theme and gentle learning curve have appealed to gamers of all ages and it seems to be growing more popular by the day, currently boasting over 2.3 million active users.     

Is now a good time to invest in Axie Infinity?

Gaming is a multi-billion dollar industry that is predicted to grow substantially in the coming years. In-game purchases are already a major part of the industry and blockchain technology is perfectly placed to take things to the next level by allowing players to earn digital rewards as they play. With this in mind, projects like Axie Infinity could see significant value increases in the coming years.     

What are Axie Infinity price predictions for 2030?

Gaming and cryptocurrency are two incredibly fast-moving industries, so long term price predictions are of little value. That being said, the Axie Infinity price predictions for 2030 that we encountered seemed to be confident that AXS will grow substantially over the next few years.  

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