Could Cartesi (CTSI) Be A Millionaire-Maker Coin?

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Last Updated May 31st 2022
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Consider investing in CTSI today to become a millionaire in the future.

Some of the biggest roadblocks in blockchain tech that the industry has tried to tackle are scalability and high transaction fees. As a result, competition in the layer two space is ferocious. Consequently, the crypto community has seen the rise of many highly innovative solutions. Cartesi is one such attempt as the protocol aims to achieve ideal scalability, enabling unprecedented decentralized app development.

Cartesi is a second-layer project that offers unique capabilities for deploying advanced dApps under verifiable distributed computing. This revolutionary concept can radically change how we interact and how dApps work in blockchain ecosystems. 

CTSI is a utility token that powers the Cartesi network, which aims to solve blockchain scalability and high fees using a technology called Optimistic Rollups. CTSI can be used for staking and fees for processing data on the network. 

So could Cartesi (CTSI) be a millionaire-maker coin? Read on to find out.


Cartesi: What Is It? 

Cartesi is a layer two optimistic rollup that seeks to overcome the issue of scalability and high fees on blockchains and take smart contract and dApp development to the next level. In simple terms, this means that it does not run on a blockchain’s base layer. Instead, it sits on top of it in a way that the smart contracts it runs can scale while still being secured by the blockchain.

Cartesi makes sure that dApps and smart contracts stay verifiable on the underlying blockchain while off-chaining the complex processes that would otherwise result in high transaction fees. Users are, therefore, able to run both scalable smart contracts and dApps that are coded with mainstream software stacks.

Cartesi has bridged the gap between mainstream software and smart contracts by leveraging the vast realm of existing programming tools available on Linux. It is worth remembering that a large proportion of the world’s tech (from supercomputers to smartphones and cloud services) runs on Linux. This has resulted in Cartesi becoming a very attractive environment for developers since it provides some features that enhance dApp programming, making it a potential millionaire-maker coin.

Is Cartesi A Millionaire Maker Investment? 

The Cartesi project seeks to provide developers with a more streamlined approach. The network has gone to great lengths to remove all technical barriers to adoption. Users can create a vast array of decentralized applications to suit their needs using the dashboard. 

Perhaps the most important feature is Cartesi’s ability to provide real-world computation within a blockchain setting, taking full advantage of both environments. Normally, blockchains struggle to perform intensive computations available to external platforms. Instead, they choose only to provide security that is otherwise unmatched. Furthermore, by relying on the processing power of Linux, Cartesi lets developers access all tools and services that have been developed for this operating system over the last two decades. These aspects make Cartesi a millionaire-maker coin, according to various crypto experts.

Factors That Could Make Cartesi A Millionaire Maker 


One of the main advantages of Cartesi is its ability to circumvent Gas fees. Currently, Ethereum has record-high fees due to network congestion. The problem with early PoW (proof-of-work) cryptocurrencies is that they are designed to increase their fees during congestion. Originally, this strategy was meant to limit spam posts. However, no one predicted the explosion of DeFi on the Ethereum blockchain.

Cartesi users enjoy low transaction costs as large portions of transactions can be conducted off-chain. The Linux Virtual Machine enables developers to take the most expensive computational requirements of their applications and shift them to a more affordable sidechain network. This data is then sent back to the blockchain to ensure complete consensus.

Security and Privacy 

Another main advantage of Cartesi is its ability to leverage the security aspects of various blockchains. For example, Ethereum has high gas fees, but it is the second-largest blockchain. A developer could create a dApp that only utilizes Ethereum to ensure all transactions remain verifiable and enforceable on-chain. As part of this strategy, validators are incentivized to provide crucial security to the network.

Cartesi provides developers with more privacy options than traditional networks. Developers can keep all sensitive data safely stored in an encrypted manner. The added privacy services enable developers to provide more functionality to the market, making it an ideal candidate for a millionaire-maker coin.

Overcoming Programmability Problems 

One of the main issues that Cartesi tackles head-on is blockchain programming constraints. Every blockchain has some limitations due to its technical structure. Using Cartesi, developers can combine existing components to build improved blockchain applications. Specifically, developers can create and monitor smart contracts with mainstream software stacks.

Allowing developers to build dApps on popular software stacks, like Linux OS, introduces many advantages. For one, programmers gain access to thousands of open-source software components available for these languages. Additionally, they can use these stacks to build their Dapps on their favourite blockchain, or even across multiple networks. In this way, blockchain applications can be coded with ease. 

Can Cartesi Become A Millionaire Maker? Final Thoughts 

Cartesi is a one-of-a-kind project with capabilities to make concepts such as AI and Machine Learning on the blockchain, building self-contained computational clouds, metaverses, and more come true. It does this in a way that the execution would be hundreds of times faster than following the operating scheme that blockchains currently have.

Cartesi provides the blockchain sector with much-needed relief. The technical aspects of the protocol provide a viable alternative to high fees and other technical limitations which have hindered large-scale adoption. All these aspects make Cartesi a millionaire-maker coin.

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