CoinShares Data: Year-High Inflows to Crypto Funds

Last Updated October 31st 2023
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Key Takeaways -

  • Crypto ETPs saw a year-high $326 million in weekly inflows, signaling strong investor interest.
  • The surge is partly attributed to growing optimism that the SEC may soon approve a Bitcoin ETF, potentially boosting U.S.-based funds.
  • While Bitcoin ETPs dominated with 90% of total inflows, Ether experienced a rare outflow, indicating varied investor sentiment across assets.

The crypto investment landscape has just hit a significant milestone. CoinShares' latest data reveals that crypto exchange-traded products (ETPs) attracted an astounding $326 million in inflows for the week ending October 27. This isn't a minor event; it's a year-high, overshadowing the prior week's $66 million.

Decoding the ETP Phenomenon

ETPs stand apart from traditional investment funds. They offer investors the opportunity to buy shares or notes that closely follow the value of a specific asset. In the crypto world, these ETPs generally track the prices of major players like Bitcoin and Ether. Investors find ETPs appealing as an alternative to directly holding cryptocurrencies. The reason is straightforward: ETP shares can be managed via a conventional brokerage account, providing a layer of ease and accessibility.

The Dynamics of Inflows and Outflows

In the ETP context, "inflows" refer to instances where the ETP's price outpaces the asset it's designed to track. This prompts the fund to acquire more of that asset, usually signaling a bullish market trend. Conversely, an "outflow" happens when the fund offloads the asset due to a decline in its share or note prices, typically indicating a bearish market sentiment.

By the Numbers

By the Numbers

The inflows for the week ending October 27 amounted to $326 million, a stark contrast to the $66 million seen the previous week. This surge marked a 15-month high and represented the fifth straight week of positive inflows into crypto ETPs.

Unraveling the Surge

A prevailing theory behind this sudden capital influx is a rising wave of investor optimism. There's a growing belief that the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is on the cusp of greenlighting a spot-based Bitcoin ETF. Such an approval could catalyze further inflows into U.S.-based funds.

Additional Market Insights

Despite the impressive surge, this week's inflow ranks only as the 21st largest in history. Bitcoin ETPs were the primary beneficiaries, soaking up 90% of the total inflows. Solana also enjoyed a boost, attracting $24 million, while Ether bucked the trend with $6 million in outflows.

Navigating Regulatory Obstacles

The SEC remains a significant hurdle, having not yet approved a spot Bitcoin ETP. Firms like Van Eck and Hashdex are actively revising their applications, likely in an effort to align with the SEC's rigorous criteria.

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