Invest $2000? Buy These 5 Best Cryptocurrencies Now

Last Updated May 3rd 2022
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Looking for the best cryptocurrencies to buy now for securing a wealthy fortune? Then read on. 

With blockchain technology becoming the talk of the town, several institutional and billionaire investors have made crypto their go-to investment class. With financial giants announcing partnerships and massive investments worth billions, several cryptocurrencies have skyrocketed to the moon over the past few years. So if you have an extra $2000 lying around, invest it in these 5 best cryptocurrencies now and diversify your portfolio. 

1. ApeCoin (APE)

ApeCoin is a promising crypto that tops the list of the 5 best cryptocurrencies to buy now. 

Apecoin was created in 2022 and has gained massive popularity within a short period. A key reason for APE’s popularity is because it is issued by the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC). This bustling virtual community garnered the attention of several people, including celebrities, interested in culture, arts, gaming, and entertainment.

ApeCoin defied the broader selling tone of the crypto market and witnessed massive buying. Demand for this token skyrocketed due to anticipation of its virtual land sales in its metaverse. The sale of the coming weekend of 50,000 plots of virtual land on the Otherside, the yet-to-be-released metaverse platform, would skyrocket APE's price. Interested buyers would need APE to purchase plots, contributing to the surge.

Although Apecoin is prone to big price volatility, it’s an intriguing option because of its low price and growth potential. 

2. Dogecoin (DOGE)

Dogecoin is not merely a joke cryptocurrency now but one of the best cryptocurrencies to buy now. 

Since its inception, Dogecoin has been on the watchlist of several crypto enthusiasts. The creators of the meme token never expected the coin to generate the mass appeal it enjoys today. Dogecoin has rallied to new highs positioning itself in the list of best cryptocurrencies to buy now. 

The largest meme token got robust support from mercurial figures like Elon Musk, fondly called the 'Doge Father' by fans, Mark Cuban, and many others. Moreover, Musk’s stake in Twitter propelled a strong rise in the Dogecoin prices, with speculators flocking to the meme taken.

Crypto experts believe that Dogecoin would continue to have positive momentum, and the gains will sustain on a technical and fundamental basis. The release of Dogecoin roadmap 2022 and the array of projects in the pipeline is one reason for this. Dogecoin already has real-world use cases, such as online tipping, and is a viable mode of payment. There will be more reasons to buy Dogecoin as the developers are keen to implement additional use-cases to boost the coin’s value proposition.

buy dogecoin

3. Fantom (FTM)

Thanks to its series of partnerships, FTM is one of the best cryptocurrencies to buy for good returns. 

Fantom is a potentially faster and cheaper alternative to Ethereum. It is a secure and scalable smart-contract platform aiming at the development of decentralized finance applications. Designed to overcome the limitations in transaction speeds that are affecting older blockchain platforms running smart contracts, Fantom has garnered the attention of investors worldwide. 

The entire phenomenon and fundamental focus of Fantom is programmability. Moreover, Fantom uses a novel consensus mechanism called the Lachesis to facilitate smart contracts. Fantom’s Asynchronous Byzantine Fault Tolerance (aBFT) consensus protocol makes it faster and cheaper than older technologies and maintains high-security standards.

Yet another reason why FTM is one of the best cryptocurrencies to buy is that the team is working with several national governments to implement its blockchain-based technology. Last year, it signed a memorandum of understanding (MOUs) with the Pakistan Punjab Prisons Department, the Pakistan Private Educational Institutions Regulatory Authority (PEIRA), and the Afghanistan Ministry of Industry and Commerce.

4. Terra (LUNA)

As one of the most actively developing cryptocurrencies, Terra (LUNA) is the right token to invest $2000 in.  

Terra (LUNA) has emerged as a front-runner in terms of performance and growth, delivering solid returns to investors. The Terra ecosystem is rapidly growing and has gained a lot of investor attention after the recent launch of Terra-based ETFs. Thanks to its fiat-backed protocol, crypto is expected to continue to be a significant part of the global payment system.

The purported goal of the platform is to create a decentralized network for fast and scalable settlements linked to stable currencies. Moreover, with the increase in crypto adoption globally, the deployment of Terra blockchain is also surging in various projects across DeFi, NFT, and Web3. Terra has over 100+ projects across DeFi, Web3, and NFTs, making it one of the top cryptocurrencies to buy now.

buy terra luna

5. Sandbox (SAND)

The Sandbox, a popular metaverse cryptocurrency, has positioned itself as one of the best cryptocurrencies to buy for profitable returns. 

The Sandbox is one of the most popular names among the cryptos seeking to flourish in the metaverse. Sandbox is a play-to-earn game that integrates blockchain technology and non-fungible tokens in a three-dimensional (3D) metaverse. The major focus of the platform is on user-generated content. 

Along with governance rights, the SAND token gives players access to the platform and allows them to play games, make in-game purchases and customize their avatars. One of the major catalysts for the rise of the token’s price and demand lately was Snoop Dogg’s announcement on 27 January 2022 that he would be launching a series of Snoop Dogg metaverse avatars on the platform. 

buy Sandbox

The Bottomline

Despite the crypto market’s volatility, several investors are willing to buy cryptocurrencies now due to their innovative technology, higher returns growth potential, and demand. But investing in the right digital asset can be tricky. So if you are looking to diversify your portfolio, then put your $2000 in these 5 best cryptocurrencies now and secure a wealthy fortune in the long run. 

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