Revolut Halts Crypto Purchases for UK Business Clients

Last Updated December 19th 2023
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Key Takeaways -

  • Revolut is temporarily suspending cryptocurrency purchases for UK business customers from January 3rd due to new FCA regulations.
  • The suspension does not affect Revolut's retail customers, who can continue their usual cryptocurrency transactions.
  • This move is part of Revolut's efforts to comply with the FCA's stricter standards for crypto advertising, enhancing investment safety and transparency.

Revolut, a key fintech innovator, is gearing up to put a temporary hold on cryptocurrency purchases for its UK business clientele. This decision is a direct response to the UK Financial Conduct Authority's (FCA) latest rules on crypto advertising.

Embracing New Regulatory Standards

In a move to stay in step with the FCA's rigorous new regulations, Revolut is adjusting its crypto services. Beginning January 3rd, a pause will be in place for UK business customers looking to buy crypto assets via Revolut Business. This step is a testament to Revolut's dedication to adhering to regulatory norms and safeguarding its customers in a dynamic financial world.

The Ripple Effect on Customers

Business Sector

For those using Revolut for business, the main shift will be the halt in purchasing crypto. Nevertheless, they retain the ability to manage and sell their current crypto holdings through Revolut Business. This is a strategic move to ensure Revolut's full alignment with the FCA's updated guidelines.

Retail Sector

Revolut's retail users won't feel the impact of this change. Their ability to buy and sell cryptocurrencies remains intact, ensuring a seamless continuation of their trading activities.

FCA's Enhanced Regulatory Framework

FCA's Enhanced Regulatory Framework

The FCA's new regulations are designed to bolster the safety and clarity of crypto investments. These rules mandate transparent, fair, and straightforward marketing from crypto firms. They also introduce essential risk warnings, a 24-hour cooling-off period for new investments and prohibit specific promotional tactics like "refer a friend" incentives. Non-compliance could lead to significant consequences, including potential prison time.

Revolut's Proactive Strategy

Revolut is actively fine-tuning its crypto services to align with the FCA's requirements. The company is keeping its business clients in the loop, promising updates on when the crypto buying suspension will be lifted. This forward-thinking approach highlights Revolut's commitment to compliant, customer-focused financial solutions.

Industry-Wide Impact

These regulatory updates are causing a stir in the financial sector. Companies like PayPal are implementing similar pauses in certain crypto services. Firms like ByBit and Luno, which aren't registered with the FCA, are also modifying their offerings to adapt to this new regulatory landscape.

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