IOTA Price Prediction 2023 – 2040

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Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

Last Updated March 9th 2023
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IOTA is not like every other crypto. It offers what can best be described as an alternative to blockchain. However, it is still considered one of the best cryptos in the market today. It has been able to attract a good number of crypto enthusiasts and the potential for growth is limitless.

This guide will discuss our IOTA price prediction for both the short and long term, touching on the coin’s utility, its future potential, and where you can invest in IOTA coin today – with low trading fees.

IOTA Price Prediction - Summary

At the time of writing this piece, IOTA' price was $0.2441 per token. Like most top altcoins, it has been on a downward trend for a while, recording a 3.24% price drop in the previous 24 hours. Are you interested in IOTA’ long term outlook? Here is our IOTA price forecast for the following years:

  • End of 2023 IOTA price prediction has endured a bearish run for a while and will likely take up an upward trend. In summary, the IOTA coin price forecasts could be worth up to $0.75 by the end of 2023.
  • End of 2024 If IOTA price prediction can gain as much as we expect this year, then next year could be significantly better. The IOTA coin can rise to about $1.02 by the end of 2024.  
  • End of 2025 Depending on how the market moves in the next couple of years, MIOTA can become a lot more valuable in 2025. If this scenario plays out, then the IOTA token price will likely reach $1.68 by the end of 2025.  
  • End of 2030 There's a general feeling that crypto adoption will rise significantly before 2030, and that will result in a huge price gain for most coins. IOTA price prediction may be able to reach $6.5 by the end of 2030.  
  • End of 2040 Crypto will likely go mainstream before 2040. The IoT market will also rise meaningfully. As a result, IOTA price forecasts for 2040 could potentially rise to $18.00.  


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Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

IOTA Overview

Cryptocurrency IOTA
Ticker Symbol IOTA
Rank 109
Price $0.15830516240449197
Price Change 24h 0.07%
Price Change 7d -0.76%
Market cap $529,424,961.98
Circulating Supply 3,344,331,631
Trading Volume $5,391,575.65

IOTA Price History

While IOTA is not a new cryptocurrency, it is definitely not as old or as popular as Bitcoin and some of the older altcoins. Regardless, it is considered one of the best altcoins to buy. It is important that we discuss IOTA background and price history before delving into MIOTA price forecast.  

The IOTA project started around 2014 and a crowd sale for the project was conducted in September 2014. The network, however, launched officially in 2016 when the mainnet was completed. The MIOTA token became available on major crypto exchanges the following year.

As hinted earlier, IOTA is not a blockchain. Rather, it utilizes a proprietary technology called Tangle, which is basically a system of nodes that confirm transactions. The IOTA technology is similar to blockchain because it is also a distributed ledger. The Technical name for Tangle is Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG).

Another important thing to know about IOTA is that it is optimized for the ever-expanding Internet of Things ecosystem. It is the most ideal crypto project in this sector and is considerably faster than conventional blockchains. There are no miners since their network doesn't rely on the notion of blocks. To secure the network, it employs a relatively straightforward Proof-of-Work puzzle as a consensus mechanism.

The IOTA token (MIOTA) became available on crypto exchanges in June 2017. Its starting price on 4th June 2017, according to Coingecko was $0.525974 per token. It gained traction soon afterwards, rising considerably throughout the year.

MIOTA’s surge in the early days saw the coin reach its all-time high value of $5.25 on 19th December 2017. It took a sharp drop afterwards, and by 1st January 2018, it was trading for $4.08. It fluctuated throughout the first six months of the year, eventually dropping to $0.971 on 15th July 2018.

IOTA price chart

Like other volatile assets, IOTA price fluctuates regularly. Its biggest bear market started in early 2020, and by 13th March 2020, MIOTA reached an all-time low price of $0.081637. It increased over time and by 19th April 2021, it traded for an average price of $2.36. It was also affected by the 2022 crypto bear market.

Before delving into our actual IOTA price prediction for the years ahead, here’s a summary of what we’ve covered so far:

  • IOTA is not a conventional blockchain, but its token MIOTA is still considered one of the top crypto to invest in
  • IOTA uses a proprietary technology called Tangle, and the IOTA Foundation claims it offers far greater speed than conventional blockchain
  • IOTA is focused on Internet of Things devices, connecting them and enabling communications and transactions  
  • IOTA’s starting price was $0.5259, and it was recorded on 14th June 2017  
  • IOTA reached an all-time high price of $5.25 on 19th December 2017
  • IOTA dropped significantly in early 2020, eventually reaching an all-time low price of $0.0816 on 13th March 2020

IOTA is a unique crypto project that's solving real-world problems, which is why IOTA price forecast is bullish even at the moment

Are you currently researching IOTA price prediction with the intention to buy or invest? You’ve come to the right place. Here, we will not only provide an IOTA price forecast but also discuss the IOTA project extensively so that you can understand the value of the IOTA token (MIOTA).

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Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

IOTA Price Prediction 2023

Considering what you now know about IOTA, how could the IOTA price prediction chart shape up in 2023? Of course, the price will fluctuate throughout the year, but chances are high that it will rise as the months roll by.

One of IOTA’s biggest selling points is its uniqueness. It is currently the only crypto project that doesn’t use blockchain technology. What is more impressive is that its proprietary technology is fast, secure, and reliable.

While Uniqueness is not the only criterion for judging a crypto project, it plays a part in convincing investors to back any project. IOTA shows us that crypto can work without blockchains, and that is reason enough to consider it among the best cryptocurrency to invest in.

IOTA Price Prediction Analysis

It is also important to mention that IOTA is the grand cryptocurrency for the Internet of Things Market. Considering that IoT devices are becoming more popular, we can deduce that IOTA long term price will be significantly better than the current price and what we’ve seen before.

Considering IOTA’s current price, it is easy to notice that it is one of the most undervalued cryptocurrency. Many factors are contributing to the current market position, but things will most likely improve in the months to come.

The Internet of Things market and other related services will also drive interest in IOTA for the remainder of the decade. Again, regulation this growth could play a role that could help, which is why our IOTA price prediction for 2023 estimates the MIOTA coin could be worth as much as $0.75 by this point.

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Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

IOTA Price Prediction 2024

In spite of the current market situation, it is ideal to recognize IOTA as one of the best altcoins out there. It has unique technology and caters to the needs of an ever-expanding market. But how will the IOTA token perform in 2024?

Banking on the possibility of a crypto bull market this year, it is rational to expect MIOTA price to rise considerably next year. It may not be able to reach its previous heights, especially in the early days, but it will record significant growth that will interest holders/users.

IOTA Horizontal Price Prediction

It’s important to note that we are not the only ones with a positive IOTA price forecast for the coming year. A good number of prediction websites, including Changelly, also predict that the coin will rise. Some are a little less optimistic, but the general IOTA price outlook remains positive.

Another crucial factor is IOTA’s media presence as more people learn and talk about it, it could increase demand for IOTA and increase the price. If the market plays out as we expect, it is possible for MIOTA to reach and surpass the $1 mark before the end of this year. As such, our IOTA future price prediction for 2024 sees the coin valued at $1.02.

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Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

IOTA Price Forecast Long Term Outlook – 2025 Prediction

If you are interested in IOTA long term price prediction, this is where you need to pay more attention. The long-term future of a crypto asset largely depends on its potential. A viable crypto project will stand the test of time, and the value of its token will appreciate over time.

By 2025, it is expected that the IoT market must have grown considerably. This will most likely have a significant impact on the value of IOTA. New users will emerge and demand will increase, and that could serve as the basis for a bullish market run for MIOTA.

IOTA Price Prediction 2024

At the moment, many crypto users know little about IOTA. Though many might have heard about the coin, not many understand the potentials of the project. When everyday crypto enthusiasts understand the project better, its value will appreciate.

It is possible that IOTA will receive more attention in the coming years. Its market will expand and new investors will come in. A noticeable inflow of investment will see MIOTA gain massively. This forms the basis for our bullish IOTA price prediction for the long term.

It's important to state at this point that IOTA use cases are not limited to Internet of Things devices. While it's focused on becoming the de facto platform for executing transactions between these devices, it can also be applied in insurance, smart cities, and authentication of products.

For emphasis, it has been projected that there will be up to 20.4 billion IoT devices by next year. Similarly, smart cities and products that will need IOTA for authentication will increase in the coming years. All these could have a significant impact on IOTA price prognosis.

For instance, IOTA generated returns of up to 1500%. Investors who capable of taking advantage of its price swings can greatly benefit from investing in IOTA in the long-term and could generate significantly higher returns.

So, where does the IOTA long term price prospect leave us? It is expected that IOTA will stand the test of time because of the value it offers. It is also expected that its price will continue to rise as new use cases emerge. That implies that MIOTA has a bright future.

In best-case scenarios, IOTA and other crypto assets will only increase at an institutional and retail level. With that in mind, our IOTA price prediction 2025 estimates that IOTA could reach a valuation of $1.68 by the end of that year.

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Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

IOTA Price Prediction 2030

HODLing is one of the reliable ways to generate huge ROI within the crypto space. It involves buying and holding a coin for an extended period (many years). If you intend to HODL IOTA then you should pay close attention to our IOTA long term price forecast.  

If you consider how BTC performed in the early days and the current value, you will get a better idea of what could happen to MIOTA before 2030. Though its price may never come close to BTC price prediction it can be significantly higher than the current price.

Right from the beginning of this IOTA price prediction guide, we stated that MIOTA is one of the most undervalued crypto assets on the market right now. This means you can buy the coin at a very cheap price. If you can then HODL it till 2030, the potential profit could be mind-blowing.

IOTA is definitely one of the best altcoins to trade in right now. It is cheap, yet valuable. We also understand that the IOTA project will continue to expand. Due to its uniqueness and value proposition, it is sensible to regard MIOTA as one of the best crypto to rally in the next altcoin season.

IOTA forecast 2030

So far, we’ve been focusing on IOTA intrinsic qualities. You should know that several external factors can play huge roles in IOTA price, going forward. Demand and supply, for instance, are the primary determinants of price, though they are also partly influenced by the qualities of an asset.

A general bullish or bearish crypto market can also have a significant impact on the price of IOTA tokens. The market is still recovering from a major bearish trend and we suspect that growth will be sustained going forward. Most coins will reach new heights before 2030.

There is also the general feeling and belief that crypto will become mainstream by 2030 or before. If that happens to be the case, then IOTA long term positive outlook should be more bullish.

Due to the high demand, our IOTA price prediction 2030 forecasts that the coin could reach the $7 level by this point.

There are many experts who are more bullish of IOTA maximalists predicting a much higher price for MIOTA, with a huge prediction that the IOTA coin could reach up to $15 in the next decade.

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Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

IOTA Price Prediction 2040

Are you considering a really long-term crypto investment? Are you willing to buy and hold for more than 15 years? Then IOTA is one of the best crypto to invest in right now. It is also one of the cheap coins to buy now.

Looking at the nature of the IOTA network and considering what the founders have said over and over again, it is easy to conclude that the project will stand the test of time. We’ve also established that it is one of the most undervalued cryptocurrencies, and that is a major reason to buy now.

Iota price precition 2040

IOTA may be selling cheaply in major crypto exchanges, how long do you think that will last? We expect that as it begins to gain and people begin to buy, the price can rise sharply. Our various IOTA price forecasts have shown that the coin will enjoy many bullish runs before 2040.

We also need to consider the impact of crypto adoption in our IOTA long term price forecast. It is certain that adoption will continue to improve with time. It doesn’t really matter how fast it happens, but we believe a lot will change before 2040.

Before calling it a wrap in this section of our IOTA price prediction, we need to mention that IOTA has attracted a good number of quality partners. Car maker, Volkswagen, is one of its high-profile partners.

For this reason, our IOTA price prediction 2040 estimates that the coin could be valued at $18 by this point. This would represent an increase of 2800% from today’s price.

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Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

Potential Highs & Lows of IOTA

The sections above have represented a deep analysis into our IOTA price prediction for the years ahead. Presented below are some critical areas of note that IOTA investors may wish to keep their eyes on going forward.

The below section of our IOTA price prediction guide will summarize potential highs and lows that IOTA investors must keep their eyes on:

Year High Low
2023 $0.75 $0.20
2024 $1.02 $0.85
2025 $1.68 $1.25
2030 $6.5 $5.05
2040 $18 $16.50


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Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

What is IOTA Used For?

The real value of an asset depends on what it is used for. You will get a better understanding of how a coin can gain or lose by looking at its use cases. Here, we will briefly discuss IOTA’s current and potential use cases:

Iota price forecast

Enabling transactions between IoT Devices

IOTA was created to facilitate transactions between Internet of Things (IoT) devices. We’ve severally mentioned that the IoT market is expanding continuously. This also implies that IOTA utility is on the rise.

As the native token of the IOTA network, MIOTA is also used to reward network participants and supporters.

Method of Payment

As a digital currency, MIOTA can be used to settle payments. As one of the top cyptocurrencies you can buy now, MIOTA is acceptable across the IOTA platform and beyond.

Utilizing MIOTA as a payment asset should be simple. It’s just a matter of reaching an agreement with the other party that it is your preferred payment asset. Sending from your wallet to the receiving wallet should be seamless.

Staking for Rewards

Thanks to a recent upgrade, the IOTA network now supports staking. This means MIOTA holders can now stake their tokens and earn rewards.

Staking IOTA simply means locking your token for a specific period in order to earn residual income in crypto. It is a pretty simple process, but you need to understand that you won’t have access to a staked token until the staking period elapses.

As An Investment Vehicle

An investment vehicle is an asset you can buy, hold, and sell at any time with the goal of either preserving your money or growing it. MIOTA qualifies as an investment vehicle and is currently utilized for that purpose by millions of users.

Being interested in IOTA price prediction shows you might be interested in using the native token (MIOTA) as an investment vehicle. The most important thing is to understand how valuable the coin is and how its price will change in the future. 

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Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

IOTA’s Hardware Origins

IOTA actually started life as a hardware project, known as Jinn. That project initially developed general-purpose processors, for use in devices on the IoT.  To fund the project, Jinn launched a crowd sale of tokens in 2014 - with some 100,000 tokens sold for roughly $250,000.

However, the original coin ran into regulatory issues as it had been sold as profit-sharing tokens - which may effectively have made them securities and subject to strict regulations. The project was re-invented in 2015, with IOTA coins being now sold as utility tokens. 

The developers behind IOTA, Sergey Ivancheglo, Serguei Popov, David Sønstebø, and Dominik Schiener, have previously described their technology as a “public permission-less backbone for the Internet of Things that enables interoperability between multiple devices” - in other words, a system for enabling transactions between devices.  

How is IOTA different?

On the blockchain side of things, IOTA’s founders sought to rectify what they saw as shortcomings with existing cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Litecoin, including issues with network speed and scalability. Central to this is IOTA’s Tangle system - which uses a proprietary algorithm, Curl, which IOTA’s developers claim is faster and more efficient than Bitcoin’s SHA256. IOTA is powered by its native cryptocurrency, mIOTA. 

The Tangle does not user miners as other proof-of-work networks do. Instead, all network participants are effectively responsible for validating transactions. In a nutshell, When one transaction is sent, users must validate two other transactions. This means IOTA can offer feeless transactions and is significantly less power consumptive than the likes of Bitcoin. This makes the token ideal for machine-to-machine transactions, which often process numerous, small transactions. 

However, the IOTA system has faced some criticism. In its current incarnation,  the network used a central "coordinator" to ensure transaction security. As such, whether or not the network is truly decentralised has been called into question. It’s also been suggested that IOTA’s system is largely unproven and may not function effectively in the long term. 

Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

The Internet of Things: IOTA MIOTA’s Golden Ticket?

As noted above, IOTA was specifically engineered as a solution for devices on the Internet of Things (IoT) - but what exactly does this mean and how might it affect mIOTA’s price in the future?

Put simply, the Internet of Things is the interconnection of smart devices. This includes traditional computers and laptops, but also intelligent devices, such as home thermostats, webcams, smart speakers and wearable technology. These devices are able to communicate and share data with each other in real-time, utilising sensors and processors to gather and analyze data taken from their environments.

So what does this all mean in the real world? Well, imagine you are running low on milk, but instead of going to the store, a smart refrigerator connected to the IoT senses you are running low, orders the product for you and has it delivered via a pre-arranged provider. This may sound like a banal example, but it is a very realistic application of the IoT in our future every day lives. In reality, the possibilities of the IoT are limitless. 

Of course, for your refrigerator, smart assistant or automobile to be able to automatically order things on your behalf, it requires a means to make payments. This is where IOTA’s mIOTA comes into play. 

For machines to communicate relatively small amounts of (paid for) data and conduct transactions in high volumes, they need a means of payment that is low cost and highly scalable. Existing blockchains, such as Bitcoin, aren’t up to the task as they involve high fees, are hugely resource-intensive and prone to network slowdown.

IOTA’s unique architecture aims to mitigate all of these issues. By sharing the burden of transaction verification across each network participant, IOTA is perfectly placed to be used by billions of devices processing countless minor transactions. 

There are believed to be in excess of 42 billion devices currently connected to the IoT. By 2025, Statista forecasts suggest that that number will reach 75 billion. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that a payment system preferred by such devices will end up being very valuable indeed. 

Is IOTA’s Infrastructure Up To The Job?

To the average armchair futurist, betting on IOTA might seem like a sure thing - but whereas the IoT may well represent the next era of connected living, there are no guarantees that IOTA will feature in its operation. 

Whilst IOTA’s Tangle does appear to be well placed for use on the IoT, it isn’t without its problems and has faced criticism over several apparent shortcomings. 

Firstly, it stands to reason that any automated, machine-to-machine payments would need to be both highly secure and highly reliable. IOTA suffered a phishing attack in 2018 that saw almost $4m mIOTA stolen. The development team were quick to get to work improving the network’s security, but naturally, this has left many uncertain as to whether IOTA is fit for purpose. 

MIT's Digital Currency Initiative team have also voice concerns after they found weaknesses with IOTA's Curl algorithm. The function produced the same output when it was given two different inputs -  a definite no-no in the world of cryptocurrency. Once again, the IOTA team were quick to fix the issues and there have been no reported instances since.

Both the IoT and IOTA are very much nascent technologies. It seems the latter's success depends on its developers and their ability to adapt to the no doubt numerous challenges that will arise in creating a faultless machine-to-machine payment system. 

How Could IOTA Future Utility Affect Price?

By now, you should understand that the more utility an asset offers, the higher the value attached to it. This also means that improved utility can directly result in price gain.

Firstly, we need to establish that MIOTA has future utility. Of course, we already know that it connects IoT devices among other functions. We also know that the IoT market is expanding. That also means IOTA utility will keep improving, which is one reason for our bullish IOTA price prediction.

Iota price forecast

It’s important to mention that IOTA is a smart contract platform. In addition to handling payments and transactions between IoT devices, it allows developers, including individuals and enterprises to build solutions and create new use cases. Such qualities improve its utility and potential value.

We also need to look at other factors beyond the IOTA ecosystem that can improve its utility and value. The emergence and acceptance of Bitcoin ETF, for instance, will pave the way for other crypto ETFs, and that could be huge for top altcoins like IOTA.

We can't put a limit to what could happen in the crypto universe in the coming years. A crypto like IOTA with real-world use cases can benefit from most of the advancements in the industry, and that is why we considered it among the next crypto to explode.

What Is IOTA (MIOTA) And How Does It Work? 

IOTA is a distributed ledger that makes it possible for people to make (and record) transactions between devices on the IoT ecosystem. The Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the most significant technological advancements in recent years. From smartwatches and fitness trackers to self-driving cars, IoT means that almost any device can be part of a digital ecosystem. This makes it easy to connect with a variety of different machines — whether it’s smart products around the home or machinery in the manufacturing sector.

what is IOTA

Unlike the majority of other cryptocurrencies, IOTA doesn’t rely on a blockchain. Instead, it uses what is known as a decentralised ‘Directed Acyclic Graph’ (DAG). A DAG uses nodes instead of blocks.

While blockchains can be vulnerable to 51% attacks, DAGs do not have this issue. This is because they allow for different chains of nodes to co-exist and connect, resulting in a more impenetrable system. For the same reason, they are also more scalable than most blockchain-based platforms — however, this is a very controversial viewpoint rejected by many crypto enthusiasts who believe blockchain technology is paramount to the success of cryptocurrencies.

Much like the relationship between Ethereum and Ether (or Cardano and ADA), it’s important to remember that ‘IOTA’ is the name of the DAG platform while ‘MIOTA’ is the name of the native cryptocurrency. The crypto was founded in 2015 by David Sønstebø, Dominik Schiener, Sergey Ivancheglo, and Serguei Popov.

They hoped that MIOTA would provide an easy way for consumers and professionals alike to pay money into the IoT ecosystem — for example, to buy groceries via a smart fridge or fill a smart car with petrol.

Over the last few years, IOTA has made many high-profile partnerships that have added legitimacy to its intentions. Some of its most impressive partnerships are with:

  • Bosch, the engineering company for home appliances.
  • Airbus.
  • Orange.
  • Fujitsu.
  • Schneider Electric.
  • NTNU (the Norwegian University of Science and Technology).
  • Accenture.

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Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

What Drives The Price Of IOTA?

Supply and demand remain the biggest determinants of price, even for unique cryptocurrencies like IOTA. However, other factors can drive the price of the coin. This section of our IOTA price forecast will focus on these factors:

Invest in iota

Activities within the IOTA Ecosystem  

IOTA is not a narrow-minded project. It's a smart contracts platform, and that means it can be used for a lot of things. Activities within the platform, including the development and deployment of smart contracts solutions, will help drive the price of the token.

From all indications, a lot of projects will likely emerge from the IOTA ecosystem. Upgrades, too, can help drive MIOTA price. These are some of the reasons our IOTA price prediction remains bullish. 

Social Media Activities

Social media has always been playing a huge role in the crypto space. The vast majority of crypto investors and traders are on social media, using various channels to discuss the assets they hold or trade. Social media, therefore, can influence what people think about a crypto project.

Social media activities determine what's trending and what's not trending. Trends significantly influence demand. Demand, in itself, is the biggest determinant of price.

Growth in Crypto Adoption

Crypto adoption is growing, and we know that it plays a huge role in the value of digital assets, including IOTA. As people continue to adopt crypto, the value of new cryptocurrencies as well as mainstream cryptocurrencies will keep getting some level of boost.

Growth in IoT Market

We’ve already established the relationship between Internet of Things devices and IOTA. For the sake of emphasis, we need to state again that growth in the IoT market will result in growth in IOTA utility. That means it will drive MIOTA price, invariably.

Crypto Market Regulation

It's becoming obvious that crypto regulation is bound to happen in many countries. World leaders are already discussing it and we know regulations will have a significant impact on the prices of digital currencies.

We can’t authoritatively state how regulations will influence MIOTA price in the future. But we understand that regulations will have sweeping effects on the prices of all cryptos, including IOTA.

Institutional Investment

Somewhere in this IOTA price prediction guide, we mentioned that IOTA has a good number of high-value partners, including Volkswagen. It has been able to attract big investors, and more will come.

Huge investments, of course, have huge impacts on the performance of projects. With every new institution investment, IOTA will grow bigger and better, and MIOTA's price will likely go up.

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Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

Latest IOTA News

IOTA news

Before we call it a wrap in this IOTA price prediction guide, it is imperative to state the importance of getting relevant information at the right time. So, we will highlight some of the latest news surrounding the IOTA project and the MIOTA token:

  • IOTA promotes sustainable energy consumption in Netherlands with EnergieKnip, promotes local economies
  • IOTA moves the IOTA tokenization framework from the Shimmer network to the IOTA mainnet, seeks implementation of ideas for more sustainable energy consumption
  • IOTA set to capitalize on the Artificial Intelligence (AI) hype and reclaim its relevance
  • IOTA showing price increase as major updates are set to roll out in the current year, 2023

Should You Invest In IOTA?

Most IOTA price predictions suggest that the altcoin can expect to see significant growth over the coming years. Leading analysts vary wildly on their forecasts - but if even the most conservative predictions pan out, anyone who chooses to invest in IOTA could see decent returns. 

With its potential as the go-to payment for the fourth industrial revolution, “should I invest in IOTA?” is inevitably a question currently under consideration by many forward-thinking crypto speculators. Looking at its underlying technology, IOTA is certainly well-placed to support machine-to-machine transactions and, as we have seen, there is likely to be huge demand for such facility in the near future.

However, it should be remembered that this technology is very much in its infancy and is largely untested. We have already noted one or two teething issues experienced by IOTA, but the developers have done an admirable job in going back to the drawing board and making necessary upgrades. 

But therein lies the opportunity. At the time of writing, IOTA has a reasonably low cost-per-token, meaning investors can acquire a large holding with much smaller outlay than with, say Ethereum or Bitcoin. Of course, there is a fair bit of risk involved, but that’s true of any investment - particularly in the cryptocurrency sphere.

So, should you invest in IOTA?

Ultimately, most platforms predict steady growth for IOTA and as such it represents one of the more reliable investments in what is a very unpredictable market. IOTA may well prove to be an excellent investment over both the short term and long term. 

We believe it could be a worthwhile addition to any diversified portfolio. Only time will tell how it fits into the future of connected technology, but one thing is for sure: IOTA is certainly one step ahead of the competition as the potential currency of the Internet of Things. 

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IOTA Price Prediction – Conclusion

In this guide, we’ve provided a comprehensive IOTA price prediction guide for the years ahead, touching on IOTA’s projects and value potential. In addition to providing long-term and short-term IOTA price forecasts, we discussed the major factors that affect the coin price, as well as its potential.

We discovered that IOTA is one of the most undervalued assets at the moment. We also established that it has a positive price outlook. These imply that investing in the crypto now can be the right move.

In conclusion, it is important to understand that IOTA is a volatile asset. While chances are high that it will explode in the future, you need to research an asset properly before investing. Again, you need to invest cautiously and use only reliable brokers like eToro.

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And you’re done! You’re now trading IOTA!

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Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

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Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

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FAQs IOTA Price Prediction

Will IOTA go up?

Yes, IOTA is likely to go up in the future. With the IoT market expanding extensively and the wider crypto market growing significantly, there is nothing stopping IOTA from going up and hitting several new highs.

Is IOTA a good investment?

Yes, IOTA is a good investment. It is arguably one of the best choices in the market, perhaps even better than many big-name cryptocurrencies. If you are looking to invest in some of the most undervalued crypto assets, MIOTA is one of the best options for you. It has already connected billions of IoT devices and will continue to connect more, and as such, IOTA has great upside potential.

What was the starting price of IOTA?

According to Coingecko data, the first recorded price of IOTA was $0.525974, on 4th June 2017. Of course, this was years after the crowd sale before the mainnet was launched.

What was IOTA' highest price?

IOTA all-time high price was posted on 19th December 2017, when the coin hit $5.25. However, this was short-lived, and MIOTA has fluctuated considerably ever since.

What will IOTA be worth in 2023?

Through our research and analysis, we estimate that IOTA (MIOTA) could reach $0.75 by 2023. This is significantly lower than the all-time high posted in 2017, but it is an improvement to the current price.

What is the IOTA price prediction for 2024?

Our IOTA price prediction 2024 estimates that the coin could reach a valuation of $1.02.  

What is the IOTA price prediction for 2025?

By 2025, the price of IOTA could go up to a maximum of $1.98 according to Price Prediction. Other top predictions go even higher, DigitalCoin estimates that IOTA could hit $2.43 while CryptoGround estimates $3.26.

What is the IOTA price prediction for 2030?

Our IOTA price prediction estimates that the coin could hit $6.5 by 2030. This will likely be driven by the expanding IoT (Internet of Things) market, greater adoption of crypto by financial institutions and other organizations, as well as wider acceptance by individuals and businesses as a recognized digital currency.  

How much will IOTA be worth in 5 years?

Over the next five years, MIOTA will likely continue to become more widely adopted by individuals and enterprise entities. Because of that, there’s every chance that IOTA could hit $4.72 by 2027.

What is the IOTA price predictions for 2040?

The top price predictions for IOTA in 2040 foresee MIOTA dominating above $12.20 for most of the year. If the token does well, experts seem to suggest that a push to $28.02 could be possible. The lowest IOTA price prediction for 2040 is around $9.

Should I invest in IOTA?

If you’re looking to invest in cryptocurrency, then IOTA is definitely a good option. IOTA is very much a cryptocurrency to keep an eye on. Its unique architecture makes it perfectly suited for the economy of the Internet of Things. In fact, its comparatively low price means now could well be a good time to add IOTA to your portfolio.      

Will IOTA overtake Bitcoin?

Realistically, Bitcoin is unlikely to be overtaken by any altcoin in the near future. However, investors should be aware that IOTA has a very different objective to its predecessor. Whereas BTC was envisaged as a new kind of peer-to-peer payment system for everyday transactions, MIOTA is intended to facilitate machine-to-machine transactions. As such, it could well be a good idea to buy IOTA and Bitcoin as part of a wider crypto investment strategy.

Should I invest in IOTA long term or short term?

Ultimately, whether to invest in IOTA in the long or short term depends on several factors - including your own investment goals. However, we believe that most IOTA investors will be looking at the long term - if IOTA becomes the currency of the Internet of Things, then those who have held onto their holdings could be in line for significant returns.    

Where can I invest in IOTA?

If you are looking to invest in MIOTA but are perhaps new to the crypto market, then you’ll need to find a reputable broker. We recommend eToro for most users, as it is one of the most accessible platforms out there and has a solid reputation in the industry.    

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