IOTA Price Prediction – Will MIOTA Price Rise?

Everything You Need To Know About MIOTA Price Forecasts in 2021 and Beyond

Last Updated July 23rd 2021
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Bitcoin’s recent bull run to stardom has inspired the successes of multiple other altcoins. As the world’s leading cryptocurrency achieves previously unimaginable milestones, upcoming investors are inspired to back smaller coins with the hope they will also break Bitcoin’s records. 

The problem is, most of these new icons are either direct copy cats or close replicas of Bitcoin’s technology. For this reason, they either fizzle out as soon as they get their names out or experience excruciatingly slow growth. 

However, there are also a few notable coins that chose a different technological infrastructure from Bitcoin. One of them is IOTA. Unlike the plethora of other upcoming cryptocurrencies, IOTA does not use blockchain technology, is not mined, and doesn’t have the outlandish transaction fees associated with bigger coins like Bitcoin

This kind of uniqueness has set IOTA on a path that few new cryptocurrencies dared to take. While it started trading at an understandably low price, it quickly grew against the expectations of most price forecasts. 

For instance, in November 2020, the coin was trading at around $0.251 with less than a billion dollars market cap. However, by February 2021, it had already surpassed the $1 mark with about a $3 billion market cap. It is now trading around $2.13 with a $5.9 billion market capitalization. 

IOTA has previously hit an all-time high price of $5.25, according to historical data from CoinDesk. Although the coin is struggling to reach this point again, there is a good indication that it might do so by mid or end of this year. 

So, if you are looking to add IOTA and disruptive coin to your portfolio but aren’t sure if it is worth investing in, this guide will come in handy. We will be looking at some of the latest and updated IOTA price predictions and whether the current bull run will hold into the coming years. 

Before that, let’s look at what exactly is IOTA and how it is different from the other cryptocurrencies. 


What is IOTA (MIOTA)?

IOTA Price History

IOTA Price Predictions in 2021

IOTA Price Predictions for 2022-2023

IOTA Price Predictions for 2024-2025 and Beyond

Factors Affecting the Price of IOTA 

Conclusion: Is IOTA a Good Investment?


What is IOTA (MIOTA)?

IOTA is a distributed ledger that was developed to facilitate easy transactions and data sharing between devices in the Internet of Things (IoT) network. The IoT is a smart technology that enables the connection of several devices and machines via an internet connection. For instance, a door lock and smart bulb that can be controlled via an app on your smartphone are considered IoT devices. 

MIOTA  is the native cryptocurrency that powers the IOTA platform. Much like Ether is to Ethereum or XRP is to Ripple. 

IOTA was created in 2015 by four crypto developers. These are: 

  • David Sønsteb
  • Dominik Schiener
  • Sergey Ivancheglo
  • Serguei Popov

The four wanted to provide a more seamless way to carry out transactions through the IoT ecosystem without much human interaction. For instance, the IOTA technology could make it possible for you to buy groceries using a smart fridge or pay for your electricity bill using a smart bulb. These transactions are made using the MIOTA cryptocurrency instead of actual fiat money. This will help to eliminate Bitcoin’s latency and possible transaction costs. 

IOTA is quite different from the other cryptocurrencies we already know. For once, although it is a distributed ledger, it does not use the traditional blockchain technology that is the backbone of most cryptocurrencies that came after Bitcoin

Instead, IOTA is powered by a decentralized Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) known as Tangle. The DAG ecosystem verifies transactions using nodes instead of the blocks used in Blockchain. This technology enables a variety of chains to coexist and interconnect. The result is a secure and impenetrable system when compared to blockchain that is often vulnerable to the 51% attack technique. 

The Tangle technology also makes IOTA easier to scale than most blockchain-based cryptocurrencies and platforms. This means that IOTA’s efficiency is not bottlenecked by a growing network. Instead, the more the network widens, the quicker and safer new transactions are validated. In fact, IOTA’s growth and transaction speed is directly proportional to the number of its users. 

Tangle also does not require mining or the use of high-end energy-hungry computer systems. This means that there are no miners to reward as Bitcoin does, and as a result, most of the burdening operation costs are eliminated. 

Due to its huge potential for profitability and mainstream adoption, the IOTA Foundation has already closed several high-profile partnerships to help widen its network further and also make itself more legitimate in the eyes of prospective investors. 

These included partnerships with companies such as:

  • Airbus
  • Accenture 
  • Samsung 
  • Fujitsu 
  • Norweigan University of Science and Technology (NTNU)
  • Dell Technologies 
  • EDAG
  • Orange

With all this success, most people are beginning to wonder if IOTA is a good investment this year and beyond. There is no better place to start answering that question than reviewing MIOTA’s price history. 

IOTA Price History

Although IOTA recently saw some kind of parabolic growth, it has not always been dominating headlines and blowing valuations like Bitcoin. Like most new cryptocurrencies, IOTA had a dormancy phase as it struggled to carve out space for itself in the already crowded cryptocurrency market. 

So, when it comes to analyzing IOTA’s past price history, we won’t be going way back to its genesis because there wasn’t much action then. Even so, the few years that IOTA began to attract some plausible valuation have been hectic enough to warrant an interesting price history. 

Although IOTA was created in 2015, it didn’t go live until 2016. This was a year or so before late 2017 and early 2018, when most cryptocurrencies were ballooning and breaking new price and valuation records. Most cryptocurrencies experienced a parabolic growth during this period that they haven’t been able to replicate for years. 

For instance, Bitcoin quickly jumped to about $20,000 from as low as $5,000 in less than a month, while Ripple’s XRP surged by a staggering 36,000%. IOTA quickly joined the bull run and shot its price from $0.851553 to $4.2369 in less than a month. That is from around late November to mid-December 2017. 

While this growth is not as bewildering as that of Bitcoin, it was still pretty huge considering how slowly competing coins were growing even with the market-wide bull run. As other coins were plummeting as quickly as they had surged, IOTA managed to survive above $4 until early January 2018. 

In Jun 2018, it gave in to the shrinking investor interest and went back to below $1. The price stabilized below this point until 2020, when the world’s economy was shaken by the Corona Virus pandemic. 

Most parts of the world were put under lockdown, causing investors to lose confidence in the cryptocurrency market. As a result, most cryptocurrencies plummeted, with a few going back under the radar. Subsequently, the price of IOTA fell from $0.275654 to a humbling $0.137891 between March and February 2020. 

However, towards the end of 2020, the crypto market began to look up with some coins going back to their pre-coronavirus prices. IOTA took a little longer to recover, but it quickly scaled charts at the beginning of 2021. 

According to data from CoinDesk, IOTA started 2021 at around $0.295832. By February, it had climbed to $0.4 in preparation for a huge surge. Within the first 20 days of February 2021, IOTA shot from $0.4 to $1.47. It dropped slightly then again rose to around $1.63 towards the end of March. By April 11, it had gone above the $2 mark and is now trading at around $2.07. 

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IOTA Price Predictions in 2021

Although we are only four months into 2021, IOTA has already made some groundbreaking strides as the crypto summer keeps getting warmer. Most predictions for this year or the next few months are likely to come true, given that IOTA does not experience another unpredictable surge or drop. 

Also, the Internet of Things is becoming increasingly popular, especially in the home automation sector. This will no doubt open plenty of doors for IOTA as more people and institutions look to automate most aspects of their day-to-day operations. The crypto, therefore, has a lot of potential for great this year and the next years. 

However, given the volatile nature of cryptocurrencies, this growth is not an absolute guarantee. As we said, there will be unexpected drops and surges along the way, which is hard to say with certainty if this coin will make a good addition to your investment portfolio. 

Given IOTA’s low popularity, few experts have come out to give their predictions of what they think the coin might be worth in the next few years. However, we do have a few references we will be focusing on in this guide. 

Let’s start off with Wallet Investor. The site had previously predicted with amazing accuracy that IOTA would surpass the $1 mark again in January 2021 after struggling to do so since the 2018 crush.

Now, the Platform predicts that IOTA might drop from its current price to about $1.82 by May. There won’t be much action for the rest of the month except for a few drops to the $1.6 and $1.7 levels. 

The price of IOTA will keep dropping for the rest of June and start July at around $1.524. This will be followed by a series of slight drops and rises, mostly oscillating between $1.4 and $1.6. In September, the price will sink further to $1.39, then play between $1.2 and $1.3 until the end of November where it goes back to $1.4. It will then gradually rise to hit $2 again by early December 2021, then close the year at around $2.237. 

So, generally, Wallet Invest believes that MIOTA price will drop for the most part of this year before looking up again in December 2021.

This is different from Long Forecast’s more bullish predictions.

According to Long Forecast, IOTA will be trading at around $3.50 by May next year. The price will then keep rising, and by June, it would have already gone beyond $4, then again, beyond $5 in August. It will then drop to around $4.17 in December 2021 before starting to rise again in January 2022.  

In between these widely differing prices is Digital Coin Price’s prediction of $3.14 by the end of 2021. 

IOTA Price Predictions for 2022-2023

As expected, Long Forecast is still bullish about 2022, with the IOTA price starting at $4.84 and rising to above $7 by May. It will then drop again to end the year at $4.94.

This is a more promising prediction compared to what we are seeing with other sites like Wallet Investor. 

In fact, if IOTA maintains its current momentum, Long Forecast’s predictions might be feasible. Wallet Investor seems to agree on the uptrend momentum, although its predictions are lower by about half that of Long Forecast. 

The site starts its IOTA prediction for 2022 at pretty much the same point it ended in 2021. That’s around  $2.5. However, unlike 2021 we will see subtle price increases. 

The increase is so small that it might put off long-term investors. For instance, from January to August, Wallet Investor predicts that IOTA will mostly stagnate above the $2 point without reaching $3 or going below $2. 

In September, though, the price of MIOTA will drop to $1.998. It will then stabilize at that level with frequent drops to $1.8. Towards mid-November, it will again go above $3 and persist for the rest of December 2022 to close the year at $2.84, which is only slightly above its current price. 

Again, Digital Coin Price is in the middle, with a $3.63 prediction for IOTA by the end of 2022. 

Long Forecast’s bullish predictions will continue until mid-2023, when the price of Miota suddenly sets on a sharp drop. By the end of 2023. It will be trading at around $2.40. Again, Wallet Investor seems to agree with this prediction. 

It also forecasts that the price of IOTA will start to drop in 2023, although its drop is much smaller compared to that of Long Forecast. Wallet Investor starts 2023 at around $2.511, and by June, it would have dropped to about $2.362. As you can see, the drop is not as wide as that of Long Forecast. This also brings the two predictions closer to each other.

However, by September, IOTA would have dropped to below $2. This will continue until mid-November when it goes above $2 again and close the year at around $2.824. This is slightly more than half of Digital Coin Price’s prediction of $4.47 by the end of 2023. 

IOTA Price Predictions for 2024-2025 and Beyond

Long Forecast’s sudden drop will continue to 2024, with the MIOTA coin starting the year around $2.25 then going down further to $1.89 in February. The downtrend will go as far as $0.89, then end 2024 around $1.03. 

We can’t tell what inspires this drop, especially since we don’t see it with other sites. So, we can only assume that the trend is based on Long Forecast’s algorithm and not fundamental or technical factors that are directly related to IOTA. 

This means that Wallet Investor’s prediction for the start of 2024 will be much higher than that of Long Forecast. That is about $2.861. Again, MIOTA price will keep going down until April 2024, when it starts to rise again. This will be followed by a series of rises and drops that will continue until August where it settles at the $2.4 level. 

The price of MIOTA will then start dropping again until late November, where it ends at $2.663 and start in December at $2.668. December will see a bullish trend, with the price rising to above $3 as early as 10th December 2024. After that, IOTA will stabilize above $3 until the end of the year where it closes the year at $3.169. 

The ride above $3 will continue until mid-January 2025 where the price of MIOTA drops to $2.9. This will continue until mid-February, when it goes back to $3. 

The rise won’t last long as IOTA drops again to $2.9 at the start of March 2025 until the end of April. Between June and November, the coin will mostly trade at the $2 level. That means not reaching $3 or below $2. 

Digital Coin Price, as usual, is far ahead with a prediction of $6.27 by the end of 2025. By 2026, the platform predicts the price of IOTA will be about $7.39, $7.44 in 2027, and around $9.37 in 2028. 

As it had already indicated, Long Forecast’s prediction for 2025 is more bearish when compared to predictions from other sites. According to the site, IOTA will start 2025 at around $1.19 then gradually rise towards the $2 mark. 

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Factors Affecting the Price of IOTA 

Given that IOTA is dependent on the highly popular IoT, there are a lot of extrinsic factors that can affect its price movement. These factors play an important role when it comes to determining MIOTA’s future price and whether it’s a good addition to your investment portfolio. 

They will also help you understand what to look out for when monitoring the current price movement for short-term trading. Some of these factors, such as supply and demand, affect the whole crypto market. However, there are those that are specific to IOTA itself, such as the adoption of the IoT technology. 

Supply And Demand 

Most cryptocurrency prices are directly affected by the interplay of supply and demand. IOTA is no exception. In a nutshell, if the demand for IOTA is more than its supply, the price will quickly rise. In this case, higher demand means that the number of people buying IOTA is more than that buying. 

The opposite is also true. That is, if many people suddenly decide to sell their IOTA investment, the supply will be more than the demand, and the price will drop. 

Adoption of the Internet of Things

According to data from Statista, more than 30 billion IoT devices around the world are currently connected to each other. This number is projected to rise to about 75 billion by 2025. Now, if this projection were to come true, the demand for IoT would be more than double what it is now in the next four years. 

As a pioneer in IoT cryptocurrency transactions, IOTA will no doubt be swept by this success and become wildly successful in the coming years. While not all IoT devices will use the IOTA technology, a good number will do as the world generally starts to appreciate cryptocurrencies. 

With the possibility of more devices joining the IoT ecosystem, IOTA’s reach will also widen. This will make it a big enabler of the machine-to-machine economy. As a result, more investors will take an interest in it, and the price will quickly surge. 

Availability on Exchanges

Being not as popular as Bitcoin or Ethereum, IOTA is not currently listed on all major cryptocurrency exchanges. As more of these exchanges decide to pick it up, it will be able to reach more investors and subsequently skyrocket its valuation. 

This will be as a result of more people either holding it or trading for the short term. 

Media Coverage 

The success of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin has been partly dependent on social and publish media. The same goes for IOTA. As it receives more attention and makes headlines, it will reach more investors. This will help widen its user base and subsequently increase its price. 

Conclusion: Is IOTA a Good Investment? 

The future of the cryptocurrency market paints a generally positive outlook. It is expected that as Bitcoin continues to blossom, so will the smaller altcoins. And while IOTA is not directly dependant on Bitcoin’s technology or even ideology, there is great potential that it will also bask in the upcoming crypto summer. 

So, if you are wondering if IOTA is a good investment, we think there are a lot of good reasons you might want to consider it. Unlike the other altcoins, which are a bit ambiguous on the problems they are trying to solve, IOTA is pretty specific. This will make it easier for both new users and potential investors to understand it and probably invest. 

So is IOTA a good investment? Right now could be the right time to invest before the prices shoot up.

Using some of the IOTA price predictions highlighted above by some of the crypto industry experts, this is how they expect the coin to perform in the next five years:


Potential High

Potential Low

















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