SafeMoon Forecast: Will SAFEMOON Reach $5?

Last Updated November 9th 2021
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Will SafeMoon’s price eventually reach $5? If Yes, when?

As the meme currency frenzy ranges on and the crypto market attention turns to SafeMoon, we have had so many of you inbox us asking if the altcoin can reach $5, and the short answer to this is NO.

It will be highly unlikely for SafeMoon to reach $5 any time soon, and you only have to look at the meme coins maximum supply and the value gain it requires to get here to understand why a per-token valuation of $5 is impossible.

First, there are over 585 trillion SAFEMOON tokens in circulation, which means that a $5 price would push SafeMoon’s market cap north of $2.9 Quadrillion. The meme coin has also been averaging $0.000004 throughout the last quarter of 2021, which implies that this value must appreciate by more than 125 million percent if it is to reach $5.

The majority of the crypto market understands this, and even the SafeMoon CEO, John Karony, admits that the meme coin will continue trading at a fraction of a cent over the long term. While responding to a Quora user who asked if SafeMoon will ever reach $5, Karony says that:

“SafeMoon price is likely to trend higher in the coming years, although its value could remain at a fraction of a cent.”

Like virtually every other crypto expert and analyst, Karony is also quite eager to shift this discussion from when SafeMoon will get to $5 or any other price level to how rich it can make its investors because he concludes by saying that:

“Over a long period of time, SafeMoon is definitely going to boost at an amazing percentage which will enable people investing in it have a huge profit on the coin.”

When Will SafeMoon (SAFEMOON) Reach $5?

We researched thoroughly and consulted widely when coming up with this SafeMoon price prediction guide, and none of the experts or technical analysis reports we have come across expects SafeMoon to reach $5 soon. In fact, most have already ruled out the possibility of SafeMoon ever reaching $1, let alone $5, in this lifetime.

Torsten Hartman, a crypto analyst and editor for the Captain Altcoin, argues that it is practically impossible for SafeMoon as is currently constituted to reach 1 penny, even in the long term. For the possibility of SafeMoon reaching parity with the USD, he jests and says it will “certainly not reach $1 in this universe, perhaps in some parallel dimension.”

And he isn’t alone in expressing his skepticism about SafeMoon’s future price action. Many crypto investors on social media platforms like Twitter, Quora, and Reddit are also quite vocal about SafeMoon’s slim chances of ever breaking free of the fraction of a cent price tag.

Technical analysis of the altcoin’s future price action by PricePrediction.Net, for instance, indicates that the altcoin can only reach $0.0001387 by 2030.

A similar analysis by the historically optimistic CryptocurrencyPricePrediction is a tad more bullish but maintains that SafeMoon prices will remain within the fraction of a cent range for a long time. By December 2030, for instance, this analysis indicates that the meme coin’s value may have appreciated by more than 11000% to reach $0.000496.

Crypto experts at Economy Watch are equally bullish about SafeMoon’s price action for the next few years. They argue that the expansion of the SafeMoon ecosystem through the launch of a wallet and proposed exchanges and charitable projects will go a long way in boosting the meme coin’s prices, But even then, they can only expect SafeMoon token price to reach $0.00004 by 2030.

The level of skepticism meted on the altcoin by the different crypto experts and technical analysts on the future price action of SafeMoon notwithstanding, you must still wonder what a $5 per token price would mean for the meme coin and its brand. You probably want to know what would happen if $5 ever reached this target price.

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Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

What Will Happen If SafeMoon (SAFEMOON) Reaches $5?

If SafeMoon were to reach $5, we would witness a number of significant changes around the meme coin. These would be the most visible:

Exponential market cap growth: We have already mentioned that by achieving a per-token valuation of $5 with 585.536 in maximum token supply, SafeMoon would expand its market cap to about $2.9 Quadrillion. This is 36X more than the global GDP in 2020 and 1000X the market cap of the entire crypto industry.

Spark massive investor interest: We have also mentioned above that getting to $5 would see the meme coin’s price and any of its investor’s portfolio, by extension, grow by more than 125 million percent. Assuming that it gets here in the next 20 years, this would translate to a consistent 520000% monthly gain. In an industry where every investor is looking for the next best performing altcoin, such moves would spark massive investor interest in the altcoin, and most would start viewing it as a viable long-term investment.  

Challenge pioneer coins for the top spot: With such an explosive market cap, SafeMoon would challenge such pioneer altcoins as Bitcoin and Ethereum for the top spot as the most valuable crypto asset.

But to get to $5, SafeMoon would first need to reach parity with the dollar.

Will SafeMoon (SAFEMOON) Reach $1 In 2022?

Well, SafeMoon is currently trading incredibly low prices, which has most crypto analysts convinced that it cannot reach $1 in 2022, especially when you factor in the level of value appreciation required to get here.

While there have been numerous campaigns calling for the push towards $1 for the meme coin - most championed by its investors on social media, crypto experts and technical analysis has poured called water on the possibility of the altcoin getting to this price level any time soon.

Crypto experts at Coinpedia have, for instance, insisted that SafeMoon will not get to $1 in 2022 or any time soon. But they are bullish on the altcoin’s price action and believe that its growing community and the ongoing meme currency will pressure its price upwards and help it ascend to around $0.0000089 by December 2022.

Analysts at CryptoNewsz are also confident that SafeMoon token prices will continue rallying for the next few years. Some of the factors that they believe will help the altcoin sustain its current uptrend include the growing investor confidence in the brand and its throbbing community. But they do not believe SafeMoon can reach $1 any time soon. At best, they predict that SafeMoon will reach $0.000011 by December 2022.

Is SafeMoon (SAFEMOON) A Good Investment?

When compared to conventional investments, SafeMoon can be said to have all the hallmarks of a bad investment. But there is nothing conventional about crypto investments, and not the least when it comes to meme currencies. Therefore, after careful analysis of its projected future price action, growing community, the ongoing meme coin frenzy, and the uptrending crypto market performance, crypto experts will tell you that SafeMoon is a good short-term investment.

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Conclusion: Will SafeMoon (SAFEMOON) Reach $5?

Everyone in the crypto community is currently convinced that Safemoon will not get anywhere near $5 any time soon. Some have gone ahead and argued that given its bloated maximum token supply, SafeMoon token prices will never reach $5 or get anywhere near $1 or even a penny.

In addition to the huge token supply, other factors that they believe stand in the way of SafeMoon getting to this price level include the lack of enough buying force from the community and the growing level of criticism towards meme currencies.

This, however, doesn’t mean that SafeMoon is not a good investment because after reading through this post, it is evident that the meme coin token prices will continue rising for the next few years. Experts, however, caution that you treat it as a short-term investment.

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Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

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