Why Is SafeMoon So Cheap?

Last Updated November 8th 2021
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Why is SafeMoon this cheap? Should we expect its prices to continue rising, and is SafeMoon even worth buying?

Well, there is an innumerable list of reasons why SafeMoon continues to trade at relatively low prices, but the most logical has to be because of its colossal maximum token supply. There, for instance, currently are more than 585 trillion SAFEMOON tokens in circulation, and they all have to share in the little value that the crypto market places on the SafeMoon brand. This has ensured that despite rallying by more than 10000% in less than a year, SafeMoon tokens are still lowly priced.

What’s more, the majority of crypto analysts and investors do not expect this to change any time soon - not while SafeMoon maintains the rather generous maximum token supply.

For instance, technical analysis by Digital Coin Price reveals that SafeMoon token prices can only rise as high as $0.0000185 in the next 7 years.

Despite the low token prices, SafeMoon has grown its overall value at an incredible pace and is currently ranked as the 205th most valuable cryptocurrency by CoinMarketCap with a market capitalization of more than $2.6 Billion.

Now that its peers - Shiba Inu and Dogecoin- have already made it to the coveted list of top 10 cryptocurrencies, the market has turned its attention to SafeMoon.

Investors want to understand why the meme currency is trading at extremely low prices, whether it can bounce back to May 2021 highs, and if it is worth buying while it is still cheap.

We have prepared this guide to provide answers to all these questions and tell you everything you need to know about investing in SafeMoon. First, though, we look at its price history and how its price has fared over time.

SafeMoon Price History

SafeMoon is a Binance Smart Chain token that launched on 10th March 2021, and according to data from CoinMarketCap, it ended its first day of open market trading valued at $0.000000000928. Its launch coincided with two key developments within the crypto industry that helped catapult its price to an all-time high of $0.00001399 about a month after launch.

The first was the early 2021 crypto market rally that had seen virtually all cryptocurrencies break into price rallies, led by Bitcoin that peaked at $64k just a few days before SafeMoon’s peak. But even more important than the price rally was the meme currency frenzy that has taken hold in the crypto market to date.

After entrepreneur Elon Musk and Business mogul Mark Cuban’s endorsement of the chief meme currency, Dogecoin, its value shot to incredible heights, and this inspired more developers to create and popularize other meme tokens like SafeMoon.

We now are on the verge of storming into 2022, and SafeMoon prices have maintained an overall positive uptrend. Moving forward, its prices are expected to continue rising with the likes of CryptocurrencyPricePrediction, indicating that its prices will appreciate by as much as 11000% in the next 9 years. But even such an epic price jump would get SafeMoon’s per-token valuation of a penny.

So, why have SAFEMOON tokens been doomed to trade at these low-price ranges? 

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Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

Why Is SafeMoon So Cheap?

There are numerous possible explanations as to why SafeMoon continues to trade at incredibly low prices despite its popularity, and we will address the three most logical.

First has to be its explosive maximum token supply. And to illustrate just how the massive coin supply inhibits its value growth, we will contrast it with Bitcoins. Unlike BTC that has a total token supply of 21 million tokens, there currently are more than 585 trillion SAFEMOON tokens in circulation.

This says that the forces of demand and supply can push Bitcoin prices well above $100k per coin while maintaining a reasonable market cap. The same cannot, however, be said of SafeMoon because a $0.01 would give it a $5.85 Trillion valuation - and no one surely thinks that the SafeMoon brand is worth this much hence the reason it is stuck at relatively low prices.

Secondly, SafeMoon is cheap because it is relatively new. Unlike its peers Dogecoin that has been around for more than 9 years, or Shiba Inu that launched in 2020, SafeMoon has only been around for less than a year. By the time it launched, much of the investor interest had already been grabbed by the two meme-coins, and it is only playing catchup, as evidenced by the small but growing community of followers on different social media platforms and growing daily trade volumes.

Lastly, SafeMoon can also be said to be cheap because of the mounting criticism towards meme currencies. Over the past few months, crypto experts and the mainstream media have rubbished the meme currency frenzy and argued that they will amount to nothing.

David Zeiler, the editor for Money Morning, is on record saying that SafeMoon prices will eventually “blow up” and go to zero, effectively joining the “ever-growing heap of ‘deadcoins.’”

We must acknowledge that such comments discourage investors from buying, which results in low demand for these altcoins that in turn prevent their prices from rising as fast as they could.

After understanding why SafeMoon is cheap, you now need to ask yourself if its value will rise in the future and if this might be the best time to buy in anticipation of uptrending prices in the future.

Should I Buy SafeMoon While It Is Still Cheap?

Yes, it is wise to buy Safemoon today because analysis suggests that the token’s prices will continue rising in foreseeable future, and this is good for your crypt portfolio. Some crypto experts are even confident that the meme currency wave is turning towards SafeMoon and that it is a matter of time before investors come knocking in a move that will catapult the altcoin prices to unprecedented heights.

The Wallet Investor, for instance, is confident that you can grow your SafeMoon investment by more than 100% in the next 12 months if you buy the meme token today.

A mix of both technical and fundamental analysis of SafeMoon’s future price action by crypto experts at Economy Watch, on the other hand, indicates that you will most likely grow your investment by about 600% in the next four years if you buy SafeMoon today.

Technical analysts at PricePrediction.Net are also confident that that now may be the best time to invest in SafeMoon because its prices will continue rising in the foreseeable future. Their report indicates if you buy SafeMoon today, you will most likely grow this investment by about 3000% by 2030.

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Is SafeMoon Worth Buying?

Yes, SafeMoon is worth buying today because its prices are expected to continue rising for the next few years, and this goes a long way in boosting the investor’s bottom line. Going through this post, and if you listen to more crypto experts or seek put more SafeMoon technical analysis reports, you will notice that the entire crypto market expects SafeMoon token prices to continue rising.

They are especially banking on the possibility of the meme currency frenzy turning attention to the altcoin and catapulting its prices to unimaginable heights, and helping it make it to the coveted list of top 10 most valuable altcoins. This may therefore be the best time to buy the altcoin before it embarks on the expected parabolic rally.

Will SafeMoon Bounce Back?

Yes, it is highly likely that SafeMoon token prices will bounce back and break the all-time high set in April 2021. Soon after the early 2021 crypto market rally that saw SafeMoon prices peak at $0.00001399 on 9th April crashed in mid-May, the meme coin stumbled and lost grip of the uptrend. By July 2021, its value dipped and only started rallying in August and picked momentum in October after Bitcoin hopped on to a surprise rally towards $687k.

Going into 2022, the crypto market is convinced that SafeMoon token prices will sustain this uptrend and that it could easily help them set a new all-time before the end of the year. Most crypto experts, including analysts at Coinpedia, have expressed their optimism in SafeMoon’s ability to bounce back to its 2021 highs and are confident that it will have set a new all-time high within the next 5 years.

Conclusion: Why Is SafeMoon Cheap?

The majority of crypto experts and analysts believe that SafeMoon is cheap today because of its sizeable maximum token supply, because it is relatively new, and the fact that criticism towards meme currencies have seen would investors avoid investing in the altcoin. Moving forward, these crypto industry players are confident that SafeMoon token prices will continue rising and that it could set a new price record before the end of 2022.

But they don’t believe that SafeMoon can escape the low-price tags as long as it maintains the colossal token supply. These experts are particularly confident that even with the meme currency frenzy attention turned towards the altcoin, it will never come close to reaching $1 or $0.01.

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Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

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