Top 10 Crypto YouTubers To Subscribe To By Number Of Subscribers

Last Updated July 23rd 2021
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Top 10 Crypto YouTubers To Subscribe To 

Following cryptocurrency YouTubers is a great way to stay informed on all the latest trends in the world of crypto.

That’s just the beginning though. They can open your perspective, interview influential figures and even give you useful trading tips.

However, different crypto YouTubers have different styles and what may appeal to one viewer may not appeal to another.

Remember to remain open to their personalities which may be off-putting at first, but the more you listen to them, the more you will learn.

You may find at first that they are difficult to like, but over time they will grow on you.

We decided to rank YouTubers by the number of subscribers they have to make it a bit fairer as it is hard to rate them by content. We recommend that you check out all of them. 

Remember, whatever they say is not financial advice, it is largely their own opinions and so it shouldn’t be taken as reasons to buy or avoid cryptocurrencies.

You should always conduct your own research!

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Top 10 Crypto YouTubers by subscribers

Here’s our list of the top 10 Crypto YouTubers To Subscribe To By Number Of Subscribers. Make sure you subscribe to them all!


10. Off the Chain Podcast (4,210 subscribers)

off the chain youtube channel, crypto youtubers

Off the Chain is hosted by YouTuber Anthony Pompliano, nicknamed ‘Pomp’. 

He interviews a wide variety of people involved in cryptocurrency and has been active on YouTube since February 2018.

Pomp is very good at giving his interviewees the floor and allowing them to talk in-depth about the projects they are undertaking and their beliefs without intervening much.

If you are looking for a YouTube channel where the big players in crypto can talk about the technical side of their projects, this channel is for you.

You can also follow Pomp on Twitter and check out their website where Pomp writes a daily letter analysing crypto news.


9. Hashoshi (10,497 subscribers)

hashashi youtube channel, crypto youtubers

Hashoshi, a mash of ‘hash’ and ‘Satoshi’, is hosted by YouTuber Forest who is an Ethereum developer. He tends to post every couple of days.

Forest’s videos are very informative, and he breaks down the very technical elements of how cryptocurrency works in a way that anybody can understand.

He believes that it is important to educate people and equip them for the coming decentralised world.

Forest reviews different wallets as well to ensure you can keep your cryptocurrency safe.

You can also follow Hashoshi on Twitter as well.


8. Aimstone (23,496 subscribers)

aimstone youtube channel, crypto youtubers

This YouTube channel has a number of video explainers on different cryptocurrencies and they are a good place to start for beginners who want to know how specific coins work.

What is very useful about Aimstone’s videos is that they are animated which makes it a lot easier to learn from them instead of just having someone talk at you.

They tend to post around two videos a week.

You will need to excuse their strong accent and occasional spelling mistakes in their videos, but aside from that, their videos are spot on.


7. Chico Crypto (53,686 subscribers)

chico crypto youtube channel, crypto youtubers

Chico Crypto is hosted by YouTuber Tyler Swope and is ideal for a more pessimistic look at the cryptocurrency world.

Swope, who refers to himself as a die-hard crypto investor, investigates and digs down into the details of what is happening and can go through a lot in one video. 

He is particularly good at picking apart potentially risky scenarios that may arise in the industry and provides advice on his top picks for investing.

Swope aims to post videos almost every day with a new video on most days of the week.

At first, you may be put off by Swope’s style which may appear a little unprofessional, but once you get past this you will appreciate what he has to say.

You can also follow Chico Crypto on Twitter where Swope is also very active and the Chico Crypto Consultants website.


6. Decentralized TV (79,692 subscribers)

decetralized tv youtube channel, crypto youtubers

One thing to remember about Decentralized TV, hosted by YouTuber Peter, is to not let his surroundings fool you.

Don’t get distracted by the Lamborghini in the background or by his attitude, he has excellent advice to give.

Like Chico Crypto, Peter tends to have a more realist approach to cryptocurrency and doesn’t believe everything he comes across. 

In many of Peter’s videos, he looks for what makes a cryptocurrency stand out and if he can’t find it, he may not feel like it’s worth investing in.

Often his videos are him reading out an article he wrote for The Bitcoin Pub.

Peter also has another YouTube channel called the thebitcoinlambo, which is largely about his love of cars and Bitcoin. He even purchased his Lamborghini with Bitcoin.

Decentralized TV can also be followed on Twitter as well.


5. Crypto Love (95,818 subscribers)

crypto love youtube channel

Very eccentric, Crypto Love is hosted by YouTuber Randal and is one of the most popular channels devoted to cryptocurrency on YouTube and he is also very entertaining as well.

He is excellent at looking in-depth at the charts occasionally and giving his opinion on what may happen in the future to different cryptocurrencies. 

If you’re looking for a channel that not only looks at different cryptocurrencies but also trading strategies that you can implement, Crypto Love is a good place to start.

Randal posts videos on most days of the week.


4. The Crypto Lark (100,526 subscribers)

crypto lark youtube channel, crypto youtubers

The Crypto Lark is like ‘the Weird Al Yankovic of the cryptocurrency world’, but again, don’t let his appearance fool you. 

The Crypto Lark is hosted by YouTuber Lark Davis and he is by far the best in the industry at explaining how different cryptocurrency works in an easy to understand way. 

He is your best bet when it comes to starting out in the crypto world and his vocabulary is excellent, incorporating his background in political science and critical thinking.

Aside from giving his ‘two Satoshis’ on news and events, Lark also has a number of explainer videos and has interviewed some of the top figures in cryptocurrency, including Binance’s CZ.

The Crypto Lark can also be followed on Twitter and is from Wellington, New Zealand.


3. Boxmining (193,366 subscribers)

boxmining youtube channel, crypto youtubers

Boxmining is hosted by YouTuber Michael Gu, who has a background in science and is also good at explaining how different cryptocurrencies work and has been involved in cryptocurrency since 2012.

Occasionally Michael does live videos which can be interesting but the message box on the right may get distracting and it is advised that you just close it.

Michael also provides the Chinese perspective on different cryptocurrency events and can even read Chinese, which is often left out by other YouTubers who focus more on the west by default.

You can also follow Boxmining on Twitter and check out their website where Michael is highly active and reviews a number of wallets.


2. Ivan on Tech (207,394 subscribers)

ivan on tech youtube channel, crypto youtubers

Ivan on Tech is a highly popular YouTube channel hosted by Ivan Liljeqvist from Stockholm, Sweden, and is perhaps one of the most well-known faces in cryptocurrency on YouTube.

He is an international speaker, blockchain educator, software developer, data scientist and blockchain consultant.

Ivan’s ‘Programmer Explains’ series is one of the best YouTube series on explaining how cryptocurrency works and how different cryptocurrencies work.

He is perhaps one of the most active personalities on YouTube and more recently has started his ‘Good morning crypto’ series where he live-streams his videos and talks about recent news events.

Good morning crypto is streamed every day at 8 am Swedish time and also presents viewers with the opportunity to ask Ivan questions about the state of cryptocurrency today.

You can also follow Ivan on Twitter and check out his website.


1. DataDash (320,977 subscribers)

datadash youtube channel, crypto youtubers

DataDash is hosted by YouTuber Nicholas Merten and is the best place for trading tips and diving into the technical side of trading cryptocurrencies. 

It is also  one of the most subscribed cryptocurrency YouTube channels.

Not only will you be able to learn how to trade cryptocurrencies but also a range of other financial instruments as well.

Merten posts videos almost every day and you can also follow Merten on Twitter, though it is his personal Twitter and he tweets about more than just cryptocurrency trading.

You can also check out Merten’s website here.

Key points

If you remember anything from this article, make it these key points.

  • Ignore their eccentric style and listen to what they say. Many may come across as arrogant, but what they have to say is important.
  • YouTubers are a great way to stay up to date with what is happening in cryptocurrency. Some post videos almost every day or every other day.
  • Watching YouTubers is an excellent way to learn trading tips. Tips you can use both for cryptocurrency trading and on other market instruments.
  • Look out for interviews with highly influential individuals in the world of cryptocurrency. YouTube stars are a big deal and can host some eye-opening interviews.

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