What Will SafeMoon Be Worth In 10 Years?

Last Updated November 15th 2021
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Analysts have various views on Safemoon's price in ten years. Some says that the price of SAFEMOON may increase to $0.0002 in 2030, While others are much more hopeful predicting that Shiba (SHIB) could cross $0.0008 level in 10 years.

What will Safemoon be worth in 10 years? Even more importantly, what are some of the factors that crypto experts believe will influence Safemoon’s price for the next ten years?

Well, different crypto experts and analysts have widely divergent views about SafeMoon’s price action for the next 10 years. While a few are confident that the meme coin’s price can reach as high as $1, the majority are convinced that SafeMoon will never get here and that it will continue trading for a fraction of a cent over the long term.

At best, the different experts and technical analysis websites that we have consulted when coming up with this post can only place SafeMoon’s price at between $0.0000135 and $1.12 by the turn of the decade. They mention that even though they expect the altcoin’s prices to continue rising for the next few years, it can get so high, especially when you consider its inflated maximum token supply.

Launched in March 2021, SafeMoon has only been around for less than a year. During this time, however, it was able to grow its value by more than 10000%, according to data from CoinMarketCap. The meme coin had stormed into the market with a parabolic rally, which had gone a long way in helping it set its current all-time high price of $0.00001399 in April before dipping in July after the crypto market crash.

Throughout the last quarter of 2021, however, it has been rallying, and analysts are confident that it will sustain this uptrend and reach unimaginably high prices in the next few years.

But just how high can SafeMoon token prices reach in the next 10 years? Equally important, what price drivers will influence this uptrend? We will address these questions in this post and tell you if SafeMoon will eventually reach $100.

SafeMoon Price Predictions For 2030-2031

The majority of crypto experts are convinced that every move SafeMoon has made and the milestone it has hit for the past few months have only been aimed at creating a launchpad from whence it can skyrocket to higher highs for the next 10 years.

SafeMoon LLC CEO John Karony leads the pack of crypto analysts that believe the meme coin prices will continue soaring. Responding to a query on Quora as to whether SafeMoon will ever reach $5, John says that “SafeMoon is likely to trend higher in the coming years.” And though he doesn’t give a direct answer to this or say how high up he expects the joke currency to reach in the next 10 years, he mentions that:

“Over a long period of time, SafeMoon is definitely going to boost at an amazing percentage which will enable people investing in it have a huge profit on the coin.”

Economy News share Karony’s views and agree that SafeMoon will have a rather bullish long-term outlook. They are especially confident that the altcoin’s deflationary feature and growing online community will play a crucial role in helping it sustain its current uptrend. And by the end of 2030, they expect SafeMoon’s price to have appreciated by more than 1000% to reach $0.00004.

Price Prediction.Net, the technical analysis platform, is also hugely bullish on SafeMoon’s future performance. Their updated analysis of the meme coin indicates that SafeMoon token price will most likely continue growing and reach between $0.000135 and $0.000162 in 2030.

Crypto market observers at Coinpedia use both technical and fundamental analysis to forecast a cryptocurrency/s future price. They too, are convinced that SafeMoon will sustain the ongoing uptrend, but their forecast only extends to 2025 when they expect the meme coin to reach as high as $0.0000192.

CryptocurrencyPricePrediction, a technical analysis platform, is even more bullish about SafeMoon’s future performance. Its analysis indicates that SafeMoon prices will maintain a gradual but progressive growth that sees it set a new all-time high by the end of January 2022. By December 2025, it indicates that SafeMoon will be trading for $0.000227 before rising further and storming into 2031, selling for $0.000496.

Experts at Crypto Academy have the most optimistic view of SafeMoon’s price action. They are one of the few analysts that we have come across proposing the possibility of SafeMoon breaking parity with the dollar in the next 10 years. They argue that by the turn of the decade, SafeMoon will most likely be selling for between $0.81 and $1.12, courtesy of the meme coin’s deflationary feature and uptrending crypto market performance.

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Factors That Will Determine The Price Of SafeMoon In 10 Years?

For the few months that SafeMoon has been around, its price action has been largely influenced by the investor obsession with meme currencies that have taken over the crypto industry. Moving forward, crypto analysts expect this and other factors to continue influencing the altcoin’s price action. The rest include:


In the few months that SafeMoon has been around, CoinMarketCap indicates that its value has appreciated by more than 10000%. Moving forward, SafeMoon CEO joins fellow crypto analysts in predicting that a continued uptrend of SAFEMOON price will help the altcoin investors make huge profits.

The prediction that it could help them grow their portfolio by more than 11000% in the next 10 years is expected to elicit a lot of FOMO as everyone seeks to cash in on the meme coin’s next rally. This, in turn, is expected to help catapult the altcoin prices to newer heights.

Value creation

SafeMoon development team has come up with a broad roadmap that they believe is aimed at helping legitimize the SAFEMOON token. So far, they have launched the SafeMoon wallet and are expected to launch an exchange, a coin Launchpad, and sponsor different charities. These will help boost investor confidence in the coin, which will in turn help catapult its prices to unimaginable heights.

Online community

SafeMoon’s official website claims that the meme coin has “the fastest-growing crypto community on earth.” In the past, this community has been instrumental in pushing in initiating price rallies that helped SafeMoon token hit specific price milestones. Moving forward, this is expected to continue at a rapid rate, especially if more crypto investors and traders continue joining the #SafemoonArmy.

Media hype and celebrity endorsements

The media has turned its attention on SafeMoon, describing it as one the most promising meme coins. And much of these came after both Shiba Inu and Dogecoin made to the list of 10 cryptocurrencies by market cap. This attention, plus celebrity endorsements from the likes of Logan Paul and Lil Yachty, is expected to continue drawing more masses to the meme coin, effectively raising its demand - which in turn pushes up its prices.

Overall crypto market performance

Looking at SafeMoon’s price chart, you will notice that its value rose when the crypto market was rallying and dipped when it crashed. This says that the meme coin’s price action is hugely reliant on the overall performance of the crypto market, and as long as it sustains the current uptrend, SafeMoon token prices will continue rising.

But how high up will it get over the long run? Is there a chance that the meme coin could eventually reach $100?

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Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

Will SafeMoon Eventually Reach $100?

No, the majority of crypto experts - including SafeMoon CEO - understand that as is presently designed, SafeMoon will never reach $100. And our analysts at Trading Education point out two key reasons why they too are confident SafeMoon will never reach $100.

First is its explosive total market supply. With over 585 trillion coins in circulation today, a per-token valuation of $100 would expand SafeMoon’s market cap to an impossible $58.5 Quadrillion. Not to mention that its prices would need to jump up by more than 25 million percent. And while you might say that SafeMoon burns 5% tokens per transaction, we believe that the burn rate is too slow to have any tangible impact on the unimaginable climb SafeMoon needs to get to $100.

Secondly, the crypto market is hugely dynamic, and the fascination with meme coins is just a fad. Like the ICO craze before it, this infatuation with meme currencies will soon be replaced by a newer and more popular trend that sucks investor attention and hype off the meme coins. And considering that SafeMoon thrives primarily on hype and speculation, it will most probably be pushed to the back of every investor’s mind and into oblivion.

David Zeiler, an associate editor at Money Morning, seems to agree with this analogy when he compares SafeMoon to a bubble that is bound to burst. He adds that the meme coin will “blow up and go to zero - and within a couple of years, will end on the ever-growing heap of ‘deadcoins.’”

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Conclusion: What Will SafeMoon Be Worth In 10 Years?

The general feeling in the crypto community is that SafeMoon token prices will continue rising in the foreseeable future. Different crypto experts and analysts have widely divergent views on how high up SafeMoon token prices can reach in the next 10 years, but they generally believe that it will likely sell for between $0.0000135 and $1.12.

Some of the factors that these experts believe will help SafeMoon sustain its current uptrend include the ongoing meme currency frenzy, an uptrending crypto market, the growing SafeMoon community and celebrity endorsements. Note, however, that the crypto market is hugely volatile, and there is no guarantee that SafeMoon prices will continue rising. Therefore, only invest what you can afford to lose.

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Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

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