What Are The Best Cryptos To Buy Now To Make A Million?

Last Updated July 23rd 2021
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The cryptocurrency market cap has finally crossed over the $1 trillion mark. Now is as good a time as any to get on this train. We believe that three kinds of cryptocurrency will provide a tremendous amount of value to their users – the established currencies, DeFi platforms, and cross-border remittance tokens. 

2020 was the year where cryptocurrencies, at least the major ones, proved that they could be a hedge against the economic crisis. Plus, we also had many developers from around the world creating potentially revolutionary DeFi products. So, as we dip our feet into 2021, let’s see some of the cryptocurrencies that could turn a modest initial investment into a surprisingly large sum. They may even allow an investor to make a million.

The Usual Suspects

Bitcoin and Ethereum are going to thrive in 2021. Bitcoin is going to ride the wave of this positive sentiment and enter unprecedented levels. Bitpay’s Sonny Singh recently told Bloomberg that he expects BTC to reach $45,000 by next month. JPMorgan, the bank that once called Bitcoin a scam, now expects BTC to reach $146,000. The premier cryptocurrency has crossed $40,000 for the first time, as of writing.

Ethereum could potentially enter the $2,000 and $3,000 by riding multiple waves:

  1. It is the premier DeFi platform and will leverage its position as a market leader to attract the best projects.
  2. The Ethereum 2.0 upgrade is going to make the overall protocol immensely scalable and user-friendly.
  3. Quite like Bitcoin, the second-largest digital asset has caught the eye of Institutions and high-wealth individuals.

Michael Sonnenshein, managing director at Grayscale Investments LLC, has observed that several new investors seem to be either "Ethereum first" or "Ethereum only."


The Best Cryptos to Buy Now to Make A Million

Here are some that are not as well known

1. Stellar (XLM)

XLM has jumped from $0.127 to $0.3152 over the last four days, and it still has more left in the tank. The reason why we are so bullish on XLM is that they actually ended 2020 with a bang by announcing a partnership with the Ukrainian government. As per a press release, the Stellar Development Foundation will be actively developing the CBDC with the Central Bank of Ukraine. Also, unlike Ripple, Stellar seems to have escaped the SEC's evil eye.

2. Cardano

For the first time since May 2018, Cardano (ADA) has managed to reach the $0.30 zone. We believe that Cardano is going to have an explosive 2021 for one primary reason. While Ethereum will lead the DeFi space, developers could potentially be on the search for alternative platforms. Platforms that can offer them certain functionalities that Ethereum can’t Cardano. With its research first approach, Cardano has gone through some heavy protocol upgrades and could provide an enticing enough platform to attract a healthy DeFi community.

While some say that it’s now too late to enter the crypto space, we believe that it’s still early days. There is a lot more space for this space to grow. With increased institutional interest, crypto has cemented its place as the most exciting asset class in the world.

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