3 Cryptos To Buy At Multi-Year Lows

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Cryptoasset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

Last Updated December 15th 2022
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Looking For Cryptos To Buy At Multi-Year Lows? Here’s A Look At Our Best Picks

Bitcoin - This crypto has managed to maintain the number #1 ranking since its launch. 

Ethereum - Their next major Shanghai upgrade is already catching renewed interest from investors. 

Avalanche - A star DeFi platform with rapid growth that exudes immense potential.


A Closer Look At The 3 Cryptos To Buy At Multi-Year Lows

Unlike 2021, this year's economy has taken a massive blow, with the crypto market particularly bearing the most. While investors rushed in to purchase crypto to maximize their gains last year, many are focused on finding a defensive place to hide in 2022. 

Now, this makes sense, as interest rates are rising due to continuous inflation surges. Plus, regulatory issues globally somewhat disapproves of most cryptos. We’ve even witnessed high-profile collapses such as Celsius. Voyager, FTX, and more within the crypto space. 

That said, the cryptocurrency market is the one market that remains highly volatile. So while the sector currently trades around $800 billion, it’s essential to understand how the valuation was closer to $3 trillion just last year in 2021. 

Therefore, given the sector is down by about 70%, this may provide the best opportunity for greedy crypto investors. Hence, specific cryptos are bound to be at multi-year lows if you're seeking a risk-taking opportunity. Here’s a look at three such tokens: 

Bitcoin (BTC)

Bitcoin is undeniably one of the largest cryptos in the world, making it the top contender among the several crypto options for investors to purchase before the year ends. And there are several reasons behind the purchase as well. 

With a market value of about $325 billion, Bitcoin is still the top currency within the crypto scene, making it the top dog among different crypto assets. Even over a decade after its launch, the coin still ranks as #1 among the plethora of crypto coins available today. 

One notable trend the coin has shown recently is the lack of volatility. From an analytical point of view, this is quite odd considering the past volatile state of BTC. However, even if the coin crosses its $20K mark in the previous month, its daily price action has displayed swings much smaller than usual. 

Many anticipate that this could be the result of the crypto’s size. Since the its market cap surged, the buy-and-hold investor proportion has also increased. Hence, the wallets that held the cryppto over the years have managed to hit ATH.  

As of now, when it comes to powerful digital currencies, Bitcoin is still the top pick. Given its label as “digital gold” among the long-term/buy-and-hold group of crypto enthusiasts and investors, BTC is still a great bet. Plus, its historical performance so far suggests that the token can overcome whatever environment it’s headed into. 

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Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

Ethereum (ETH)

Behind the OG crypto, Bitcoin is Ethereum. It is currently the second-largest crypto by market cap and is considered a significant mega-cap token that investors can turn to for safe investment. 

Often seen as an alternative to Bitcoin, Ethereum is an easy option for new crypto investors looking to start a fruitful long-term crypto journey. With a current valuation of about $150 billion, its crypto market cap reflects its massive ecosystem, which continues to grow. 

One main reason for investors to consider Ethereum is the network's importance when it comes to the DeFi (decentralized finance) sector. Almost every project within the crypto world is indefinitely tied or related to Ethereum. Yes, there are several alternatives out there. However, when it concerns safety and security, Ethereum is a significant player. 

The inclusion of smart contracts also brought about an entire sector of utility-generating projects, courtesy of Ethereum’s developer team, headed by Vitalek Buterin, the founder. Therefore, the ETH network’s recent Merge upgrade that shifted the entire network to pos (proof-of-stake) has been a massive deal breaker. However, with even more upgrades on the way, such as the Shanghai upgrade in 2023, there’s a lot to look forward to within Ethereum’s massive ecosystem. 

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Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

Avalanche (AVAX)

Although the AVAX token has fallen off the top list of crypto by market cap, Avalanche is still ranked high among the top cryptos to purchase, and it’s there for a good reason. 

It is relatively fresh and new in the mega-cap crypto family, yet, its rapid growth in market size makes it worthy of inclusion on the list. Additionally, Avalanche’s one-layer blockchain offers some unique traits that enhance the base protocol, thus making the network much more scalable than others. 

In fact, Avalanche is that one alternative to Ethereum that has continued to make waves for over two years now. The AVAX network’s independent blockchain trio can authenticate transactions autonomously. Hence, the coin carries the propensity to process increased transactions at a more efficient rate while cutting down costs as well. Now, for users and investors already exposed to Ethereum and its network gas fees, this is a deal breaker. 

AVAX began its journey merely two years ago, and between those years, its price fluctuated from a low of around $11 to a new high of about $120. It currently trades at around $13. Therefore, when it comes down to matters of valuation, Avalanche is still trading close to its lows despite the two year-growth the network has seen. This may seem like a loss to newbie investors looking for a quick run. However, for long-term investors seeking high-upside choices within the crypto space, Avalanche makes a great pick as of now.

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Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

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