9 Must Watch Bitcoin Documentaries

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Last Updated March 16th 2021

If you haven't heard about bitcoin, it's time you caught up. The groundbreaking cryptocurrency has seen some dramatic highs and lows since its arrival in 2008.

The concept of bitcoin was introduced to us by Satoshi Nakamoto. He showed us a way to build money that is resistant to censorship. He presented us with an opportunity to opt out of conventional financial systems to a new alternative.

In the years since, the cryptocurrency world has evolved rapidly. There are many out there, but none have managed to knock bitcoin off its perch at the top of the ladder. But the cryptosphere is becoming so saturated that newcomers are losing sight of the fundamental purpose that bitcoin was founded upon.

This is where bitcoin documentaries have value. They help give us a fresh perspective of what cryptocurrencies are all about. Here are 9 of the most touching and rewarding bitcoin documentaries according to Sudhir Khatwani that will teach you not only about bitcoin, but about the reasons it was started and how it differs from conventional banking.

So let's get to it..

9 must-watch bitcoin documentaries

1. The rise & rise of bitcoin

The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin 2014 Full Documentary from Carol on Vimeo.

It doesn't get better than this documentary. It gives us a rundown of bitcoin's roots and documents its peaks and troughs amid the crises of Mt. Gox and Cyprus (2012-2013). The creators are Daniel Mross, Patrick Lope and Nicholas Mross, all bitcoin enthusiasts in the programming sector. Some of the earliest adopters of bitcoin are involved, including Gavin Andresen, Brian Armstrong and Margaux Avedisian. And you get some insight into the evolution of the mining industry, and how bitcoin gained its physical face.

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2. Bitcoin - Shape the Future

This is the first Chinese language documentary on bitcoin. It was curated by Bitkan, a bitcoin trading platform for the Chinese market that started in 2013. This documentary showcases the forerunners of the bitcoin ecosystem in China like Bitman, Huobi, ViaBTC and Bixin. It also covers sub-topics like 'Who is Satoshi?', 'The Birth of Bitcoin', 'Chinese Bitcoin Exchanges', 'Risks of Bitcoin', 'Grey Areas of Bitcoin', 'Chinese Government Regulations', etc. It also explains blockchain technology and the Bitcoin Pizza Day.


3. The Bitcoin Gospel

This is one of the best Bitcoin documentaries around. It clarifies the reasons why bitcoin exists, looks at the 2008 global financial crisis, and how conventional banks fear cryptocurrency. It features prominent bitcoin proponents like Peter Todd, Andreas Antonopoulos and 'Bitcoin Jesus' Roger Ver. It explains how the global economic system is broken and lays out a viable alternative for international payments which is cheaper and quicker. It also walks us through mining operations and farms, and offers an explanation as to why bitcoin's value keeps rising.

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4. The Blockchain and Us

The blockchain is the aeroplane of our generation.

Bitcoin introduced technology to us that is today known as blockchain. There was a dramatic range of responses to it from different corners of the Earth. Some saw it as a rabbit hole that was the key to more new discoveries, while many feel there is more development needed and are learning from each other's theories and experiments. This film calls on the wisdom of software developers, researchers, cryptologists, entrepreneurs, VCs, consultants, authors, futurists and politicians from North America, Europe and Australia, all of whom share what blockchain technology and bitcoin mean to them.


5. Bitcoin in Uganda - Empowering People

This Bitcoin documentary is short put powerful. Its power comes from the extent to which bitcoin is empowering people from third-world countries. It tells the enchanting story of a boy in Uganda who receives money from a family in the United States to fund his studies in his home country.

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6. Bitcoin Full Documentary (Unmissable!)

Even eight months after its launch, bitcoin's value remained at $0. This documentary depicts the ways Australia is embracing bitcoin, and why the country considers it the money of the future. It gives you some inside experience of the co-working culture in Australia, where some of the best bitcoin startups originated. It also introduces the country's mining operations, and the retail shops that accept bitcoin payments.


7. Bitcoin Documentary by Discovery Channel

This documentary brings us back to the period of the Great Depression of the late 1920s and early 1930s, which impacted the entire world and its curbing of gold standards. It also explains the workings of the conventional money market, and how it became introduced to the system by FED. And finally it discusses how a technology can have the capacity to make anyone, anywhere be there own bank without a third party - i.e. bitcoin.


8. The Bitcoin Phenomenon

This documentary gives you insights into the early work of Satoshi Nakamoto. It features Gavin Andresen talking about how he interacted with, and supported, Satoshi Nakamoto and how the bitcoin whitepaper convinced him it was a brilliant idea. It also educates us on the importance of bitcoin for things like solving the double spending problem that other attempts at creating digital money encountered. It also features some early bitcoin adopters like Trace Mayer and Eric Voorhees.


9. Banking on Bitcoin

This explores the question of what money actually is. It explains that money is, essentially, an accounting system. But it is a system that can be tampered with repeatedly because it is centralised. After all the tampering, it stagnates into a fraudulent, dysfunctional and corrupt system. It concludes that bitcoin is the only money system that is genuinely free from this tampering and corruption.

Official Sites:  www.banking-on-bitcoin.com

There are many other fascinating documentaries on bitcoin that focus on why this invention is such an important one, and why it is the most revolutionary invention since the internet.

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A couple of other documentaries worth watching:

Bitcoin in Argentina:


Magic Money: The Bitcoin Revolution:

These are some of the best bitcoin documentaries we could find, but if there are any that we have missed then please feel free to let us know your own recommendations.

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