What Will Bitcoin (BTC) Be Worth In 10 Years?

Last Updated January 11th 2022
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Analysts and forecasters have various views on Bitcoin's price in ten years. Some say that the price of Bitcoin may increase to $500,000, while others are much more hopeful predicting that Bitcoin (BTC) could cross the $1,000,000 mark price in ten years.

Based on multiple Bitcoin price predictions and crypto analyst opinions, it is highly likely that Bitcoin prices will continue rising and reach between $500,000 and $1 Million in the next 10 years.

These analysts and Bitcoin price prediction sites are confident that Bitcoin will ultimately reach $100K within the next few years, with some predicting that it could hit this milestone before the end of 2022.

Bitcoin is by far the largest and dominant cryptocurrency. It makes up 40.54% of the entire crypto industry market cap, having grown its value by more than 400% in the last 12 months. Moving forward, Bitcoin prices are expected to continue rising, with most crypto experts confident that BTC will overtake the Gold market cap and position as the standard store of value by 2030.

Others, like MicroStaregies CEO - Michael Saylor, argue that Bitcoin’s market cap could eventually reach $100 Trillion in a move that would see one BTC coin valued at more than $4.76 Million.

While the 100X Bitcoin growth projection proposed by Saylor is rather long-term growth, it confirms the assumption that Bitcoin prices will perpetually increase.

But before getting to $100K, probably by the turn of the century, let us look at Bitcoin price predictions for the next 10 years.

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Predictions 2030-2031

As per experts Bitcoin price prediction 2030 and 2031, the leading coin might be able to touch the $800,000 price mark on the upside, while on the downside, it might fall up to $550,000. As per BTC price prediction and forecast update, the currency price might trade around $750,000 by the end of 2030, and $950,000 by the very end of 2031.

The Winklevoss twins and Gemini exchange creators, Tyler and Cameron, are, for instance, confident that Bitcoin prices could reach $500,000 before 2030. At this point, they believe BTC will flip Gold’s market cap and as the preferred store of value. The two share Michael Saylor’s optimism that as Bitcoin Price and market cap expand, its volatility will reduce and eventually stabilize.

Wences Cesares, a board member at PayPal and the founder of the Bitcoin wallet XA[PO is also hugely optimistic about Bitcoin’s future prospects. He argues that he bought his first Bitcoin in 2011 and is convinced that the lead crypto will hit $1 Million within the next 10 years - probably after 2030.

The numerous disruptions to Bitcoin rallies either, especially through government interference, has made a panel of crypto experts pooled by Finder conclude that BTC is grossly undervalued. The 42 would then share their hugely optimistic view of Bitcoin’s future and argue that BTC will achieve in the 10 years what Michal Saylor thinks it will achieve by the turn of the 21st century - a run towards $100 Trillion valuations. The median BTC price prediction provided by the 42 panellists for Bitcoin at the end of 2030 was $4.287 Million.

Other Bitcoin investors who are confident of Bitcoin’s perpetual rise include Andy Edstrom and Mike Novogratz. Andy is a wealth manager for WESCAP investment management firm, while Mike is a former hedge fund manager. They both are avid Bitcoin evangelists who are confident that the cryptocurrency’s market cap will overtake that of Gold within the next 10 years. Andy expects it to grow to $8 Trillion by 2030, while Mike expects Bitcoin to reach $7.5 Trillion market cap before 2029, and both BTC price predictions place the value of Bitcoin around $400,000.

After looking at these highly optimistic views of Bitcoin’s future price action, it is important to query its price drivers. As in, what factors are these experts banking on to help BTC prices reach these attractive heights?

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Factors That Will Determine The Price Of Bitcoin (BTC) In 10 Years

In coming up with these Bitcoin price predictions for the next 10 years, these experts have alluded to several factors that they believe will fire BTC coin’s rally to the top. The most impactful include:

Upgrades to Bitcoin blockchain:

In November 2021, Bitcoin had the first major upgrade in 4 years - the Taproot upgrade that enhances the privacy of transactions within the network. The decision-making was almost unanimous, and it birthed speculation that the BTC Network administrators and miners may be persuaded to integrate Smart Contract features into the network in the future.

Bitcoin halving events

There are two halving events due to take place between now and 2030; first in 2024 and the second in 2028. As is Bitcoin’s tradition, the two are expected to incite two mega price rallies that thrust BTC price rallies to unprecedented heights and most likely set a new all-time high with each rally.  

Institutional investors

The covid-19 pandemic has left most companies cash-strapped and looking for alternative ways to generate revenues. Further, economic experts have already fired the warning shots about looming runaway inflation resulting from the uncontrolled printing of extra currencies by governments across the world during the pandemic period. In a bid to protect their cash reserves from inflation and generate extra income, more companies are expected to turn to Bitcoin investing.  

The CBDC Factor

While most governments remain critical of Bitcoin, they are in the process of launching national CBDCs (Central Bank Digital Currencies). Experts believe that their introduction will only give more credence to Bitcoin and give both individual and institutional crypto enthusiasts the confidence to invest in the pioneer cryptocurrency.

Will Bitcoin (BTC) Ever Reach $100K?

From Bitcoin investors to crypto analysts and even Bitcoin price prediction websites, everyone is confident that Bitcoin prices will eventually rise above $100K. At the beginning of the year, when Bitcoin was running its most spirited run yet, everyone was convinced that it would break above $100K before the end of 2021.

However, most of these experts predict BTC price to climb to $100K in 2023.

But there are a few experts who are convinced that Bitcoin could still break above $100K before the end of 2022. Tom Lee, the Managing Partner and Head of Research at Fundstrat Global, is, for instance, quite confident that Bitcoin will reach $100K by December 2022.

He argues that as fears of the delta variant of covid-19 continue to spread and the economy slows down again, more institutions and individual investors will most likely turn to Bitcoin investing as an alternative income stream. The sudden influx of buyers, the highly anticipated upgrade, and already recovering market conditions will then create the conditions needed to thrust BTC price above $100K.

Conclusion: What Will Bitcoin (BTC) Be Worth In 10 Years?

The general opinion within the crypto circles is that Bitcoin prices will continue rising in the foreseeable future and that one BTC coin will most likely be priced at between $800,000 and $1 Million in 10 years.

Having come so close to reaching $100k in the late 2021 Bitcoin price rally, crypto experts are confident that even the slightest market excitement from a slowed economy, Bitcoin network upgrade, or halving event will be enough to help BTC price break above this target price, hopefully by 2025.

Among the factors that crypto experts believe will influence Bitcoin (BTC) prices moving forward include the upcoming halving events, the pouring in of institutional investors, and increased investor confidence in the brand stemming from the embrace of crypto technology by governments via the introduction of CBDCs. 

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