Airbnb Stock Price Prediction 2023 - 2040

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Last Updated April 26th 2023
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Airbnb is among those few companies which skyrocketed in stock price from the beginning of 2023. Airbnb stock price was as high as $139.4 in 2023 after closing the year 2022 at a price of $82.4. The company has a YTD return rate of 50% which is quite an impressive start for this year. Still, many investors think that this was a quick jump. So, is Airbnb a good buy today, and what can affect its future price?

In this guide, we take a look at the latest Airbnb stock price prediction. We will discuss what factors can affect Airbnb's stock price, how the company’s stock market will perform in the next few years, and whether ABNB is a good investment. We also analyze ABNB's stock price history, introduce information about the company and speak about the benefits of investing in Airbnb stock now. 

Airbnb Stock Price Prediction - Key Points

Airbnb opened to the public with an IPO of $68 per stock, but its value skyrocketed in 2021, hitting an all-time high of $219 later that year. The disappointment came over the second half of 2022 when ABNB's stock value dropped below $100. However, Airbnb started 2023 with a bullish run and a 50% YTD return rate.

Below we have introduced Airbnb stock price prediction results which can help you understand the long-term perspective of the stock:

  • End of 2023 Airbnb stock price prediction can have a high estimate of $165 in 2023, according to the data provided by CNN Money. The 12-month price forecast made by 20 analysts suggests that Airbnb has a median target of $142 with a minimum estimate of $98. 41 analysts participating in the poll suggest a consensus of holding Airbnb with 19 Hold, 15 Buy, 4 Sell, and 3 Outperform votes.
  • End of 2024 The Airbnb stock price forecast by Leoprophet indicates that both the minimum and maximum expected prices for the stock will be above $100 for the whole of 2024. The maximum price is predicted for August, during which ABNB can hit $136.93. The lowest possible price for the stock is predicted as $107.4, which the stock will experience in January.
  • End of 2025 Airbnb stock Forecast charts by Panda Price indicate an optimistic target level of above $200 per share for the whole of 2025, with the highest estimate of $243 and the lowest estimate of $184. Leoprophet forecasts that the Airbnb stock’s maximum value will be above $100 for the whole year. The stock’s maximum price will fluctuate between $120-$140 during the first half of 2025 and reach $163 by the end of the year.
  • End of 2030 First, it is important to understand that giving a forecast for such a long-term perspective is extremely hard. Anything can happen during that time that can affect the stock’s value or the overall condition of the stock market. If everything goes well for the company, ABNB stock will be on a bullish run over the next few years, according to Tech News Leader. The platform suggests the Airbnb stock price prediction for 2030 can reach $2094 per share. Price Prediction is also optimistic, suggesting that the maximum price for the ABNB stock forecasts will reach $1926.
  • End of 2040 The future price of Airbnb depends on several factors, including the whole market condition, Airbnb development, popularity, revenue, competition in the industry, and many other factors. The bullish forecast made by Tech News Leader shows that the Airbnb stock can hit $5000 by 2040, but it can still change over the years.


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What Is Airbnb?

When you want to invest in a certain stock, you also need to do a fundamental analysis of the stock. This involves understanding the company, what industry it belongs to, how its business model works, etc. Hence, in this section, we will provide you with some information about the Airbnb company.

​​Airbnb is often considered among the next stock to explode. The company an online marketplace that provides rental services by connecting people who want to make money with their extra space and people who want to rent accommodation in a certain area. The company's owners came up with the idea of creating such a platform back in 2007. They were taking rent from the people who slept in their rooms on air mattresses. Hence, the name - Air bed and breakfast which got shortened to Airbnb. 

The marketplace has several pros for both: the space owners and those looking for a place to live. Before Airbnb, people had few choices of accommodations when they were traveling, and most often, they had to stay in expensive hotels. Airbnb offers many properties, including spare rooms, houses, houseboats, caravans, etc. 

airbnb stock price prediction

For hosts, it is a perfect opportunity to make some extra money with their spare space benefiting from the platform’s various advantages. First, placing an announcement about your space on Airbnb is free, so you can advertise your place. Renters can also set their own price for the place and get protection insurance in case the guests damage their place. 

In their turn, guests benefit from a better and homey place, can pay lower fees for renting the palace than the hotel price, and enjoy many other advantages of the service. For example, they can have a kitchen and make their food at home instead of dining out. They can also explore local restaurants and sights to visit. Additionally, they can read reviews about these places provided by Airbnb customers. 

Airbnb’s popularity has grown tremendously over the years, and today it is considered one of the world’s most visited tourism and travel websites. The company claims to have listings in over 100,000 cities and towns from around 200 countries. The platform has over 4 million registered hosts and over 150 million worldwide users. More than 1 billion stays have been booked using the Airbnb platform so far. 

Airbnb makes most of its revenue from the service fees paid by the guests and hosts. These may differ depending on the type of fee, country, and other factors. There are so-called split fees which are divided between hosts and guests, and host-only fees, which are paid only by the hosts. In the first case, hosts pay a 3% fee which can vary depending on the country, restrictions, and other factors. Guest service fees are under 14.2% of the booking subtotal.

In this case, we understand that more bookings on the platform bring more service fees, hence more revenue. So the factors that can affect Airbnb revenue include more people traveling, pandemics and lockdowns, war, etc. 

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Airbnb Stock Price History

Airbnb went public in December 2020 with an initial public offering price of $68. It got listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange and has a ticker symbol ABNB. The stock’s price performed quite well in the following few months of its listing, and ABNB rose by more than 200%, hitting its historic all-time high in February. ABNB was already traded above $100 in December 2020, and the all-time high of 2020 was $168. 

At the end of January, ABNB hit $200, and in February, its highest all-time high of $219 was recorded. After that, the stock’s value dropped significantly and fluctuated between $160-$180. In the middle of the year, it again lost some value dropping as low as $130. In the following five months, ABNB made some attempts to recover its price of $200; however, it did not happen until November 2021. 

​​The stock’s price increased to $209 in the last two months of 2021, but Airbnb closed the year with an average price of $170. The stock price did not experience any drastic changes in the first few months of 2022. Still, the second half of 2022 was quite tough for Airbnb, mostly associated with the US Federal Reserve announcing an interest rate hike. 

Airbnb price chart, Airbnb price preditions

Airbnb All-time Price Performance by NASDAQ

The ABNB stock price lost more than 30% of its value and was traded at as low as $90 for a period. Eventually, its price dropped to below $82 in late December 2022. Other factors that are considered to influence this tremendous loss of Airbnb stock include geopolitical tensions and monetary tightening. 

Airbnb started 2023 with a price of $85 and became one of the few stocks that experienced significant growth from the beginning of the year. It won back its price of $100 at the end of January and hit its all-time high of 2023 in February, reaching a maximum price of $144. At the time of writing, the stock is traded at $125 and has a more than 45% YTD return rate. 

Airbnb price chart, Airbnb price preditions

Airbnb 1-Day Stock Price Performance. Source:

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Airbnb Stock Price Prediction 2023

Considering Airbnb stock price predictions by different analysts and AI-based platforms, we can say that this stock will take a positive direction in 2023. Let’s review some of the predictions and find out how far ABNB stock can increase this year. Money CNN forecast indicates that 30 analysts making a 12-month forecast have a median target of $142 for ABNB, with a maximum price of $165 and a minimum price of $98. 

Furthermore, of 41 analysts participating in the poll 19 consider that ABNB is Hold in 2023. There are 15 Buy votes, 3 Outperform, and 4 Sell votes, with no votes for Underperform. WallStretzen provides almost the same results: from 28 analysts 12 votes for Hold, 5 for Buy, 9 for Strong Buy, and only 2 analysts vote for Strong Sell. The platform’s poll suggests a median target of $139.25, with a high estimate of $180 and a low estimate of $98.  

Airbnb price forecast

Airbnb Stock Price Predictions for 12 Months. Source: Money CNN

Panda Forecast is another platform predicting the future price of assets based on historical data and using neural networks. Providing the prediction of the ABNB stock for the next 10 months, the platform considers that ABNB will have the highest average price in December.

By the end of 2023, Airbnb stock price prediction will be valued at $166, with the highest estimate of $177.6 and the lowest estimate of $154.7. During the other months, ABNB’s average price will fluctuate between $130-$160. 

Leo Prophet is a similar platform, which is, however, less optimistic compared to Panda Forecast. Based on its predictions, Airbnb will experience its highest average price in May when it will be traded at$140. The minimum rate in that month is expected to be $128, and the maximum rate will be $149. However, ABNB will have the highest maximum price in the following month when it will reach $150.59, and the minimum rate will be $129.8. During other months, the stock's median value is predicted to be between $126-$139. 

Wallet Investor gives one of the most pessimistic forecasts for Airbnb stock in 2023. According to this algorithm-based platform, the stock’s value will keep dropping in the next few months. Its maximum price for April can be $129, which will drop to $107 in May. Over the following months, ABNB will be traded at below $100, according to Wallet Investor. Meanwhile, its minimum price can reach as low as $53 by the end of the year. 

Price Prediction and Tech News Leader are far more optimistic than other platforms. Price Prediction suggests that ABNB will have a maximum price of $148 in 2023. The average trading price of this stock can reach $130 with a minimum rate of $126. However, the Price Prediction forecast indicates that the stock's value will increase significantly over the next few years. 

As for Tech News Leader, the highest predicted price for Airbnb stock forecasts 2023 is expected to be $171.75, and the lowest will be $147.8. As we see, based on these predictions, Airbnb can be on a bullish run during this year. However, anything can happen that can affect the stock’s value, so you should not trust only these platforms and do your research before investing. 

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Airbnb Stock Price Prediction 2024

Analysts usually prefer not to give stock price predictions in such a long-term perspective, so it’s hard to find predictions made by them. However, we can look at the Airbnb stock price prediction conducted by AI-based platforms.

Airbnb price will keep growing over the next year. The Airbnb stock price prediction will finally hit $200 and be traded above during the second half of 2024, based on Panda Forecast.

According to Panda Forecast, the highest average price for Airbnb will be in November, when it will be traded at $244 with a maximum price of $252 and a minimum price of $235. In December 2024, its average price is predicted to drop to $240, with a maximum rate of $250 and a minimum rate of $233. 

Leo Prophet is less optimistic, according to which ABNB stock will never hit $200 in 2024. The platform indicates that the highest average price for this stock will be $131, which it will get in June. The highest maximum price will be $134, and the highest minimum price will be $121. During other months, the stock’s average value will fluctuate between $113-$126. 

According to Wallet Investor, the numbers are again dropping for the ABNB stock. The platform forecasts that the highest possible price for this stock will be $86, after which it will start decreasing and eventually reach as low as $10.

Price Prediction and Tech News Leader agree with the bullish trend of the Airbnb stock. The first one predicts that Airbnb price forecast can hit $200 in 2024: its average trading price will be $187 with a maximum price of $218 and minimum price of $182. The second platform predicts that $255.9 will be Airbnb’s maximum price for 2024, and the minimum price will be $209.4.

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Airbnb Stock Price Prediction 2025 - Long-Term Outlook

Starting from the Panda platform, we see that Airbnb price prediction will have the highest target level for 2025 in January. Its highest average price is predicted to be $231, with an optimistic target level of $243 and the pessimistic target level of $215.6.

The optimistic predictions of the platform suggest that ABNB will be traded at above $200 in 2025, but the pessimistic forecast suggests a fluctuation between $178-$215. 

According to Leo Prophet’s forecasts, Airbnb stock price prediction will never hit $200 during 2025. Instead, it will drop continuously and reach as low as $98 as its maximum price in October and $89.7 as its minimum price in October. The stock will experience its highest average price in January, when it will be traded at $125 with a maximum price of $129 and a minimum price of $119. 

Wallet Investor’s predictions are even more pessimistic. The platform suggests that Airbnb can even crash in 2025. Its highest possible price will be $11 in February 2025. After that, the stock will take a drastic decline and hit as low as $0.000000000001. In contrast, Tech News Leader and Price Prediction give the most optimistic forecast for Airbnb stock. 

​​According to experts, Airbnb stock price prediction for 2025 will have an average trading value of $266.98 per share. The stock’s maximum price can eventually hit $316, and the minimum price will be $259.48.

Tech News Leader's Airbnb stock price predictions suggest that ABNB will have a minimum price of $303 and a maximum price of $363 in 2025. 

Airbnb price chart, Airbnb price preditions

Airbnb YTD Performance 2023 by NASDAQ

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Airbnb Stock Price Prediction 2030

Based on Leo Prophet’s 2026 and 2027 predictions for Airbnb, the stock’s value will keep decreasing and eventually reach below the $100 price. The stock will still be traded above $100 for the first half of 2026, after which its average price will decrease to $81 by the end of 2026. The highest possible price for Airbnb will be $130, which it will experience in May 2026. 

Airbnb will start in 2027 with an average price of $70. However, its value will increase over the month, and by the end of 2027, it can reach $98. Panda Forecast’s data for Airbnb stock price prediction in 2026 is more optimistic. According to it, ABNB will be traded between $191-$239 during 2026, and its maximum possible price can be $249.

Experts are quite optimistic about Airbnb stock price in the upcoming years. They predict that the Airbnb stock forecasts will keep its average price above $300 during 2026 and hit a maximum price of $447. The stock’s value will grow tremendously, with an average price of $542 in 2027 and an average price of $787 in 2028. In 2029, Airbnb will finally hit $1000 and have an average trading price of $1144. 

The 2030 Airbnb stock price prediction indicates that an average price will be $1599 with a maximum price of $1926 and a minimum price of $1542. 

Tech News Leader gives an even more bullish forecast for Airbnb, according to which Airbnb can hit $1000 in 2028 and have a minimum price of $952 in that year. In 2030, the Airbnb stock’s value can even increase as high as $2398 with a minimum price of $2094. 

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Airbnb Stock Price Prediction 2040

It is hard to say where Airbnb will be in 2040 and give a prediction with such a long-term outlook. Several factors can affect ABNB’s value which can often be unpredictable. Hence, many analysts and platforms refrain from giving Airbnb stock price predictions for a long time. Hence, we could find a few platforms that predict ABNB prices in 2040. 

One of these platforms is Price Prediction, with its rather bullish predictions. Its data indicates that the average price of Airbnb in 2040 can rise as high as $3369.5. The stock will have a maximum price of $2717, and the minimum price can reach $4289.

According to Technews platform, ABNB stock price prediction will have a maximum price of $5560 and a minimum price of $4946 in 2040. 

While these platforms predict a rather bullish direction for the Airbnb stock, you must also consider that the opposite can happen, and ABNB’s value can decrease over the years. These depend on several factors, so do your own research and never put at risk the capital you will need.

Airbnb is definitely one of the best stocks out there. So, how could ABNB price turn out to be in the long term? As per our Airbnb stock price prediction for 2040, we project that the share price could be worth as much as $3800.

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Potential Highs & Lows of Airbnb Stock Price

After deep diving into the Airbnb stock price predictions, let's summarize and see what potential highs and lows the stock can experience by 2040. We have considered the predictions made by different platforms for the following chart. 

Year High Low
2023 $165 $98
2024 $255 $115
2025 $363.26 $259
2030 $2,398 $1,542
2040 $5,134 $3,216


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Reasons To Buy Airbnb Stock

If you are not quite sure yet about investing in Airbnb stock, you may need more facts to understand the market value of the company and whether it is a good investment. Below we have introduced four reasons why you should invest in Airbnb in 2023. 

​​1. Airbnb Earnings Surge 

Airbnb has recently announced its Q4 revenue for 2022 which was equal to $1.9 billion. This is the highest fourth-quarter revenue Airbnb has ever experienced in its existence. The overall revenue for 2022 was $8.4 billion, which means the company has raised $2.5 billion more revenue compared to the $5.9 billion revenue of 2021. 

The company also announced a Q4 net income of $319 million, making it the most profitable fourth quarter in Airbnb history. Q4 Adjusted EBITDA of $506 million was also record-breaking for the fourth quarter. The increase in revenue and hence, in net income is mainly the result of guest demand growth which increased by 20% compared to the same period in 2021. An increase is also monitored in Airbnb listings as the company closed the year with 6.6 billion active listings meaning that there were 900,000 more listings from the beginning of 2022.

2. Airbnb Stock Has Been Performing Well Since the Beginning of the Year 

Airbnb went public in late 2020 when the whole travel industry faced many problems due to the global pandemic and its fallout. Though many investors were quite pessimistic about Airbnb then, the company survived and thrived in the following years. Airbnb stock prices soared from the beginning of 2021 and hit an all-time high. 

Though Airbnb significantly suffered during 2022 and was again traded below $100, it has shown signs of recovery since the beginning of 2023. It is currently traded at $126, which is 50% higher than its closing price of 2022. 

3. International Tourism Has Room to Grow 

Airbnb still has a lot of room for growth as the traveling industry seems to be recovering after facing the global pandemic. According to the data provided by the UNWTO World Tourism Barometer, the number of international tourist arrivals has increased by three times during the first half of 2022 compared to the same period of 2021. So, the travel sector recovered by 60% during that time.

Airbnb’s success mostly depends on the number of bookings and listings as the company makes revenue due to the service fees paid by the hosts and guests. If there are more travelers, more people will need accommodation and hence will use Airbnb to find a place to live. So, the growth of the tourism sector affects Airbnb's growth and makes the company more profitable. 

4. Airbnb Focuses on More Hosts to Keep Up with Rising Demand 

In the announcement about its Q4 revenue, Airbnb also introduced some spheres they will try to work on during 2023 to provide a better experience for hosts and guests. First, Airbnb will work on making hosting mainstream by raising awareness about it and making it easier for them to get started on the platform. According to Airbnb, there will also be many upgrades and new tools for the hosts. 

Airbnb will also upgrade customer service taking into account the reviews of their guests and hosts. The improvements on the platform will try to provide better support for them, more help to find homes more easily, and much more. According to Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky, the company has many other big ideas for the upcoming years and will try to build more partnerships to lay the foundation for future products. 

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Where To Buy Airbnb Stock Today

When it comes to investing in stocks, you need to have a brokerage account to be able to buy them. But due to the vast selection of such stock brokers, finding the one that best suits your needs is sometimes hard. Hence, you need to spend some time looking at their features to understand which one is better for you. 

To help you save time, we have already researched this sphere and recommend eToro as the best broker to buy Airbnb stock. Here are some reasons why eToro can be a perfect choice. 

First and foremost, eToro is a highly safe platform, and it is heavily regulated by some major financial institutions, like FinCEN in the US, FCA in the UK, etc. Because of this, all platform users must undergo a KYC procedure to verify their identity to be allowed to trade on eToro. Besides, eToro uses advanced security features to protect its users from fraud and malicious attacks. 

eToro’s second attractive feature is its versatile trading opportunity. The platform supports many assets, including hundreds of stocks and ETFs. It is well-suited for both - beginners and more advanced traders. You can buy stocks on eToro not only through direct buy option but also through CFDs which stand for contracts for differences. 

In this case, you just trade the difference in the asset between the time you open the position and the time you close it. It is an agreement between you and your broker that when you buy an asset, for example, at $500 and sell it at $1000, you make $500 extra money. However, if you sell it at $300, you owe your broker $200, meaning you actually lose. 

Plus, eToro allows you to invest with up to 1:10 leverage meaning you are considered to invest 10 times higher without actually investing that much. In any case, CFD trading is quite risky, so fully understand their nature before opening a position through CFD. 

Another thing that makes eToro an exceptional broker is its pricing structure. There are two types of fees charged by eToro - trading and non-trading fees. Trading fees include commissions and bid/ask differences; however, you don’t pay commission fees when you trade stocks and ETFs. So, you will only pay a small buy-and-sell difference if you decide to invest in Airbnb stock. 

Airbnb price preditions

Non-trading fees include a flat withdrawal fee of $5, a small conversion fee for non-USD contracts, and an inactivity fee if you don’t show any activity over 1 year. There is also a minimum deposit requirement which starts from $10 and differs depending on your location and the asset you want to trade. You can fund your eToro account through multiple methods, including bank cards, wire transfers, and e-wallets.

eToro has a super easy platform to use, educational content, a number of charts to analyze the asset, a news section about the asset you are searching for, and several trading tools for beginners and advanced traders. Some of the best tools include Smart Portfolios, Copy Trader, and Copy Portfolios. To start trading with eToro, you simply need to open an account, verify it and deposit some money to buy Airbnb stock on eToro. 


  • ✅ A wide selection of assets, including stocks, ETFs, cryptocurrencies, forex, etc.
  • ✅ More than 700 stocks and ETFs for portfolio diversification.
  • ✅ Reliable platform with tens of millions of users in over 100 countries.
  • ✅ No commission fees on stocks and ETFs. 
  • ✅ Multiple payment options.
  • ✅ Competitive trading fees.
  • ✅ No hidden fees/no withdrawal fees.
  • ✅ Highly regulated broker with advanced security mechanisms


  • ❌ Inactivity fee after one year of not showing any activity.
  • ❌ Customer support needs to be improved. 

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Latest Airbnb News

If you are planning to invest in an asset, it will be helpful to always be up-to-date about the latest news going on around that asset. In this section, we will summarize some popular news about Airbnb that can be useful in decision-making. 

  • Better than Expected Earnings Results - Airbnb reported Q4 earnings above analysts' expectations: the company has announced a revenue of $1.9 billion for Q4, which is higher than analysts' expectations revenue of $1.86 billion. 
  • Government Regulations on Short-Term Rentals - Airbnb has raised concerns about the government plans regarding the short-term letting register. According to the company, the new plan can make it expensive for the hosts to make extra income with their spare room and raise anxiety and fear among them. 
  • Airbnb Launches New Verification Method - Airbnb plans to take its verification mechanism to a new level from Spring 2023. The company will start to require identity verification from all platform users with a photo of a government-verified ID. Airbnb believes that this step can increase accountability for bad behavior. 
  • Argus Upgraded Airbnb's Stock Outlook - on February 28. 2023, Argus has now changed its outlook for Airbnb from Hold to Buy. 

Conclusion - Airbnb Stock Price Prediction 

To conclude, in this guide, we have thoroughly analyzed Airbnb stock price prediction for the upcoming years. To provide you with more information about Airbnb and its stock price performance, we have also introduced how the platform works and how it makes revenue and discussed its stock price history since its opening to the public. 

In the Airbnb stock price prediction sections, we have introduced opinions and calculations made by different platforms and experts. According to those predictions, Airbnb can take a bullish direction in the upcoming years and even possibly hit $5000 by the year 2040. However, not only these calculations should be considered, but the fundamental analyses and factors that can affect Airbnb factors.

These factors can sometimes be extremely hard to predict, so the forecasts made by algorithm-based platforms should not be taken as the last word for you to invest in the asset. Apart from considering those predictions, you must do your own research and consider your budget before making a final decision.

More Stock Price Predictions

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FAQs Airbnb Stock Price Prediction

What was the IPO price of Airbnb stock?

Airbnb had a $68/stock value during its initial price offering. The stock’s price increased immediately after it got listed on brokerage platforms. The company went public in December 2020 but traded above $200 in 2021.

Is Airbnb a good investment right now?

Investing in the stock market is risky, and you can always lose your capital. So, you need to be very careful, do your research, and consider your budget, investment goals, portfolio, and other factors before making a final decision. Based on the predictions made by different platforms and analysts, Airbnb can bring good returns if it takes a bullish direction.

Will Airbnb stock going up?

Yes, analysts expect Airbnb stock to go up and hit new levels and the chances of significant improvements are currently high in the stock.

What was Airbnb stock's highest price?

Airbnb stock value hit its all-time high in February 2021, reaching as high as $219.94.

What is Airbnb’s market capitalization?

Airbnb is listed on the Nasdaq stock exchange with a ticker symbol of ABNB. According to Nasdaq, it has a market cap of $75,420,618,425. Companies market cap rates ABNB as the 176th most valuable public company in the world by its market capitalization.

What will Airbnb be worth in 2030?

It is hard to give an Airbnb stock price prediction in such a long-term perspective because several factors can affect its value over the years. Still, the bullish predictions made by different platforms indicate that ABNB stock can be traded as high as $1000 and above and even reach $2000 in 2030.

What will Airbnb stock be worth in 2023?

Based on research and analysis, Airbnb stock price prediction for 2023 is $165. This is not close to the all-time high value, but it will be a major improvement to ABNB’s current price.

What is Airbnb stock price prediction for 2025?

According to our forecasts, Airbnb price prediction for 2025 is $200 per share.

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